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Technical Problems with CSN website? Report them here!

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Purpose of the board.

You are invited to report problems of a technical nature on this board. It's an attempt to encourage more members to report problems and provide as much information about them as possible. Members can also see if others have reported a problem they're having, and maybe contribute more information or ask other members for information about their experience with a problem.  For example, someone who can't access chat might learn from other members that chat is only available to members using a personal computer (as opposed to a mobile device).
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User Feedback

Hello, I received an email from Nick inviting me to register to provide User feedback.

I'm just checking to make sure this is truly coming from CSN. Once you reply that this is legitimate, I'll send you my information. I'm happy to work with your team to possibly help with changes. So appreciate this site and all to work you do for us.


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WAF Block Page Errors



As we continue to work through this site upgrade we are asking the community to please send us any WAF error messages they receive. Please use the contact us form and send us the error number and a brief description of what you were doing at the time (e.g. I was trying to upload a picture to my post in the Anal Cancer forum and received the WAF Block Page: 544698574210 error.) Unfortunately, we do not get notified unless you guys let us know you are seeing them. 

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Won't recognize my password again?

Last week I couldn't log in using my password, so I had to request a temp password, finally after three temp passwords, one worked long enough for me to create a new password (which I wrote down), and tonight that password won't work again.  Since I had it written down, I'm sure it isn't me.  Are you deleting passwords?  What else could it be, I am logged on with my IPAD account, which I set up using my other email address.  Please advise, because it's very frustrating and I'm not in the mood (after chemo) to mess with stuff that doesn't work.

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It's blank...

When I go to the page https://csn.cancer.org/csnchatroom everything below the how-to-use-it (etc) is blank.  No chat boxes, no chat.  I've used chat before, so this is weird and has been going on for about a week.  I'm using Foxfire.  I'm getting to the page from the CSN website by clicking on "CSN Chatroom" in the side menu (under CSN). I'm signed in, on a laptop. 

Thanks -- !

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Log in?

I can log in on my desktop PC, but my log in doesn't work on my iPAD?  I've reset my password twice, this is frustrating!  Why the secracy anyway, when I view my member info, it won't even show my password when I'm logged in?  What do you suggest.  I'm ready to flee this board.

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Search function only brings up old links

Every time I search on a keyword via the "Search CSN content" link, the most recent discussion board posts that show up are from 2-4 years ago. These are common words that I've seen in more recent posts. The same thing happened when I used the Advanced Search function to search only Discussion Boards. Is there a way to improve one's chances of finding more current content?



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Planned Outage on Saturday night, 6/19 at 1 AM CST

There will be maintanence performed on the CSN website on Saturday night, 6/19 at 1 AM CST for about an hour  that may impact your ability to access parts of the site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 Best Regards,


CSN Support Team


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Expressions Missing

Pictures and posts are missing from our "About Me" Expressions pages.

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Pasting from Word


Several of you have reached out with questions on how to paste a comment or topic from Microsoft Word successfully. By following the below instructions you can avoid be taken to the error page. You can also find these instructions at their home on the CSN Help page


To paste a new post or reply from Microsoft Word:


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