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Fear of the unknown . . .

Diagnosed June 23, 2017 with what the Radiologist calls a "2.2cm hypervascular mass arising from the superior pole of the left kidney, statistically, renal cell carcinoma."  So off we go to the Urologist and another round of tests.  Already had an ultrasound and CT in the ED for chest/abdomen pain.  The second set of CT tests revealed (quoting the radiologist), "There is redemonstration of a 2.2 cm arterially hyperenhancing mass within the posteromedial left upper renal pole."  And, again states a "statistically renal cell carcinoma."

just one of those days

I have listened to this song over and over again all day .. https://youtu.be/DwSq17kZvyo

There is nothing I can do for him physically and when I tell myself to try and live "normally" I feel so bad because even those our lives had changed they are the same in alot of ways and I feel guilty going on with my plans (or plans he no longer will even entertain).. really for just living life when I know or dont know how much of a life he has left.


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My mothers Cervical Cancer Battle..

My mom was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer this year in January. I had been away in Arizona for 4 years prior to her diagnoses. In February we spoke to 2 oncologist about her tx options. One suggested just chemo without radiation. He further suggested that if the chemo did not shrink cancer cells than surgery would be the next option. The other Oncologist suggested radiation/chemo. My mom did not make a decision right away because she was afraid as to which doc may be best for her.

How I got here

Hi! My name is Mary, and I'm 48 years old. I was diagnosed with low grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma in April of 2017.

My story begins with my 6 month teeth cleaning. My general dentist saw a growth on the roof of my mouth, on the right side of the palate, and told me I needed to have it removed. 

Arthritis and breast cancer

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I meet with my oncologist on Wednesday. I was told that i have less invasive lobular carcinoma,  grade. I have been doing some research on what exactly that means but im still confused.  I guess i will find out once I speak to my oncologist.  Im glad that I found a place where i can go and talk to others in my situation.  I'm concerned about arthritis and cancer meds for i already have basal (thumb ) and wrist arthritis,  im taking methotrexate to control the inflammation.


In 1996, my ENT removed a 4cm long growth endoscopically in my ethmoid sinus on my right side, pathology report came back positive for ENB.  MRI revealed tumor was contained to the ethmoid sinus. 

 Standard treatment 21 years ago was craniofacial resection (CFR).  I refused this surgery, my ENT offered follow up site inspections every 6 months and annual MRIs. 

Terminal Lung Cancer

My fiance was diagnosed with lung cancer and entered a hospice last year. He was treated with chemotherapy and given pain medication in regular doses through the day.

I live in a different county, so I had to commute when I was able to. He also had a lot of friends who kept in touch; one of his closest friends lived in another state but tried to visit at least once.

He practiced Nicheren Buddhism, and was an activist. 

Bladder cancer

 Hello cancer community, I have been a bladder cancer survivor for two years and just had another reoccurrence. I was wondering if anybody out there especially a female gender might be a survivor from bladder cancer? I am in the process of starting BCG therapy next week, and just looking for some insight  if others have had it?  I really don't know what took me so long to sign up for this site, but I'm glad I'm here and hope someone can relate and talk back to me.

Many thanks

Vicki from TN

Throat cancer #4 this time trouble with the carotid artery

Hello folks newby here regret not knowing this site stuff before, My cancer started in 2003 squamous cell carsonoma at the left toncil. had radiation only and lasted 10 years 

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Scans done, schedules set....

So, we had two full days at Moffitt in preparation for radiation and chemo. On July 27, we met with Jim's Med Onc, Dr. Kish. We also had appointments with a dietician and a speech therapist. We had to get bloodwork done before seeing Dr. Kish, although we didn't know this until we tried checking in for our 10:30AM appointment with Dr. Kish. Ok, back out and into the lab next door, wait 20 minutes for the blood draw. Then back to check in for Dr. Kish. We then waited another hour for that appointment. We first met with her nurse, Bruce, then with Dr. Kish.


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