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Peritoneal Cancer

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Adénocarcinome endometriale stage4 with nodules in peritoneum


Mon nom est sandrine, je suis français. En France est Informations trouvent difficile sur ce cancer. 

J'ai cancer de l'endomètre avec des nodules dans le péritoine. (Intestins diaphragme) 

J'ai eu en premier cisplatine chimio /doxoburine/endoxan.The tumeurs sont plus petites, mais impossible pour la chirurgie en raison de la membrane. 

Actualy i have carboplatine et le taxotère.  

Je suis très peur .... 

Scuse me for.my anglais. 


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Gunnerbean2~U R on the wrong forum~however my husband is 14-yr survivor of Gastric Cancer~hope my info helps U along the way!

 Dear Gunnerboat (aka) “Rainbow”

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Peritoneal Carcinomatosis~Helpful Info 4 "Blue24" & others who may have this diagnosis~lengthy but worth the read!

Hello “Blue24”

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SWENZKE~Have chosen 2 answer your ltr here so other Peritoneal cancer patients can benefit by it as well

(Note:  Referencing "Swenzke" entry, http://csn.cancer.org/comment/1557289#comment-1557289, I would like to place my answer here so more people can gain help from this rare cancer known as Peritoneal Carcinoma.  You may see her original letter there."


 Good afternoon “Swenzke”

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Need Diet plan during chemotherapy for Peritoneum Cancer, CA125 with 4500


My mom, aged 49 is diagnosed with Primary Peritoneum cancer  on 17th Sept'2016. Her CA125 is around 4500. To reduce the CA 125 levels, she will be treated first with chemotherapy

As part of treatment,she will be given three chemotherapy sessions thrice a week, followed by major surgery and then three chemotherapy sessions.

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Peritoneal cancer detected after radical bladder cancer removal


My sister underwent radical bladder removal surgery in April.  Her uterus,  ovaries ,  fallopian tubes and part of vagina were removed.  She took six chemo sessions before and six after the surgery.  Twenty days after her last chemo,  she had again been detected as having secondary abdominal or peritoneal cancer.  Doctors are suggesting Hipec treatment.  


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Newbie questions and work after diagnosis and during treatment?

Hi.  My is Michele.  I'm 56, single,  live alone,  no kids or family closer than 3000 miles.    I was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer 3/11/16. I had surgery within a week - full hysterectomy, removal of fatty tissue layer and appendix.  Lots of fluid removed from abdomen and lungs.  Spread to Lungs,  diaphragm and lymph nodes.  Started chemo the next week - 6 treatments 3 weeks apart.  I have my final chemo in 2 weeks.  My initial CA125 was 1800, after two treatments 600, after 3 treatments 375 and now after 4 is back up to 451.

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Mom's Diagnosis

My mom was recently diagnosed with metastatic poorly differentiated carcinoma, Stage 4.  The bulk of the disease is on the omentum, but it is also throughout the abdominal wall.  Her left ovary is slightly "abnormal" but no biopsy was taken.  They have not identified a source but it is most likely upper GI.  Her main symptom up to now has been pain while eating, which has become quite severe.  A bone scan revealed that it has spread to her rib cage.

We've been told that surgery is not an option and she's starting gemcetabine and cisplatin this week.  

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Peritoneal Cancer most likely recurrent metastatic prostate carcinoma

HI, my FIL just recieved his CT scan results back and the impression (w/out biopsy) is peritoneal Cancer most likely recurrent metastaic prostate carcinoma.  I am told this is extremely, extremely rare.  Apparently this is so as I cannot find any information of this form on the internet anywhere.  We are waiting for the biopsy to be scheduled so I may be jumping the gun a bit with quesitons, but I have so many!!  Is anyone familiar with this form of PC?


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