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Uterine Cancer

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Lou Ann M
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Has anyone else had this happen to them?  This was infusion day for me and I had  labs, doctor's visit and my infusion. And all went well.  All done... the nurse deaccessed my port, complete with the smelly stuff that is supposed to Close up the port.  she put a bandaids on it and I left.  As I was walking down the hall I felt a warm trickle running down my chest between the girls.  I had bled through the bandaide, on to my bra and through my shirt.  I went back and found my nurse, who grabbed gause and put pressure on it.

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disordered proliferative endometrium w/ metaplastic change

Had my post op visit today following D&C on 2-14-17. Last week I had spoken w/ the nurse midwife on the phone and she indicated that the results showed something, and that the doctor would discuss what my next options would be. When I asked if there were any further tests she said no, it would be surgical. I then told her that the doctor and I had spoken of a hysterectomy possibility and I was fine w/ that.

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Janae update

Hi, just wanted to let every one know how things are going.   I feel like my neropathy in my fingers is a little better.  Its not all gone but i dont seem to notice it as much.  MY toes are a little better too but not as much as my fingers.  My toes bothered me the most before.  I notice the neropathy in my toes the most while i am wearing shoes for a long time.  My joint pain is still with me and feel it the most after I get off work and after Isit down to to rest.  I can feel it alot when I have to get up again.  Over all things are good.  I still think about if my cancer has come back on

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Another Method of Hyperthermia

During my research I found a number of different ways that heat is being investigated to treat cancer.  This link was one of the more interesting.


Download the video file on the site for an easy-to-understand explanation.  It's fascinating.

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Still Good News on Reoccurrence of UPSC

Hi Ladies:

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Search people in my situation


I have endometrial cancer for a year.Right away, the doctors said that it is a stage 4 because it is metastasized on the peritoneum.

After chemotherapy( 6 rounds cisplatine /doxoburine/endoxan), the surgeon tried to operate me but too difficult. Carcinose péritonéal is in my diaphragm and intestin.

Currently I still have chemotherapy, carbo/taxol.

I did 3 times this chemotherapy and Friday I passed a scan to see if it is good. I have my appointment with the oncologist on March 6 for the result. I am very afraid.

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How do you care for a bald head?

I started losing my hair 15 days after my first treatment of taxol/carbo so had it shaved down to nubs lol . I had my 2nd treatment and 15 days after it most of my hair has come out, except for patches in the back. I have small red bumps and my Dr. prescribed mupirocin, which seems to be helping. I am using Johnson baby shampoo when I do wash it. I wondered when it all comes out (assuming it finally will), is there anything to put on it to keep it from getting too dry?

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rethinking cancer center/Taussig Institute @ Cleveland Clinic

I am in counseling w/ a social worker at a satellite branch of Cleveland Clinic.. This began while I was in treatment at the main campus for "pelvic floor dyfunction" physical therapy. I was first seen by a urologist there.

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NED dancing with someone else... but not me

So months later, those suspicious areas that were there in October are still there, along with a few more.  Everything is still very small and contained within the lymph nodes. Apparently, the lymph nodes are still not enlarged, but the two that showed hypermetabolic activity in October are showing more hypermetabolic activity with slightly higher SUV readings.  The good news is that there are no masses anywhere, and the abdomen and pelvic area are still clear. And I am still asymptomatic.

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Waiting for biopsy

I am 47 years old and waiting to have a endometrial biopsy (D&C with myosure).  I went three months last summer with no period, thought I was beginning perimenopause.  I saw a gyn at the time but my hormone levels were all normal with no explanation.  Once my periods returned, they were heavy and much longer than I had ever experienced.  I have been bleeding profusely now since Christmas with only a few days of relief.  I also pass very large clots.  Any activity makes this bleeding worse.  Hormone levels still normal.  Had a us showing my endometrium at 16 cm thick.  I have a biopsy sc


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