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Esophageal Cancer

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FolFox Chemo Treat

My husband was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  He has an 11 centimeter tumor at the base of his esophagus.  Some lymh nodes are involved but no organs.  Today we learned he should start FolFox chemo treatments next week - 2 days of chemo every other week.  He may also have the Her2 protein which the oncologist indicated was positive becasue there is a drug which targets this protein and can reduce the size of the tumor.  At this point no radiation or surgery is involved.  They want to start chemo and re-evaluate after a 3 month period.  My husband wants to work - our "nurse navigato

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Got diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Age 30, otherwise perfect health

Oh man.

Was having heartburn for ~3 months before doing an endoscopy. They found a mass, stage III esophogial cancer, not spread to any organs, but in probably 5-7 lymph nodes. Starting chemo+radiation next week, followed by surgery. Surgery is the goal, although 1-2 lymph nodes seem to be in dangeorus spots.

Needless to say, this is devastating to my family and myself. I'm not a drinker, never smoked, been athlete all my life. Otherwise perfect health. 4 days ago, bloodwork came in perfect.

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Recommendations for Kaiser Permanente Oncologist in Northern CA?

My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. His oncologist told him he has 2 options which are radiation oncology and infusion therapy. His oncologist did not even give him a patient information sheet or anything. He did not seem very caring and it was very difficult to understand what he was saying. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Oncologist? We are working on getting medicare set up. Considering going outside of Kaiser. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.

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CRAIG~Your Tragedy can have a happy ending~Hope, resilience & determination will serve U well~Keep looking UP!

(Note:  This letter is in reply to "CSacerdote" - http://csn.cancer.org/node/298089 - Problems following Surgery")

My Dear Craig,

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Throat Cancer

My husband has had seven weeks of radiation and seven chemo treatments for throat cancer.  His last treatment was one month ago.  Does anyone know how long it takes for the throat and mouth to heal?  He had terrible mouth sores and has two areas that are just not healing.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Sleeping upright and waking up flat

Stage 3 esophageal cancer survivor. I have an adjustable bed that i use to sleep at a 30 degree angle, when i wake up in the morning,  im flat, bed is still at 30 degrees,   Has anyone found a way to prevent this. 

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Pamelaann5543-Info 4 your Son-in-Law's Stage IV Esophageal Cancer DX

Dear Pamela Ann,

For the sake of keeping up with your future posts and questions, I’m taking the liberty of putting my answer on a separate topic line, so we can keep up with you should you have more questions.  It helps when “newbies” post on a new topic forum here, so we can follow your story under your original post.  So with that in mind, your first letter of inquiry was listed here - http://csn.cancer.org/node/302026

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SSD denied



Lee H
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Dx and operation

I am scheduled for lapro esophagectomy on July 13. Looking for info on what to expect. Male age 66.  Not overweight.  Taking all esophagus out, using part of stomach for new esophagus, taking out 20 lymph nodes and inserting J-tube.   Have talked to Dr three times with questions and am comfortable. Just wondering what I face after surgery from someone who has gone thru it.   Time in OR, recovery, hosp stay, infection, complications, things like that.  Not that my case is like yours but things in general and tips you learned.  Pain?   

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Dr. Kemp Kernstine

Has anyone heard of or used Dr. Kemp Kernstine at UT Southewestern for surgery? If not, do you know of any really good surgeons in the Dallas area?



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