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Anal Cancer

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GI Cancers Alliance


Check out this article on improved ollaboration in GI oncology...note the member organizations of the GI Cancer Alliances.  I sent a copy of this to the HPVAnal Cancer Foundation.

We definitely need more visability and support!!!
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mets to lymph node

I was diagnosed with anal cancer in early 2013. I had the standard Nigro protocol which was interrupted for two weeks when I was hospitalized with an ileus – ouch – but I eventually finished the treatment, put it all behind me (har har) and went on with my life. I was sadly suprised last month when a PETscan and needle biopsy revealed a tumor on a lymph node close to my bladder.

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Stage 3B Anal Cancer

My mom has been diagnosed with Stage 3B anal cancer, so I just wanted to see if there were any survivors out there who had conquered this stage of the disease. And if so, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking me through your experience. What was your course of treatment? Were you responsive? And so on and so forth. 

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Oncologists, PET scans, second opinion





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HPV vaccination: Slate, July 8, 2016 article.

This article imparts some useful information in a national forum. And although I don't usually support Big Pharma

ads, the one in this article is dramatic and important. I'm glad I had my boys vaccinated 10 years ago, as was their

pediatrician. Spread the word




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Anal structure?

Hi all its been a while since I've been on but I do check in time to time. My mom was diagnosed with stage 2 anal cancer in January of 2015 had the standard treatment 5fu/radiation. She was cleared NED in June of 2015. In the past month she had experienced constipation which is rare for her so she went to her oncologist today and she had an exam they said all looked and "felt" (poor thing) great! Which is good but said she may have a stricture? Has anyone else experienced this she is one year NED. 

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Follow-up Scans-how often for Stage 1-2

I have the 2016 NCCN guidelines and see  that annual CT scans are for Stage 3-4 patients.   It seems that many of you are having scans more frequently.

I am Stage1-2, node negative.  My onco started out mentionning  every 3 months.  I think that is alot of radiation (I also have had breast cancer in each breast),the scans for the workup (PET-CT,CT,MRI) a CT in May (to diagnose a possible obstruction) and CT's In December. Treatment was from Feb-April 2015.

The NCCN guidelines only note annual CT for Stage 3-4 or node-positive.  I may try to negotiate for 6 months or annual

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Proton therapy vs IMRT

I have stage III a squamous cell carcinoma. I was wondering what side effects people have experienced from doing IMRT (radiation)? I am looking into doing proton therapy as well, but there is not a lot of evidence yet as to success from it. I welcome thoughts and experiences. 

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Good news from Laz

Got my test results back and it's all good. My CEA is 2, but it's been always fluctuating around here and the oncologist says it's cool. Well what's is he gonna say? So I'm ok with it too. Worry never ends though. Will be 3 year NED in October. 

I come here every day to check on you and trying to support those who need it. All the best.


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Pain during BM ?

I have Stage 3b anal cancer.  I completed treatment (chemo and radiation) on April 18th and I am still having terrible pain during every bowel movement.  Is this normal?  When does it start getting better??


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