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Uterine Cancer

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Will the paranoia ever go away?

New to the group so please forgive me if this sounds crazy....

I am on my 2nd cancer (1st was Thyroid no treatment needed after surgery and 2nd Uterine again no treatment needed after surgery)....Will my life ever be "normal" again? 

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It's Back

Hi Ladies,

Not posted for a while, busy burying my head in the sand. Had call friday night to say cancer active.

So had surgery 8 months ago, 2nd line chemo finished in March.

Now what?

Feeling very low


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What to tell loved ones about our condition

I had a major revelation this week related to what I do and do not discuss with my family about my situation. The background: Fifteen years ago, we learned through surgery that my mom's colon cancer had recurred and was so extensive that the surgeon had not even tried to remove it all. She was still groggy and in recovery when he talked to her; it turned out that she either did not understand or did not remember what he said about her prognosis.

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Life hacks for living with cancer

For scalp pain and peripheral neuropathy:

I'm about a week and a half out from my 2nd chemo treatment. My hair had been coming out quickly and then stopped coming out just before the 2nd chemo, leaving me with about half a head of hair. In the past few days my scalp has started tingling/burning again. Neuropathy in my feet has also been a little worse than last time and the neuropathy has started to spread to my hands. Sometimes the burning on the soles of my feet keep me awake at night.

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didnt get support from dad

So my next chemo treatment is next tuesday.  I went out to dinner with my family tonight and my dad asked me if i felt bettter than i did 20 years ago when i had cancr.  I really wanted to speak the truth and told him i thought that i just feel like i just traded side effects. I think he was hoping i would say yes to his question.  I dont think that would be the truth though.  I couldnt stand the dizzyiness i got this last chemo and am still feeling joint pain that is not fun.  Yes i deal with the stuff.  What else am i going to to do with it.  I honestly cant say that it is easier  than 20

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Da Vinci Surgery

Hi ladies,

I have a friend, who has been diagnosed with uterine or endometrial cancer, not sure which.  The doctors say she is stage I because the tumor is contained within the uterus and the muscles of the uterus.  She is sceduled to have robotic surgery for a hysterectomy in a couple of weeks.  My question is, since the incisions are small, can they remove her uterus without cutting it up?  Is this method of hysterectomy common in cases where uterine or endometrial cancer is present?  Thanks.  I appreciate your input.

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Forgive me, especially Molimoli's family

I have been off the Board for a while, not because I no longer care, but because I do care and feel deeply the terrible losses we survivors have faced, especially on this Board. You know, I saw it coming- Moli only posting once after her surgery and then SILENCE. And then more silence and more silence.  I just couldn't accept losing yet another extraordinary, beautiful woman on this Board. So I shut down and focused on other things in my life, even though all of you and our beloved Moli were on my mind and in my heart daily.

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Pretty Happy

Have now met with a new member of my team, my cardiologist.  He is wonderful.  Pretty lucky, I am.  Do have a small hole in heart but that is congenital.  They could fix it if it becomes a problem.  (I have no symptoms but fatigue and is that from chemo, external exray or brachy.. no telling)  Not sure about the afib.  I had ekg, echo gram last Feb and A-OK.  Been in hospital 4 times with continual ekg, had ekg during each chemo yet at no time did Afib show up.  There is nothing going on now.  When I was at 166 I converted with one shot of the magic juice and it didn't come back.

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One Year Ago Today...

This is my 1st year anniversary of my hysterectomy. What a fast year!

Now, do I count this as 1 year cancer free? Or does that clock start post chemo? Since I am stage 1A I think I can safely say 1 year cancer free as of today. That means only one more year of every 3 month check ups. Woo Hoo!   :-)

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ER doctor said "might be cancer"....

I'm 35, and over the course of several months I have been dealing with constipation, bad menstrual pain, and diarrhea. 6 months ago I got an ultrasound, and they said the ovarian cyst looked normal.


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