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Metabolically mass and pet scan.

I really don’t know what goes into a blog. Never done one. Anyway I guess it’s like an open diary. Well I have been a caregiver to my mom since 2016. My younger brother has schizophrenia and she use to care for him until a Parkinson’s diagnosis and the meds she was on caused her to hallucinate and wasn’t helping. So APS was called many timeS. I have been disabled since a fall I had in 2007.

Hiding colostomy under clothing

Does the bag fit under a belt.  I wear a uniform to work and am required to tuck in muy shirt and wear a belt.  I will be receiving a colostomy later this year after 10 years of post colorectal surgery excitement.  Actually looking forward to not being chained to the bathroom.



3 Month PET = NED!!!

Hello, Just thought I would send an update on my cancer journey. diagnosed in March with HPV+ HNC, right tonsil and right lymph node. Treatment was 6 weeks daily proton beam radiation at Mayo clinic. Initially insurance denied out of network proton beam rads therapy stating it was "experimental". After a written letter from my doctor at  Mayo and a 20 minute confeence call meeting with the 9 member board from my Insurance company (Quartz) they reversed their original denial and agreed to pay "level 1 in network" costs for proton beam therepy.

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So today I finished the last of my tests and Wednesday I find out the status of my cancer. *Dun dun dun* I am praying that it has chosen to stay put and not take a tour of my body. In any event, I officially started my oral chemo this evening so the fight has now officially begun! It’s been three hours since I’ve taken it and so far no symptoms as far as I can tell but it’s only the first dose so we shall see I suppose. I’m already emotionally detaching from my hair just in case this medicine also causes hair loss. It’s apparently pretty common along with nausea and vomiting. 

Advice on vocal cord radiation side affects


I'm a 70 year old great  grama...and I need advice lol   

Breast Cancer Woman

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage 1 breast cancer. The 1st drug given to me to shrink the tumor did nothing. The mri showed a tumor 4.7cm. Lumpectomy scheduled after done with 1st drug. Did lumpectomy, tumor now 7.0 cm. Chemotherapy now scheduled. Got chemo port put in. Hidous pain. Now have blood clot on chemo port in neck. 3months later blood clot still there after a very painful round of blood thinner shots in abodemum. Then zeralto tablets and not shots. Double mastectomy scheduled, had pre-surgery physical and private doctor not wanting to change blood thinner types.

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Today Is The First Day...Of The Rest Of Your Life

He passed.


As a medium....those final hours were one of celebration.  I watch him transition slowly from his body, to a world he was now welcoming.  Excited.   I told everyone who was with me during his final daya  " Im calm...happy...he is finally transitioning...rhat body you see is just a shell,  he is finally ready."


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HI.  I was diagnosed in February, 2018, with Ovarian ca.  I have had 4 rounds of chemo.  I couldn’t do rounds 5 & 6 due to low platelet count.  I recently had laparoscopic surgery:  Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy and found out that I am STAGE ypT3cNX, FIGO, IIIc.  I am 59 years old.  I’m not quite sure what thi all means, do I have ovarian ca or peritonearl ca?

I am being treated at Mass General Hospital and will be going for more chemo soon.

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Radiation Therapy Consult

I feel like this is more of a journal than a blog or are they pretty much the same thing? I’ve never had nor followed a blog. This morning I woke up feeling blah, like I could barely will myself to move. I think that just the thought of starting another cancer battle makes me feel unmotivated to do anything else but I think if I give in to that then it becomes a part of like I guess where it transfers to me even being unmotivated to continue with my cancer treatment, especially when it gets hard because I know from experience that it does.


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