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Uterine Cancer

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I completed treatment in May (surgery, chemo, brachytherapy) for stage 1A uterine carcinosarcoma (MMMT) and papillary serous (they found both types). Was told I'm in remission (yay!). On both the pre-treatment and post-treatment CAT scans there were what was described as "low-density renal lesions" that couldn't be classified (there was also very small lesions on my liver and spleen; the one on my spleen had shrunk in the post-chemo scan--nothing was deemed to suggest spread). An ultrasound of my kidneys was recommended.

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1st Chemo

Yesterday was my first chemo infusion.  Port worked great still a little sore from it being put in Monday but it was only painful for a short second when the nurse put the needle in then taking it out.  My nurse was amazing.

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My Job

So i went and talked to the director of my work today.  Good thing i did becauce she was going to be out of the office the next couple of days and she had told me to contact her before the end of the month.  The bad news was that the gentleman just under her is the one that works with all the highering and he was not there today and so the director will see him tomarrow and talk to him but she said he couldnt get back to me until Friday because he was going to be out of the office too.  I wish he could have been there today because the director didnt know much about where they could put me

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Another radiation question

Has anyone had abdominal fluid retention after external radiation? I'm having symptoms a little like what I had after surgery.

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Dilator with internal radiation

i begin internal radiation tomorrow. I've been using the cool water cones I intermitently.   The nurse told me that they don't advise use of the dilators until 6-8 weeks after therapy although sex is okay (not really interested right now!). That seems different from from all of you have done. Did you use the dilator when in active therapy with internal radiation. 6-8 weeks seems like a long time to wait   I'm confused. 

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Path Report

Path report today, endometrial adenocarcinoma IIIC2 grade 3, the uterus and 2 lymph nodes but everything else including omentum and pelvic wash clean....starting chemo tomorrow but only one chemo drug will be used this first time then on Nov 15 adding Taxol....my dr was very pleased how I am healing after 2 weeks...so no surprises today which I prayed there wouldn't be.....my dr removed all visible signs of cancer during surgery and today I received another blessing from God!!!   Maryanne 

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Reoccurrence of UPSC

Hi Ladies:

  I have some bad news to mention.  I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of UPSC (I initially had stage 1 in February of 2011 so it is over 5 years).  My CA level has been 134 since mid August so I had a Cat Scan done the end of August and I had a Pet Scan done on October 12th and that is where the cancer has shown up. The cancer is found on my spleen and in my pelvic area it is a small spot.  I am going for blood work tomorrow and an ascites test on Wed morning then I go back and see my oncologist next week.  I found out today that my cancer has returned.

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wondering if Hearing loss has been an issue with Carbo

After Chemo #1, experienced long, long list of issues. One was numb (like novacaine wearing off) teeth, achy left ear and throat. I still have a slightly achy ear so I decided to visit an audiologist before next chemo to get a baseline hearing test so I can monitor any problem or progression problem with my hearing. i am hoping it dissipates before next chemo but will be watching closely. Apparently, Cisplatin is the greatest offender but Carboplatin may also cause high pitch hearing loss, was wondering if anyone had this issue.

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Update on Hip Pain.

Went to PT this morning and the therapist told me she wasn't sure she should tell me what the MRI of my left hip that I had done last Wed. shows but she did anyway. She says the MRI shows a tear in the gleteus medius muscle (muscle on the outside of the hip) where it attaches to the greater thochanter (lateral hip bone) and as a result some bursitis in the trochantic bursa.

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need some motivation

Need some motivation.  I was really excited the other day about being done with chemo and really i still am.   Today is the day i would have been sick and i am so glad i am not doing that.  I am going with a friend today that i havent hung out with much because i wasnt feeling good.  I did do one thing with her during chemo treatments towards the beginning.  It will be nice to get out.  Yesterday i lost my motivation to do my exersize stretches mostly because i have to call my work next week probably Monday or Tuesday and let them know what i am doing.  I have to go back in a couple of week


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