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Uterine Cancer

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Question for after being done with treatments

Im not to sure that im too happy with my medical oncoligist right now.  It seems he went from being very axious to getting me in to do chemotherapy back in June, when i started, to not being too concered about my cancer comming back.  I have MMT also known as carsinisarcoma uterine cancer stage 2 grade 3. The pathologist and doctors found, after surgery, that there was not as much MMT (an aggresive type of uterine cancer) in my cancer as they thought after biopsy. I was and even now greatful for that.

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Protocel 23

HAs anyone tried or taken Protocel 23? Any success? Its quite expensive ($108 for a bottle, month supply, liquid you take up to 6 times a day with a lot of water)

It is supposed to flush out cancer cells and reduce the size of tumors

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I just had a major meltdown

I can sympathize with LindyLu.  I HATE this cancer; I hate what has happened to my body; I hate what has happened to my mind!!

I have been stressing over my nine month checkup for the past week which I THOUGHT was tomorrow.  It was today!  My calendar in my purse is a regular monthly calendar but my refrigerator one starts on Monday instead of Sunday.  I looked at my pocket calendar when I wrote it on my home calendar three months ago..... DAMN!!

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not a proud moment

Just needing to vent here.  My doc's office left me a text this morning asking me to confirm an appointment.  I have a scheduled pre-chemo educational session appointment for tomorrow, but the text was for the next day.  I called the office thinking they had just given me the wrong day.  I was shocked when they said it was correct and for my first chemo treatment!  No one had ever called and a chemo date was never mentioned at my post-op almost two weeks ago.   Very upset, I called the office again and demanded to know how they could schedule my first chemo treatment without notifying me.

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Lou Ann M
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CT Scan

i had my first CT Scan since starting on the,immunotherapy drug, Keytruda.  I won't get the official results until next Monday when I have my next infusion and doctors appointment with my oncologis.  Today when the radiologist,who reads my scan, came in to unhook my port access and said that all he saw was shrinkage and some was significant.  One spot may have remained tha same, but he had to go over the whole scan carefully.  This is so much better than I had ever hoped for.  Holy Cow!!!! This might actually be working.  I am indeed blessed and many prayers answered.

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Update about me and a question

I've now had 10 out of 28 external radiation treatments, and having no major problems so far (knock on wood). The technicians at my radiology center are so nice. At first I found the machine itself kind of scary, but am learning to think of it as my friend.

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Feeling alone as it gets toword the end of chemo. How did you handle it?

Hey, im getting closer to being done with chemo.  this thursday it will be done.  I am glad for that.  Im glad to know what the plan is for radiation.  I really am.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel more than i did before. I even had some really good days last week and felt more hope for the future.

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Here we go again... possible recurrence

I just got off the phone with my reg. gyno and am now nervously waiting for a response from my gyno-onco-surgeon. So I had low grade stage 1A endometrial cancer and everything was removed except for one ovary. I was 40 and opted to leave one behind. In the last 4-6 months, I've felt bloated at first but I thought I was just gaining weight. Then the bowel issues started to happen enough for me to want to get myself checked out.

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Cancer, the fun never ends

Well, I know this isn't about uterine cancer, but I must vent... My husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer yesterday. Yes, I know this isn't an uncommon occurrence and many have it with a long life, but of course his is an agressive type. Also, he has had very low psa numbers so that is not how it was found. My family has been punished enough. Cancers for both of us and a daughter who had kidney disease and a transplant. Ahhh!!

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Update on chemo treatments

I had a very hard time logging on . Just an update. Chemo treatments going well so far. I had to skip one due to platelets being to low. Just had 1 on Monday. Felling a little wiped out on this one. Drinking lots of water, protien shakes and healthy food. Hope everyone is doing well.


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