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One week down of chemo and radation  

I am noticing a little soreness in the roof of my mouth wondering if this is normal 

New User. Hope I'm doing this correctly

My wife has been diagnosed with liver cancer - neuroendocrine carcinoma metastatic to liver.

This is all happening very fast. Took her in for a CT scan on an unrelated lung issue on June 14. They found lesion in colon. Then did a PET scan, on June 22, to get a better look.

Found lesions in liver. Did biopsy on both. Liver cancer is as noted above. We were told it is a much more aggressive cancer than that of the colon so they wanted to start treatment right away.

Will install port (her veins are too small) on July 7.

colon cancer husband plz help

My husband had a large tumor in his intetines that broke through and ate through the muscles of his stomach and adhered to his abdominal wall. They removed the tumor and some intestine and 32 lymph nodes that were cear. They want to do chemo for 6 months (IV) and the pills. he has stage 2-C adenocarcinoma. but the dr says he got it all why such harsh chemo?

dcis stage 0

i am really getting an education the past week and my head is spinning and decisions need to be made but i am up all night with tons of questions.  i'm trying to be strong for my fam and the docs but i am freaking out!!  stage 0 sounded like a cakewalk initially, but now they want to do a mastectomy because it's in too many places and they can't save the nipple and i had no idea that when you get reconstruction you can't feel anything.  it's just for looks.  now i found out today they won't be doing immediate reconstruction so this is going to be very long and drawn out and decisions have t

the beginning

OK. We're in the middle of the pandemic. I live in Virginia, and my 30 year old single son lives in Silicon Valley, CA. He is (was) "living the dream", working in a job he really loves. All was well for 8 years, until I got the phone call Saturday. Jay is in the hospital, has been there for two days, and he's getting a biopsy for a growth on his leg.


Post chemo side effects

Hi. I finished my treatment of Capox on May 15. I was diagnosed with stage 3A colon ca. I had mild hand foot syndrome around the third and final (4th) treatment. Since being off xeloda my hand foot syndrome gets worse instead of better. I have 40% urea cream and clobetasol propionate cream. Sometimes it gets a little better and I do notice if I'm on my feet a lot, just standing or cleaning up, my feet get worse. I've asked my oncologist how long this will last and I don't seem to get an answer. Just everyone is different. Does anybody have any advice? I have heard to take vitamin B.

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Metastatic Bone Cancer what fun.

My name is Michael Perrick and on March 12th 2020 I was told that the tonsil cancer I fought in 2016 had metastasized to my bones and liver. Not the best thing to hear but what are you going to do. I am now in the midst of my 3rd treatment which includes Carboplatin, 5-FU, Keytruda, bone growth and various steroid. This is a different experience than my 2016 bout meaning that I have recovery time between treatments and I'm not being bombarded with radiation though that is in my future.

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So, I am a cancer survivor, in 2009 at the age of 26 I had stage 3b colon cancer. I received radiation and chemotherapy, which were successful. In October 2009 I had my resection and ended up with a permanent colostomy. This surgery almost killed me, my blood pressure spiked to around 280/160. Around December 2009 I had a DVT and 13 pulmonary embolisms. It almost killed me. I had no clue the clots were in my lungs, I went in after 2 weeks of my leg hurting. November of 2010 my ex-wife left me because of the newly acquired colostomy bag.

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3B Lung Cancer Diagnosis

After many tests, scans, mri and biopsy surgery I am stage 3B. June 16th is my start date for chemotherapy With Paclitaxel + Carboplatin. I will also be starting 6 1/2 weeks or 33 treatments of radiation, but I am waiting on the date. Back in February I had a upper chest congestion that turned into pneumonia which sent me to a lung Dr. He had me do another CT scan in May to make sure the pneumonia was cleared up. Thats when they found the 1.7mm tumor in my left upper lobe. After the many tests and biopsies they founf it had moved to a right lymph node and two in the base of my neck.

Ewing’s Sarcoma In Older Adults

I am looking to connect with older adults who have been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. I was diagnosed with the cancer earlier this year and am currently going through chemotherapy. I would welcome anyone willing to share their experience to respond. Thanks, Steve


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