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February 11, 2013, Irinotecan/Erbitux

On Friday, saw my oncologist, I had quit taking the antibiotics on Wednesday, still sick on Thursday, then recovering Friday, felt better on Saturday, back to old self on Sunday.  The onc and I both are thinking it was the antibiotics, guess I'll find out after another dose of Erbitux this coming Friday.  My heart was racing, and my body was on the ragged side from being so sick this past week that the oncologist said no chemo on Friday (02/08/2013) and would try again this coming Friday.

It was a rough week, and I hope that's the end of feeling that sick.

Winter Marie

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February 6, 2013

Just starting to feel better after past couple of days.  Worked all day on eating a banana, of which I finished half of one, but this evening tried bread, and half hour later so far so good.  Certainly feel like the weak chemo person today.  This too shall pass.

Winter Marie

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February 5, 2013 Irinotecan/Erbritux

Bad bad day.  stomach went on the offensive.  I had it coming out both ends again today, only more hurtful and lasted longer, this was after lunch.  I don't know if it's because of the chemo or the antibiotics that I started a couple of days after the Eribritux (had chemo on Friday, bad effects started on Monday, BLECH!!!) asked husband urgently to bring a plastic bag to me while I was on the "throne", my husband is a bit on the slow side, so I started begging him to bring it faster several times, but he arrived too late for the first bunch of goodies that projectiled onto the bathroom floo

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February 4, 2013 Irinotecan/Erbritux

It's been 4 days (had chemo on Friday) and woke up yucky today, assuming it's because lack of sleep, kept waking up all night.  Had somewhere to be at 8:30 AM but could not leave the house for a while.  Had a case of diarhea and then had to holler for my husband to bring me a bag in which when it arrived I through up some lovely yellow bile type crap, a lovely morning of stuff coming out both ends at the same time.  Was not a pleasant start to the morning.

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January 17, 2013

So saw my onc today since he's on vacation tomorrow.  He came out each time to get patients since he was seeing us in his office since all the other rooms were occupied by the other two oncs and their patients.

Will start Nuestla on Saturday, supposed to get a shot 24 hours after chemo infusion to help the white blood cells. 

They have been going down (white blood cell count)so the Nuestla is supposed to help kick start the blood marrow into producing more to keep infection away and keep my cell count up enough to keep doing chemo.

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January 5, 2013 Irinotecan

So on 01/05 I had my "Hair today, Gone tomorrow" party.  My close family and guest came over (they brought presents, I never even thought of that, but they brought hats and scarfs, that was sooo totally cool!!!)and we had our head shaving party and it went great.  I never shed a tear, what a difference a party, friends and family can make when it comes to something as precious as saying goodbye to ones hair.  Thank you Family, thank you Friends!!!  You mean so much to me.

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January 4, 2013 Irinotecan

Today was chemo day (2nd infusion)brushed my hair, long beautiful strands came out.  Hoping it stays in long enough until the 6th of this month for my "Hair today, Gone tomorrow" party, where we'll cut my hair to send to locks of love, if enough is left by then. LOL.

Went in for infusion at 10:00 and was out by 2:00, which isn't bad at all compared to when I got the oxy etc.

Felt a little light headed today during it but that went away.

Threw up about 9:00 tonight, no reason, no nausea just all of a sudden needed to throw up, just the one time, so all good.

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January 3, 2013 Irinotecan

So doing well, I woke up two days ago and my hair was gone from my armpits, I pulled lightly on my head hair and came away with a bunch, as I awoke today, and pulled lightly on my head hair, a whole lot of a bunch came away. 

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December 28, 2013 Irinotecan

So I wrote a blog for today already, but it went away.  Stomach still on the off side, like IBS as I wrote yesterday.  Took another Immodium and they seem to help quite a bit.  I was having a bit of blood come out everytime I blew my nose for past couple of days (just when blowing nose, and not a lot of blood just a little bit)so I know my red blood cells are a bit down, but as the evening came, there are no longer any signs of bloody nose, all back to normal.  Otherwise a good day!!

Winter Marie

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December 27,2013 Irinotecan

Today was a little rough.  It was like having IBS again, the cramping and eventually going to the bathroom.  Several times today.  Going to the bathroom relieved the pain.  Since it was diarhea I took an immodium, scared to take two because I don't want to end up with constipation.  Increased my liquid intake to offset any possibility of dehydration.  So feeling much better this AM (it is 1:00 AM the 28th now)and am getting ready to head to bed.  Still better then expected.  Other than that I am doing fine.


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