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Peritoneal Cancer

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Mom's Diagnosis

My mom was recently diagnosed with metastatic poorly differentiated carcinoma, Stage 4.  The bulk of the disease is on the omentum, but it is also throughout the abdominal wall.  Her left ovary is slightly "abnormal" but no biopsy was taken.  They have not identified a source but it is most likely upper GI.  Her main symptom up to now has been pain while eating, which has become quite severe.  A bone scan revealed that it has spread to her rib cage.

We've been told that surgery is not an option and she's starting gemcetabine and cisplatin this week.  

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Peritoneal Cancer most likely recurrent metastatic prostate carcinoma

HI, my FIL just recieved his CT scan results back and the impression (w/out biopsy) is peritoneal Cancer most likely recurrent metastaic prostate carcinoma.  I am told this is extremely, extremely rare.  Apparently this is so as I cannot find any information of this form on the internet anywhere.  We are waiting for the biopsy to be scheduled so I may be jumping the gun a bit with quesitons, but I have so many!!  Is anyone familiar with this form of PC?

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BRIAN from the North~Things I learned during my chemo treatments~Hope it will B helpful 2 U & Mom~Wishing her all the best!

Hello again Brian,

This letter is an answer to what I promised you earlier about things I found helpful during my chemo sessions.  I decided to put it in a separate topic so that others might find the information useful as well.  Hopefully this will help you to understand what your Mom may experience during her chemo sessions.  It’s good to know that your Mom has tolerated her first chemo well. 

Brian From The North
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Mom's first Chemo

Hello All,

I went in with my mother for her first chemo treatment and she responded very well with no allergic reactions.  The anti-nausea drugs have been a huge help for her I think.  I saw her bloodwork for the first time (I work away for 14 days at a time) and in a two week period prior to her chemo her CA125 number went from 6600+ down to a little over 6400.  She also managed to put on 2 lbs of weight.  Is the decrease in CA125 number normal?  

We go for another session near the end of the month and I sure hope that her CA125 number goes down further.

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My mother In law

my mother in law is a breast cancer survivor but diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. Her surgery was yesterday. They removed the womb,ovaries, etc. a small part of her colon and a lot of cancer from the fatty apron, abdomen, a little from her bladder. The surgery went well but she is in the icu because her kidneys are not performing and she is dehydrated and they pumped her full of fluids and they are In her lungs now which makes breathing difficult. Anyone out there similar? Any advice

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Captain Dave
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Peritoneal Mesothelioma

 I am Krow, Dave's partner and am writing with him here as he is in recovery right now, with not a lot of energy to spare. Dave was diagnosed with this horrific disease after a surgeon found a small nodule during a hernia operation in September. He decided to send it off for a biopsy, ‘just in case’. We are so glad he did!

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My Mom Age-80 diagnosed Dec 2015-- Looking for Anyone w/Similar Story

I Have been searching for a similar story to mine- But have not found one yet:

Here is the Breakdown:

She is an ACTIVE lady- Age 80

Diagnosed in Dec/2015 -Stage 4 Primary Peritoneal Cancer 


Since she had her ovaries removed a long time ago - Dr is doing Chemo ONLY to try to shrink it-

He suggests with her age she will not be able to handle the surgery very well.

She has lots of Allergies - So we are waiting until January to see if Chemo is working - 

Has anyone JUST done Chemo and gotten a few more years by doing that?

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remission over

Was Diagonosed last year in August.  Went to M.D.

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Scary news

Hi there

My name is James. I live in the UK. I have been reading a range of inspirational stories on this forum and marvelling at the support you show for each other. 

My wife's mum was diagnosed with stage 3 PPC last week and is understandably frightened. Our boys, her grandchildren, are her world. We want to do all we can to support her through this difficult time. If you have any advice we would very much appreciate it.

Thanks so much, in advance.


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