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I feel the need to write and yet feel i have little to write about.  it is just a waiting game now. What does one have to write about while waiiting to die- which is basically monotonous. i see the doctor once a month or so  with the appointments essentially to evaluate my readiness for hospice.  So far i am fending it off but in the time since my last appointment i have experienced a new symptom, a weakening in legs and arms.

Chemotherapy and homeopathy can together fight cancer effectively

Our whole family was in great deeper shock when we found that my elder uncle had cancer. He is an ex-army man. He was quite lucky that he diagnosed it in its early stage. Doctors suggested us chemotherapy. When we got to know about the side effects of chemotherapy we were very tense. But we had no other option.

29 & just diagnosed

I was diagnosed on Jan 15, 2018 with stage 4 esophageal cancer that has spread to stomach and lining of liver and both lungs. I have 3 small children and I am scared to death. Anyone that can give me advice on how to deal with this and what to expect please don't hesitate to respond. I need all the advice and success stories as I can get. I need hope and prayers. Thanks.


2 months out after getting all clear 

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Here is my Bio

I was born in '54, so I guess that makes me 63.  I am very active and live on a 5 acre farm that I keep up myself.  I am divorced and have been for almost 40 years.  Wow, that looks so strange in black and white!  Through out my working life (the first part of it anyhow) I had many different roles.  I was the first woman to ever work in a Crown Zellerbach paper mill, and I also was the only woman to work "on the floor" in a Titanium plant.  In my early 30's I went back to school and got my degree in nursing and worked in a hospital on the Med/Surg floor for over 25 years as an RN.  I have a



Hi, my name is Sandra Raymer, I'm 60 years old and I do not speak English. I am a Brazilian citizen married to an American citizen, currently cancer. I am your caretaker. We have no relatives in this town.

My husband's cancer is rare and aggressive and was discovered in July 2017 by the VA hospital that referred him to the Cape Fear Cancer Treatment Center. In turn, the oncologist oncologist the pathologist of Chapel Hill for an expert and a sarcoma of cancer.

Good Day

At first I was going to put in the Title Good Day uh maybe.  But I had to rethink that because every day is a good day.  Even the days that stuff happens.  Gotta find some good in there.  I know - how about I woke up and I didn't feel all that bad.  How about I made it to work in one piece.  OK got it.  Anyway.

New Survivor

Hi.  I was recently diagnosed with Paget's disease of the nipple with underlying malignancy.  I had symptoms from 8 months ago but it was thought to be something else, however, it seems to be very slow growing as it is still apparently just in the nippple and milk ducts.  I am to have a radical mastectomy of the left breast without reconstruction next week, and I thought I would just shop for a bra insert from now but have NO CLUE what to buy!  Help!  I am a 42DD, or at east the right side will be and I would kind of like to match lol.

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I was diagnosed with upsc Oct 6 2017. Had a complete hysterectomy Nov 24. They also removed 11 lymph nodes omentum removed. All nodes and omentum clear. 2 cm tumour 2ml invasion of the myometreum where thickness was at 12ml. Involvement of cervical epithelium only. Extensive lymphatic vascular space invasion. Staged 1a. Started 6 rounds of Carboplatin/taxol Jan 5 with 3 brachytherapy treatments To be done half way through.


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