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Leukemia CMML2 Stem Cell Transplant and recovery.

Hi everyone. 

I have been under treatment for 22 months for CMML2 Leukemia. Friday October 20 is my first stem cell transplant anniversary. I've been cancer free since April 27, 2017.

I've been through clinical trials, chemo therapy, total body radiation and a Stem Cell Transplant. Anyone wishing to text me in search of support and to share experiences please do so..

i am 67 years old and now disease free.

Best Wishes to All.


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Cancer Couple, Chapter 8

The radiation is finally over. My last treatment was this past Monday. It was rough. 70 Grays or 7000 rad using the older terminology. My radiation oncologist informed me that the cancer cells will continue to die off for another 8-9 months, so he extended my Lupron injections to 18 months so they will start to wear off around the same time as the radiation. Then I will need three consecutive negative blood tests before we know whether or not the cancer is gone. Unfortunately if it's not, then we've pretty much already fired all the rounds in the clip so to speak.


So here I am.... they say I have stage 4 ovarian cancer.... Today, October 14, 2017, I feel fine. I've had 5 weekly chemo treatments and have 4 to go. Other than loss of energy, a bit of constipation, and thinning hair I feel fine. This is the most bizarre situation I've ever been in....

I am a 19 year osteosarcoma survivor!!

 Hi my name is Heather and I have been a cancer survivor now for 19 years. I was diagnosed on my half birthday in 1998. I then completed three months of chemotherapy followed by a limb salvage surgery of my right Knee.  Then I completed my chemotherapy and became cancer free in July 1999.

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R-ICE and Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn, I just found out that my cancer has returned. My Oncologist is scheduling another biopsy to make sure of the type of cancer, which less than a year ago I was going through R-CHOP for stage 4b NLPHL. He has already told me what the treatment plan will be no matter what it comes back as. He wants to do R-ICE for 3cycles with 3 days in the hospital each round. Then, do a stem cell transplant using my own cells. I am a ball of nerves, because I have no idea what to expec. What was your experiences with these? And, how did you cover it all financially?

Non Supportive Husband

When I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer July 2015 I had to have a biopsy and my husband was not available My sister took me and it was the scariest day of my life

When the Dr called on a Saturday to give me the results my husband was not home so I called him and asked him to take me out to my friends camp. He never 

looked me in the face or hugged me that day I needed it so badly. I didn't realize he was drinking heavily at this time.

Lung Nodules on PET Scan

I was diagnosed with Stage III Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (T3N2) in Feb 2017 and completed treatment in June. Followup MRI scans were clear in July and September but a CT/PET scan showed some metabolically active nodules in left lung. The nodules are small 3-4mm with an SUV max of 3.5. The doctors suspect it to be metastasis but can not say for sure. They want me to wait for a few weeks to see if these nodules show any change. Has anyone experienced anything like this before.




Well despite my scare of my first oncology appointment looming...which may really be some other issue, such as ITP. I do have an Aunt with ITP and that can be passed down through families. I must say, when you are approaching going to an specialist or have a health concern where obviously, there are outward physical signs, and you have family, friends, workers asking you about them. I wonder what is the right thing?


I'm new to this experience! Help

Hi. I have been having very odd symptoms. Very somewhat odd. So I went to my dr. I had blood work done, then asked back, more done, and I was told I would probably hear back and pending the results, I may need to go to a hemotologist/oncologist but do not panic, and they will call and explain to me.


Breast Cancer

Have just been diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. Have scheduled a partial mastectomy.  Would be good to talk with someone who has "Been There".


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