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Anal Cancer

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Urinary leakage during treatment female

Hi Everyone,

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oHPVAnalCancer Foundation has updated it's website and has a wealth of information. Check it out!

NYTimes Magazine section for 5/15/16 is devoted to several interesting articles  on the latest translational research directions.

Our protocol is 30 or 40 yrs old!  There are practically no new clinical trials for a.c ,and a quick scan of the abstracts for the major oncology meetings (ASCO, GI Cancer Symposium,etc) have practically no new information about ac. Many hosptail websites (including cancer centers) do not list anal cancer among the other GI cancers that they treat. 

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Mary Gelewski
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How do I choose the right doctor and treatment facilities?

During a routine annual gyn exam, my doctor felt something unusual.  I immediately went to my GI doctor that same afternoon.  He felt the same thing and scheduled a colonoscopy which took place two days later.  A biopsy was done and analysis was "poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma".   I found out on April 12, 2016.  I have yet to go to any other doctor due to problems with my insurance.  My home is in Columbus, Georgia and I had an Obamacare policy in effect.  In March, I had left my home to stay with my sister in Florida.  Long story as to why, but in a nutshel

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Hi all, anyone have any idea how often someone should be full body scanned? Mums anal cancer is in remission however she has secondary brain cancer. Her radio oncologist has said he doesn't want to do a full body scan (she hasn't had one for 6 months) as he doesn't think it is necessary. She's had a persistent cough for months and her stomach is swollen (they told her its from eating & it's just weight gain). She also had a spot on her liver over a year ago and a module on her lung that have not been followed up.

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What is radiation cystitisis?

Blood in the urine since radiation, caused by radiation.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I've had urine cultures, no UTI, blood in the urine after radiation.  Now I am getting it after an hour walk, or a workout at the gym. 

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Black Spots in Prev Radiation Areas (nearly 4 years later)

I saw my rectal surgeon today, I have a black spot in the previous radiation area that he said wasn't there in Febuary when he did an exploratory colonoscopy.  Also there's 3 to 6 spots in the vaginal area now.  I've seen a GYN and a dermotoligist, too.  It appears I'll see a urinolist soon.  Then a "short" surgery to remove these black spots, by the rectal doctor.  I also had a positive ANA test which recently landed me with an arthritis doctor.  I'm 4 years post radiation/chemo.  Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  What's this all about?

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Hi all, so my mum has brain mets, has just had her third surgery to remove the tumour again. She's two weeks out of surgery and has developed shingles on her face. Has anyone else experienced this? Or does anyone know if there are any issues or complications with the shingles? We've been to the GP and to emergency department (they've put her on antiviral meds and Lyrica to stop the pain) but not getting much info from either. Thanks :)

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I finished radiation today so now I'll be glowing at both ends - Lol! (Sorry the text isn't larger - don't know where that feature went). This radiation experience was so much better (if that's possible) than previous radiation, but then again first radiation was in a different area. The staff was wonderful. I received a certificate and a tshirt plus I got to ring the bell. As far as the radiation side effect - breast area turned red, but it's already healing.

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Keeping a brave face

Hi, My name is Ronnie and this is my story...A year ago I was on top of the world, great job, all the kids off to collage me and the wife talking about traveling and then I went to the bathroom one day and noticed some blood. Not a big deal I thought being a truck driver for 30 years it was probably just hemroids. Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with stageII anal cancer. I was told that this cancer was very cureable and with Chemo and radiation I would be just fine.

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good news!  Dr. Eng turned me loose from MD Anderson!  I have graduated with a clean bill of health!  (for now anyway, don't want to jinx things!)



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