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New Chemo IRINOTECAN Friday 21st First Dose

So, my other chemo quit working, my CEA count went up to 24 this past week or two ago.  So Friday the 21st I received my first infusion of Irinotecan.  They told me to be prepared for stomach craps and had a vial of something to counter act it should it happen.  It did not.  After arriving home, I had a bout of diarhea, went three times in a hour.  Then it went away on it's own.  I felt fine and no other problems until 4 days later I had another round of diarhea (5 times) in the evening of the 24th, so I took to Immodiums (I prefer capsules)and it went away.  On the 26th in the afternoon ag

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CHEMO ROUND II Third chemo infusion 10/26/2012

I did not get a chance to blog about my 2nd chemo infusion 4 weeks ago because I was feeling too tired and my fingers wouldn't work properly. I wasn't able to get the cal/mag infusion that week (one hour infusion of both cal and mag before oxy and one hour of both cal and mag after oxy)because of time restraints.
The difference in side affects is amazing. Without the cal/mag I could not drink cold things for over 12 days, I could not type due to finger and hand spasms. And the cold sensitivity in hands/fingers and feet lasted until just two days before the next infusion.
I will not do without my cal/mag infusions again. While I might grump about the sensitivity and the woe is me over it in my blogs, I am grateful for the lessening of the sensitivity to those side affects from the cal/mag.

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Chemo Round II 10/22/2012

Since the 19th I've been feeling fine energy wise, and things are almost all normal, the exception is when it's cool outside (low 50's) my finger tips and toes feel that cold pain, and drinking I can feel something uncomfortable, but still able to drink the cold. I hadn't gone to the bathroom since the 19th and was getting worried, but went today and it was normal, stomach didn't hurt the whole time though, didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Life is good.

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Chemo Round II 10/19/2012

Great morning, great day, woke up with energy back, hands working right, legs working right, just a tad bit of sensitivity on my fingertips still when cold, but barely noticeable. I feel back to normal so the oxy is wearing off nicely. Still taking 3000mg of Xeloda each day,(three 500mg in morning, three 500mg in evening pill 5FU form) have another week left of that, then off for 7 days!! Whooo Hoooo!! But feeling normal again is quite wonderful today. Drank cold coke's again straight out of refrigerator. Stomach is back to normal, which is great because even off of the chemo it hasn't be

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Chemo Round II 10/18/2012

Today I woke up and felt normal in bed as I have each morning, funny thing, if you don't move about, and just lay there with the sun streaming in, with your puppy dogs on the bed and your husband next to you, you would think it was a normal day.
After getting up, I noticed my stomach was a little off, had a bit of diarrhea, but not bad ta all, just stomach a bit burning. Had a crossiantwich from Burger King and it settled into my stomach nicely, I was pleasantly surprised. Later on during lunch my son invited me out for it, but I didn't really feel like eating, so drank a coke instead, it's nice to drink cool things again, I have to drink slow so that it doesn't overwhelm my throat still, but a least it's cold stuff!!

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Chemo Round II 10/17/2012

Another day of running nose, coughing up snot out of my lungs, feel nice and miserable. Got up made hot cocoa, two slices toast, ate them in preparation of taking my Xeloda morning pills, but instead of going to school, decided was too tired, went back to bed. Lazed around most of today, have a hankering for grapes, now just have to decide if I'm up to it. Hubby drank day before yesterday and apparently today as well, which means if I want it, I've got to go get it. Bummer.

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Chemo Round II 10/16/2012

Got up and made it to math class today, came home and am tired. Can drink cool water now. Lazed around all day.

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Chemo Round II 10/15/2012

Just tired today, got up went to Math class, came home, laid around most of the day. Had watermelon, so good. Just tired!! Went to the bathroom today, whoo hooo, nothing like excitement being able to poop.

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Chemo Round II 10/14/2012

Felt very normal again this morning, until getting up. Very tired today, shuffling because muscles are tight like a ball in my calves. Hand cold thing not bad at all today, maybe because beautiful sunshine day. Have slept most of the day, stomach is a bother as haven't gone to the bathroom, wish I could.
Miss cold water, especially when having a hot flash, have had a couple today. Eyeballs are even tired.
Tomorrow is another day, every day will be better, is thing to remember.
Winter Marie

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Chemo Round II 10/13/2012

Second day after chemo, during the night I woke up a couple times suffering some long hot flashes, all sweaty, I stayed under the cover although I wanted to throw it off, I didn't want that pain from cold hands and feet I knew would happen if I did. Other then that slept through the night just great. Woke up this morning and was in wonder that I felt very normal, as if it was just an ordinary day, no pain, no aches, until I decided to stretch my legs and they started cramping, stopped in mid stretch immediately and the cramping went away. So just laid there awake, enjoying feeling quite well and normal. Got out of bed and headed for coffee machine, barefoot, note to self...tile floors are cold in the morning, put on slippers next time. Ow, ow, ran back to bedroom and put on socks.


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