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Anal Cancer

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Pain in the Butt

Has anyone had pain in the tailbone area (specifically between the buttocks, not the anal area, a little further back)?  I'm 3.5 years post treatment and about a month ago I started having this discomfort that comes and goes in that area.  I feels like when I fell on ice a few years ago,landed on my butt and bruised my tailbone.  I've done nothing that I can think of to cause this.  No particular position (seated on standing) seems to bring it in on, it just happens several times throughout the day.

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chemo after surgery

I had my surgery a week ago, have a tempory ileostomy.

The pathology came back with a complete reversal, the surgeon says I don't need the second round of chemo, but the oncologist wants me to do it.

The cancer came back a stage 2

Any thoughts?

lab guy
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1 year

Hi everybody, I am not on this often, but would like to thank everyone for their input. Especially, Martha.I went in for my one year scope last week and my surgeon said NED. Pretty frightening minute of silence waiting for her to tell me that. Next time I hope she doesn't use a 2x4 lol. Take care everybody! 

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Pain Meds

How long were you on pain meds, and how long did you continue to stay on them after the conclusion of treatment?

Thanks in advance for your insight, and best wishes to all! 

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Stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver and now anal cancer diagnosis

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and wanted to reach out to anyone with any words of encouragement or just to talk because I'm a mess right now.

Here is a quick rundown on my fight.

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anal cancer survival rates

I have been diagnosed with squamous cells around the external area of my anus.  I also have two AIN2 sites on the inner anal tissue.  I was told I need to have surgery to remove the squamous cell infected area and then follow up with HRA evaluation in 3 months.

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Just diagnosed with Melanoma Colorectal Cancer...

Yesterday my Doctor called with the results of the test done on the hemorrhoid he recently removed - Melanoma Colorectal Cancer. It's very rare. I'm waiting to hear from my Doctor's Oncologist for an appt. I've been crying most of the day and have been talking with friends and family for support. I found this website from my internet research. My Dad died when I was 10 (1966) from Melanoma. He lived for 5 years after its diagnosis. A lot of thoughts and feelings and beliefs from the past are surfacing.

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Friday, I celebrate!

Just a very quick update.  I saw my colorectal doctor yesterday and, as usual, my time spent in the waiting room to be called back to an exam room was much longer than my time spent in the exam room.  Finally, I was called back and she came in, asked me how I was doing and was I having any problems or concerns.  I told her that I commonly go back and forth between diarrhea mode and constipation mode these days, but that I was not complaining--seems to be my new normal.  I told her my only complaint was that I was tired and explained that I moved my Mom down here in May and I have so much mo

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Please come in chatroom.  Would appreciate some company!

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Chris Ptown
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It's Been Awhile

Hello everyone.  It's been awhile since I have been on this board.  I am one of the people who was so grateful for all the support given to me by the wonderful people that come here but also didn't want to come back.  I really hope everyone is doing well.  My 5 year anniversary is supposed to be December 21st but I am a bit confused by some test results.  I went for a physical with my doctor in Provincetown and he did all kinds of STD tests as well as others.  He sent me an email saying "Your pap was low grade.  You will need a close up look at your anal cananl with your colon and rectal su


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