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Support an International Marriage

My Marriage Plan


1. Have my own international hairdresser sign up for Professional Beauty Association disaster relief.


2. Have Habitat for Humanity volunteers build my own international hairdresser a new house in Russia.


3. Have Cedar Fair Entertainment employees walk for me in my own Eli Lilly & Company sponsored P&G Beauty team American Cancer Society Relay for Life event in Long Beach, California, United States of America on January 26-29, 2019.


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1/2 way done with treatments

Good evening all!

I am now 1/2 done with my treatments with the completion of cycle 3.  My white blood counts and platelets were both elevated to acceptable levels which allowed treatment to continue. I will be taking Neulasta (if the mail order pharmacy get’s it to me by Monday). This has been a very frustrating process this week. If they do not I will have to wait until Cycle 4 is completed to take. And will just have to hope that my WBC will be elevated enough to continue. I have to remember to pick us some Claritin when I go to the pharmacy tomorrow afternoon.

First CT follow-up in three weeks

Well, I got deep into MyChart last week, and found an adendum to my pathology report.  Is it intuition that keeps me digging around?  The surgeon had said Squamous, 2.4 cm, removed from RLL, with clean margins.  No chemo recommended despite it being poorly differentiated.  I even went to another cancer center for a second opinion, but it was way too early (2 months) after removal of the 1A.  At first the cancer center couldn't find the pathology report, then they did.  They agreed no chemo or radiation.  They said they don't do the immunological, or genetic testing until it goes to a Stage

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My Papillary Thyroid Cancer Experience

Hello Everyone,
I had Papillary Thyroid cancer in November of 2000 in the lymph node, the first operation was to remove it, then the surgeon verified that it was cancerous and where it came from.  The Thyroid was removed in February of 2001, I was then given 3-- i- 131 radioactive pills and was isolated for 3 days in the Hospital.
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Let it snow

Cancer treatment update:

The extra protein and exercise has helped raise my platelets to an acceptable level. Thanks for the advise on the forum post. However my WBC is dropped again. So the new game plan is that we start Neulasta next Friday, we are lowering the Carboplatin 6 to Carboplatin 5 and instead of doing the Pacitaxol every week we will just do the entire 3 week dose at one time.  My oncolony team said that we should be ok missing these past two weeks. I am keeping positive.


Indolent Non hodgkins lymphoma with bone marrow and splenic involvement

Has any one had a similar type.  What as the treatment ?  Any relapses over what time frame?

Follicular lymphoma

I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. Grade 1-2 of 3, with features of duodenal-type follicular lymphoma on February 14, 2018.  Started rituxan treatments on March 29th, just had my 3rd treatment yesterday.

3 different cancers

In 2004 I found a odd looking mole on my buttock. It was subsequently found to be a malignant melanoma which was removed and no further treatment was required. It was thought to be genetic as my Mum had one, and I wasn't into nude sunbathing!

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Lazy Today

I am just feeling very lazy today. Of course there are a ton of things that I could be doing. I did work 8 hours today and was productive. Should have gotten up this morning and went for a run but was tired and decided to sleep that extra hour and have felt more rested today for doing so.  Ab workout is working I am sore. 

Having pizza for dinner tonight and will watch tv and knit since I just don’t feel like doing anything.

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Counts Low - Treatment Suspended

Good afternoon,

Went to UW Madison Carbone Cancer Center, where I am treating, to start Cycle 3 and was told that we have to suspend treatment for this week because my white counts were too low as were my platelettes.  When Dr. Bailey told us this, my first reaction was that I let my wife, who is my caregiver, down.  After an hour with Dr. Bailey I did not feel so bad. 


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