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Hot Humid Weekend

Hi all,

Hot and humid weekend, not conducive to being outside much. Our local pride event was this weekend. My wife and I stopped by the HRC booth to say to our friend. It was just to hot to be outside especially with a mask on.  I still where a mask when out and about around a lot of people. Just feel it is a layer of protection.  Also where one when I am cleaning my bird bath, filling the bird feeders and working in my garden.


New member/treatment options/Proton

Hello all. While I'm a new member to this forum, I've been an avid rsearcher/ learner and reader of many of the good folks who post their experience and stories here. I'm very grateful for you all. You have helped me tremendously  from pre diagnosis all the way through my current status ( 1 week post treatment). I found a lump on the right seide of my neck in January of 2018. I knew this was not normal and schedule a visit with my Primary care doc 3 weeks later. He didnt think much of it and said to give it a couple weeks and if it's still there..have an ultrasound.

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Back in Wisconsin

We left Florida June 10th and made it back to Wisconsin on the 12th.  We had a one-night layover in Green Bay where we loaded up my husband's truck and my SUV and off we went.  Unfortunately, I had one of my little "spells" where I got lost on our way back.  I have been driving that route for almost 30 years and all of a sudden, I "woke" up and had no idea where I was.  Luckily, I saw a road sign and recognized it - I was miles out of my way.  From there I was able to go back and figure out how to get to our lake home.  When I have these "spells" it's always been when I'm tired and under pr

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Quality vs Quantity of Life???????

Which do you choose and what is your reasoning for your selection

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Is it a Branchial Cleft Cyst or is it Cancer?

Today is Wednsday July 11, 2018.  My journey acutally started approximately the beginning of April 2018.  A lump appeared on the left side of my neck.  It didn't hurt,  I could move it, press on it, weird!  I called my family doctor and he said as long as there was no pain and I had no other symptoms to just keep an eye on it.  For 3 weeks noting, then one evening I noticed when I moved my head to the left it hurt.  I mentioned this to my husband and then we did our normal routine and went to bed.  I woke up a few hours later with chills.  I got up and took some tylenol which did help with

Brain cancer

I had no signs at all of tumor. On november 20,2017 I was at work and passed out. They sent me to hospital where i was told i had tumor. They kept me in hospital for a few days. Went home and week later went to another hospital by December 5th i was having biopsy told i have oligodendroglima stage 2 January 2,2018 i had surgery. They removed as much as possible. Began chem and radiation end of January finished by end of February. March 5th i returned to work. Now i do chemo 5 days a month for minimum 6 months   Drs seem happy with how things are going. Staying positive 


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Weekly Update

Really busy week at work, going on 10 days without a break. So looking forward to the weekend.  Rather worn out.  Hard to keep up with things working 12 hours a day.  Something had to give so it was housework and my exercise.  We did eat quite well this week, low carb and clean.

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Spindle Cell Metastatic Melanoma Service Related & Malpractice


I am advocating for my 46 yr old son and his story, delay in diagnosis which delayed treatment and now Stage IV, poor prognosis (malpractice suit) and denial for service related connection. I will attempt to be as brief, yet informative as possible.


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