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Anal Cancer

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Biopsy 2 weeks ago

My moms biopsy was 2 weeks ago and she's still so sore, she had no pain, drainage, bleeding or anything before the biopsy and has been miserable since with drainage and pain. Tumor is said to be 2 cm 

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Anal Cancer - Loose BM's

I am 1 1/2 years post treatment for stage 2 anal cancer.  I am looking for advice/suggestions on how to deal with loose BM's - or if anyone has experienced this problem.  I can be completely fine, but then will have a day or two where my BM's is somewhat loose, but more important, constant throughout the day.  Not diarrhea.  Just a little bit each time.  Can be 10 or more times during the day.  Not sure if it's what I'm eating or poor muscle control.  Doctors have suggested more fiber which I am doing.  Anyone else with this problem?  Most topicslisted here have constipation issues.

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Post-treatment pain with BMs




Hello all!

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shortness of breath

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well, I'm writting today because I have been experiencing shortness of breath, and I dont know if it is one of those long term effects from the chemo or what, I seem to recall from later posts that I read there were a few of you who were experiencing this also, I am quite curious to know if those of you who were what was causing it?  I have an appointment to see a new pulmonary Dr.

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PAP and HPV test (new hpv test)

For follow-up, are we supposed to be getting annual Pap smears, as well as the new HpV test? Even if we knew we initially had a negative pap, but positive for HPV and/or our tumour was HPV positive.  It would not have made a difference in terms of treatment; however, I seem to recall that we should continue having gyn exams and pap/hpv smears.

MDAnderson Survivorship Guidelines (4 yrs and up) is very detailled for all kind of exams including  colonoscopies every 5 yrs! and Hep  B & C and Hiv screening (these may not be for everyone)


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Post Treatment Pain

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I am six years out and still cannot get my diet under control.


i am gluten free due to my ataxia.


i cannot eat salad or raw vegetables or any vegetable that is not cooked to death. I cannot have pasta, bread or rice.


i have been living on chicken, salmon and over cooked broccoli and nuts (I grind them up to a paste) for 6 years.  I don't want to eat these foods anymore out of total boredom.  I have finally managed to gain some weight 3-6 pounds that I am trying to hold onto.  


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Treatment Begins

Today I begin treatment.  I'm nervous, but mostly I just want to get started and get through it.  I've had breakfast and Xeloda and the anti-nausea med and it's not even 7:00 yet.  The time change is messing with me too.

I go for Chemo at 10:30 and radiation at 2:00.

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Tired of Spammers

I am getting quite frustrated with this site.  It seems that once again we are getting spammers and new members who claim to have all the answers when it comes to anal cancer who do not indicate that they have actually had or do have anal cancer.  For anyone new coming into this group, please know that there are very many knowledgeable people here who have been through diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment for anal cancer and we know almost as much about it and perhaps even more than some healthcare professionals.  We have done our research.  We know the symptoms, causes, and treatment f

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Successful treatment with recurrence anyone?

Just wanted to hear from anyone who had recurrence, what was tre and outcome?


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