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Triple Hit Large b-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

One of the most frustrating and worrisome challenges for us is in the waiting...for this report...for that report...or for just necessary time to pass...which is the new lifestyle when battling cancer. Months have passed since I first/last posted. No journeys are the same regardless of diagnosis. However, like most ours has been quite a journey to get us to full remission for "Triple-hit Large B-cell Non-Hodgins Lymphoma.

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One Year Anniversary

Today one year ago I was in the Mayo Clinic Hospital having my Cancer kidney taken out and I am doing good.... I have 1 kidney left and it is working at about 30%. 

I am blessed are you? And how are you blessed?CoolWink

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Bad Experience With Clinical Trial Avelumab and PF-04518600 (Long)


As some of you know I'm stage IV endometrial adenocarcinoma cancer. I have been through a hysterectomy, two different types of chemo treatment and now two different clinical trials. Only the first chemo of six cycles of Taxol and Carboplatin were successful in reducing the tumors. I then had a hysterectomy and was put under surveillance. Within three months the cancer recurred. A clinical trial and more chemo followed without success in reducing the tumors. I then entered another clinical trial, the Phase I/II clinical study on Avelumab and PF-04518600I at MD Anderson.


Not a Happy Camper

For me, it has been a nightmare. The so called "Cancer" itself was a horrific experience mentally but physically, it was the treatment that is the killer and where the neglect steps in afterwards. There was no before care and NO aftercare which has made this a permanent life disaster. The damages have been neglected due to lack of professionalism, experience, training, aggrogance and ignorance.  I have tried going to everyone I can for help and there is none. Do take it as a fact that yes, your insurance does determine your quality of health care.

Just diagnosed

i was just diagnosed with Uterine Cancer.  i have been having symptoms for over a year, spotting and urinary frequency and some incontinence.  I already knew that I had large fibroids and just thought that’s what is was. They had refused to do a hysterectomy about 4 years ago because they thought I was to medically unstable. I was just told to learn to live with the symptoms. 

my amazing cancer journey

I was diagnosed with cancer in Nov. of 2017 from a cyst in the roof of my mouth and after tests a bone marrow scan I found out I had stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma in the bone marrow. Once a month I had one day of Rituxin and Bendamustine and the next day only a Bendamustine dose. After May, I was finished with chemo and after a Pet scan and another bone marrow biopsy and a ct scan I found out in July that I am cancer free and only have to see the doctor every 3 months. This is my story and I have learned a lot from my experience of a second chance of life.

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Where do the summer go?

Hi all,

Where did the summer go?  Can hardly believe we are in the 2nd week of August already.

Heading into my 2nd month of NED. It is a good feeling and I have been walking 2 miles a day this week and doing some yoga in the evenings. A bit easier after a week so will add something more next week.  I think I found the key to making sure I exercise starting slow and building up rather than try and do too much at one time.

Husband diagnosed in May

hello, my husband was diagnosed in May 2018 with stage 3b colon cancer, he had surgery they removed 61 lymnodes & only 4 were cancerous. he surgeon recommendated chemo in case something slip thru. the cancer did not spread to any other part of his body. He had his first chemo treatment last month  Oxaliplatin & Folfix, he was doing Good  until the side effects kicked in about a week ago! He face & hands have gotten very dark, disarray & no appetite! He lost a lot of weight, he could not have his 2nd treatment on Monday too week.

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Was At 0.9 then moved down to 0.8 where it has been steady.  MD thinks lab result can make it appear a change even though PSA is likely unchanged.  Unless/until it moves to 2.0 we should just watch it.  

me times 3

Well here I sit with my third diagnosis. Six years ago stage 3b rectal cancer. Chemo and radiation tem bag mor chemo bag removal and forever changed. Last year I was diagnose with stage 1 breast cancer, radiation only and hormone blocker. This year to the day I was diagnosed with stage 0 on the other breast. er pr negative and grade 3. Just started radiation 15 treatments. Now I read radiation causes cancer. Whats a person to do. I have also had 4 non melanoma skin cancers, 1 basal and 3 squamous. Looking for support and friends who understand. Every day is a new day and I am grateful.


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