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My feelings today 10/23/21

Hello there!

How are you doing today? I'm here, on my bed. I feel so many emotions that I can't decide which one to follow. My heart feels heavy. I feel angry. I have extremely strong need for crying out loud but I'm sleepy too. I'm trying to concentrate and watch this Will Smith Movie but I can't find interest in it.

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why is it so hard

 I am a survior of breast cancer. I went through chemo, radiation, 3 surgeries, sepis, and now another complication that I am not even sure what it is. I am sad all the time. I was never sick before I was diagnosed. Never really even got colds so it was really difficult for me to wrap my head around it. When you are diagnosed, things move fast so I feel like I never dealt with any of it. I was sick. I hated radiation and actally feel like I have PTSD from it. It is hard to find help and anyone to talk to that knows what I am going through. So I usually don’t talk to anyone.

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First blog!


Stage 4 Anal Cancer


For those of with Stage 4, are you on a chemo regiment for life?

I did chemo and radiation when I was first diagnose. During my 6 month scan they found a spot on my liver. I had a liver resection. 

For good measure, they had me complete 4 chemo treatments every 21 days.

i have been given the option to continue with the chemo indefinitely or stop chemo and have scans done every 3 months.

if the cancer comes back, then I would go back on chemo treatments.

Looking here to find out what others have decided when given this choice.

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How Do I Cope with my emotions with my mom's remaining days?


My name is Sara. I'm 28 and I'm from Minnesota. I don't know what to post for my first blog other than I know I need help from someone who can relate to the pain, frustration, anger, sadness, etc that I'm going through.


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Anastrozole Worries Me

I was diagnosed with breast cancer of the left breast in February 2019 and underwent mastectomy, two phases of chemo, followed by radiation and thereafter embarked on anastrozole therapy. Further, I underwent surgery to remove my ovaries in the summer of 2020.  A few months ago while writing my doctoral dissertation, I began to experience ever-worsening pain to the right lower back and heel along with hip pain on the right side and heel pain too. I even experirenced pain in my tail bone. I reached out to my oncologist's office aand asked whether my symptoms might be caused by anastrozole.

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Is it too late?

I'm afraid I've waited too long to get my chemo. I need to quarantine for 3 days and have nowhere to go. No family support and no one understands. They think I'm just being dramatic or don't care about myself. Nobody knows what it's like to have cancer until you actually get out or someone you know or love gets it. I thought there would be pains who would comfort me and support me, but I've never been more alone in my entire life. 

Living with Chemoman


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Having cancer taught me how to truly live

It's funny how life can be long and arduous until the day the doctor sit you down and tells you that it might not be that long anymore that really made me think about who I was and what I was about what was important to me and what was not wake up call no doubt I made ten years now post Whipple by the way who would name such a terrible operation after the guy that squoze the Charmin in the commercials so many years he was such a pleasant fellow poor mr.

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Not Sure How to Go On

My Name is Melody, I'm 68 years old.  I'll be 69 in October.  I have stage 4 lung cancer, I'm escencially homeless. 

I was told that I had only a few months to live and here I am... 3 years later... still here.  I was doing very well on Immunotherapy but then it stopped working and now I'm on my second dose of Chemotherapy.  It makes me feel so sick.  I got my last treatment last Tuesday.  I have had 4 bananas and 3 yougurts since then and today is Sunday.  That's all I have been able to manage. 


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