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Long-Term Survivors

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Multiple unrelated cancers

Does anyone know of any studies being done on multiple unrelated cancers? I have had renal cell (2001), bladder (2015), lung non small cell (2015) and liver small cell (2016). I also lost a brother, at the age of 30, 20 years ago to multiple myeloma, a sister had breast cancer 6 years ago and my mother had lung cancer, since deceased. I have been told that all 4 of my cancers could be caused from my smoking? Just wondering? 

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When people are not being supportive

I don't think my spouse is really suited to support me in my fight against cancer.  It has been mostly me supporting her, and I have grown weary of it.  It is like she is the one with cancer, but she is healthy as can be.  I have taken care of everything for her financially.  At this point I need to spend my money on myself and the other cancer patients I have grown to love an support ast they love and support me.  How do I get out of this situation?

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ALL CANCER: New Diagnosis

I hope this is appropriate to post! I just shared this on my FB for family and friends. I have now had breast cancer # 36yrs, thyroid cancer at 38 (and met surgery 2x) brain cancer at 44 in 2005 and just had my 2nd craniotomy a few weeks ago....I found this very wise. I am an RN and always advocate for myself...BUT I know many don't. It is very important and there are so many resources for us out there....FOR MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR FUTURE USE (AND HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE NO USE FOR THIS).

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Living with cancer as a chronic condition

I am a breast cancer survivor and recently leaned that I have some cancerous lymph nodes and a small malignant sacral lession that are believed to be a metastatic recurrance of breast cancer.  My onlcologist says it is very unlikely that this recurrance can be cured, but she is fairly optimistic that it can be controlled long term.

This concept of cancer as a chronic disease is very new to me and wondering if there might be others here with similar circumstances.


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Anger, anxiety, depression for survivors

I had my last reconstruction surgery in September. I thought I'd feel great at this point but instead I'm irritable, anxious, sad. I feel ashamed to be feeling angry when I should feel lucky to be alive. Most days I'm fine unless something sets me off like the death of a colleague this week. Accupuncture, therapy, and exercise help some. How did other handle this?

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Daily pain from radiation burns for over one year

I have been having daily severe burning sensations from radiation I had over a year ago on my mastectomy area and arm.  I have tried acupuncture, herbs, stem cell injections, and now hyperbaric oxygen.  There seems to be little knowledge of this type of radiation damage, how it is measured and treated and I am desparately seeking others who are suffering to pool together to find adequate treatment and a cure to this horrible pain.  Please help anyone!

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I've been posting enough since I discovered (or, apparently, re-discovered) this site, and it's time I introduce myself.

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Social Security Disability

Hi, everyone.  I have some questions and concerns regarding Social Security Disability, and I'd like to know if anyone else shares these concerns.

First, I keep hearing that in 2017, benefits will be cut by 20% unless Congress does something to prevent that from happening.  If that happens, assuming NO prices go up, I'll be able to pay my monthly bills, and then will have anywhere from $5 to $50 to buy food for the entire month, along with covering other misc. expenses that always come up.  So needless to say, I'm very concerned about this.

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Hello everyone

Hi everyone,

My name is Liv and I am pretty new to this site. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and had both chemo and radiation. I think the hardest part for me was to deal with the social and emotional side of the cancer recovery.

Inspirational sites like www.cancerless.org and www.cancerfilms.org/story-wall/might have been a help. What do you think?

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Story no Longer Available





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