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Esophageal Cancer

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Choosing a doc/hospital

Hello - My dad has just been diagnosed with esophageal adnocarcinoma with at least one node involved. He's pet scanning today. I am trying to figure out who are the rock star docs for EC. I see anecdotal stories of good experiences at Mayo and MD Anderson and Sloane... But how do you choose where? We live closest to Wash DC where Georgtown U and Hopkins have good reputations. But are they the very most cutting edge? Docs there are involvd in clinical trials, widely published, seem to be cutting edge...But are they the best we can do?

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Mom with esophageal cancer

 Hi everyone,

              My mom who is 72 was diagnosed with esophageal cancer stage 3 maybe 4 with lymph node involvement, in February.  A pet scan revealed a spot on her lung but one Dr. Felt it might be scar tissue. The surgeon won't do the surgery because of her age. My question is is has anyone her age had the surgery and gotten through it? She just finished 5 weeks of chemo-radiation treatment.  Can that be enough for a cure?


Thanks for any insight you may have,


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Suggestions needed

My cousin is 58 years old. A year ago he was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. He had surgery but 1 year later he's down 80lbs and is basically starving. He's had a balloon put in his throat to stretch his esophagus 4 times but now he has stomach cancer as well. He can only eat tiny amounts but when it hits his stomach, he's in great pain. The doctors are about to put him back on a feeding tube. Does anyone have any suggestions for what he can eat and how to help with the stomach pain? Thank you!

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HELP - Continuous nausea/vomiting after Ivor Lewis method esophagogastrectomy

My father had an esophagogastrectomy 7 weeks ago and has suffered with 24/7 nausea and daily vomiting. We have tried many different medications, peppermint oil, reflexology and have an appointment for accupuncture this week.  Has anyone else suffered the same outcome and if so, how have you coped? The cancer was sucessfullyremoved and he has no other complications.

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Newly Diagnosed here

Just found out last Tuesday, April 12th. Still don't know stage or many other details. Had a stint placed in so I could swallow better but still not able to eat very much. 

Had CT scan in the hospital and also have some nodules in my lungs. Having PET scan next week which I guess will tell more.

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Adjustable bed

Hello, my name is Bob. I am very new at this, so please be patient if this issue was already spoken about. I just went through all my chemo and radiation treatments and finally the surgery (Feb.18th, 2016) at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Ma. I have tried the wedge pillows and the udner the knee wedge pillows, all with little to no help (keep sliding down). I was wondering if anyone who has Medicare and Medex, it they know if this insurance will cover the cost of an adjustble bed.

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No April Fool's Joke-APRIL IS ESOPHAGEAL CANCER MONTH here in Virginia~petition your governor & request the same 4 your state

Did you realize that APRIL has been declared ESOPHAGEAL CANCER MONTH?  The color is PERIWINKLE blue.   

In years past, many of us have petitioned the governors of our respective states and requested that the month of April be recognized in their particular state.  Several years ago now, my state of Virginia began honoring my request.  I asked again this year as well.  Last week I received a nice large certificate in the mail from our governor in VIRGINIA proclaiming April as the official month for Esophageal Cancer.  No matter your state, April is the designated month. 

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Newly Diagnosed

Hello everyone. I am a newly diagnosed Esophageal Adenocarcinoma recipient on March 14th 2016. I had some problems this time last year that landed me in the hospital for 3 days in which they did an upper GI endoscopy and took biopsies. My GI doctor told me I had an ulcer in my stomach and my esophagus was irritated. And self diagnosed with being Lactose Intolerant. Biopsy came back negative. I was put on protonix and sent home. Now up to date. Again I was having severe pains in my chest in my breastbone. It felt like someone was wrenching my stomach in knots.

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Has anyone NOT had an Esophagectomy after Chemo and radiation?

I had the cancer removed and have completed my radiation and chemo. I am scheduled for another PET scan next week. Every bit of internet research leads me to the Esophagectomy so I'm just wondering is this surgery the only option? I will see the surgeon again after the PET scan but I don't think there is a surgeon in the world that will ever tell someone not to have surgery.  

If anyone knows of a case or of any alternatives, please let me know. 


Thank you!!

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Side effects from Esphagectomy

My cousin had an Esphagectomy a year ago. His pancreas are not producing enough sugar, and a pint of liquid was removed from the pleura layer of the lungs. Anyone who has these symptoms and can offer some ideas for help would be appreciated.


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