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Bumpy ride 2 weeks post Radical Nephrectomy

Hello all...well just when I thought I was feeling better and more energetic 10 days post surgery my energy level plummeted and the day that I went for my 2 week follow-up, reported having a weird deep pain at my right side.  I can describe the pain as trapped air...everytime I breathed i would feel the stab of pain.  My Urologist didnt seem concerned so I let it go to...maybe still healing I thought.  Well he then proceeded to talk about how challenging my surgery was and he was concerned with the amount of growth since the CT scan.

TReatment cancer

Throat cancer is a cancer commonly seen in the head. The disease tends to increase in the increasingly evolving social scene towards industrialization...

The question is not contagious if a relative suffering from cancer of the nasopharynx. At present, there are quite a number of causes of nasopharynx cancer, but the infection is not one of the causes of this terrible disease.


I am 65 and I have had to make so many decisions in my life, as we all do. I have done many different things in life, personally and professionally. I have married and divorced, raised a child alone and faced cancer twice before this third diagnosis. In the past, decisions never felt so critical. There was always more time, or so I thought. Yes, I used to tell my daughter that nothing could be done that could not be undone. Somehow the decision on how to face this breast cancer at the age of 65 feels so different. Perhaps this is one time when my decision will be irreversible.

cycle 5, 24 hours on 5-FU pump

The cold neurapathy is back. Not as bad as after cycle 4.

Nausea is pretty low, so that's a good thing. Gonna take a walk in about an hour when the sun gets low in the sky.

The wife got home from a business trip. She left on Sunday. So, I have some company to comiserate with. The fatigue is still there. My worst days are usually 3 and 4 days after the Oxi, or 1-2 days after pump removal. So, preparing for the weekend.

I'm trying to prolong his life...


My father has brain cancer.

Glioblastom multiforme in corpus callosum, gradus IV. (butterfly)

The tumour's location is in the center of the brain, is not possible to perform the operation. After consulting Doctors Advisory Board, as a therapy in the treatment suggested the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. (Due to the location of cancer, the Radiation therapy is possible only at a dose of 70 percent)

The first therapy was started March 20. After three received radio therapy treatment comes to a complete collapse of the organism.

My Cancer Journal

I've found this site midway through my treatment. So, it will take some time to catch up.

I am Diabetic Type II, and age 64 this July

I have/had Colon cancer stage 3c. Lymph nodes affected, but no metastisis found. Margins clear. It is a ring-type, and not well defined? So, I'm told that the prognosis is not good. It was found on Valentines Day of this year.

I have had surgery, to remove 12" of my sigmoid colon. It was reattached to the rectum, so, no colostomy bag

Colon Cancer stage IIIa Nov 2016

I was diagnosed in November 2016- had surgery dec 2016 10 inches of colon removed 2 weeks off for recovery, one lymph node was positive - Chemo started Jan 2017 8 rounds of oxiplatin and chemo pills (14 days) go in for round 7 on Friday the 26th of May, last one is scheduled for June 15th.  I want to find people who have finished their treatment so I can ask questions. Also I am open to answering any questions that you may have for me- Blessings to you all :) 



I am so fortunate.  On May 20th it will have been six years since the diagnosis.  Five and one-half years I was not supposed to have.  I have put that time to some good uses.  I must think that way.  And I think that my time has run out now.  On Tuesday, May 16th, I looked at the rib cage where the pain is most consistent.  I wanted to reassure myself that there was nothing there.  But there was- a very obtrusive lump. I tried, then, not to look at it.

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Cancer Bio

I woke one night at 2 am in the morning to passing blood clots.

I rushed to layah clinic ER at which time they asked me to pee in a container which i could not.

They did an ultra sound of my blater which at that time i had 600ml of fluid.

They placed a cathered inside me so that i could go.

Weeks later i was then sent to get a CT they thought i had a simple kidney stone.

When the urlogist was about to do a Cystoscopy he could not because my penis whole closed due to the cathered over stretching my whole.

ileo-cecal junction malignancy with peritoneal deposits

Hi Everyone,

my father is just diagnosed with ileocecal junction malignancy with peritoneal deposits and cytopathological report came with metastatic adino canrcinoma.

doctors have not said what is the stage if the cancer but due to peritoneal deposits it is difficult to make surgery for removing the tumour,peritoneal depostis are rare and it attched to the layer of the skin.


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