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Spirituality, Prayer, and Meditation

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Cann oil Treatment

I have been hearing so many good things




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Mary from NJ
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A Prayer for All of You.....

Jamie Watson
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Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer healed! All Glory to God

He healed them ALL.  

So humbled. Thank you Jesus.

This is my testimony.

Luke 8:39

"Go and tell them what the Lord has done for you."

Mark 9:23

"What do you mean, 'If I can'?" Jesus asked. "Anything is possible if a person believes."

Lastly, I used an electrolyte hydration product called Motive Pure (motivepure.com) to help my body absorb the water I drank during and after RAI treatment.

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Coping After Trails.....

Being imperfect humans, all of us have experienced illness, some even grave illness. When we face such difficulties, how do we cope?

One valuable aid in coping is the comfort we receive from family, friends, and fellow believers.

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Weather too cold

For some reason I can no longer stand cold weather, anything 60 or below and I start to freeze on the inside and shiver as if it was 30 below. Anyway I was able to talk my caretaker into letting me go south and stay with my brother until the cold weather is gone


I guess this is just another one of the many side effects of radiation.


Stay warm everyone


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My Hope

I have felt led to share with you what is on my mind  It saddens my heart for those of you whose posts are written out of uncertainty and fear which is totally understandable!  It is so difficult to read of your challenges but great joy to read the triumphs!  

We have modern tools of technologies, medicine and doctors for which I am truly thankful to live in a time where such things exist, however, my hope is found in Jesus as my comforter and my healer.

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I'm doing a Natural approach instead of Radiation and Chemo... is anyone else doing this too?

I said NO to radiation and NO to Chemo and am doing a Natural approach... has anyone or is anyone doing this too?

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shows promise as cancer-fighter


Hi everyone you need to watch this it is a new cancer fighting drug, maybe we will find a cure for cancer and very soon. It sound like MD Anderson is the backbone of the study in finding new ways to treat cancer using the Oleander plant.

The problem it will take years of research before it can be approved. But there some places in the world where it is now being use with remarkable success




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Down in Paradise



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Stage 4 ovarian cancer, no surgery or treatment. Praise the Lord!

Today is 8 months since I was diaagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of surgery or treatment, I have chosen to trust the Great Physician to heal me! Upon His leading, I ate the vegan diet for a couple months after being diagnosed. I was not getting enough protein, so now I eat meat again. Many people have mentioned that my skin had a pale grayish tint to it before. They are now saying that my skin is back to a healthy color. My hospice nurse is amazed by the miracles she has seen. I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis in my left leg.


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