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Long-Term Effects of Treatment

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Maintenance Tx for indolent, NHL

I completed induction Tx for indolent, NHL 3B, in December, 2015. My last scan, a month ago, was clean. The suggested maintenance Tx following induction was continuing with Rituxan only, 1 X every 2 months. But I had to quit, after 2 Tx, because the fatigue, mostly, was life-changing, epic-class.

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Who decides???

Last week I was having a bad day. I found this site and thought it would be good for me to have some people to interact with. People that are going through the same things I am going through. The same day My dad called me I told him I had considered assisted suicide, he hung up and I have not heard back from him. Then I came back on here to see if I had any response to my post. It appears it was flagged so I want to say thank you who ever decided my post was not worthy here.

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Scar tissue from Neuroblastoma

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Raditation Enteritis - So now I have a REALLY grumpy gut

Hi Everyone -

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Radiation and Pelvic Radiation Disease

This is a dear friend of mine.  She is beautiful and smart and found out that Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD) is real and not yet really recognized here in the U.S.  All her research took her across the pond and I think it is worth sharing this piece with anyone who is looking for information.


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Long term effects of 5fu and levamisole for colon cancer

   Hi I have just passsed the end of year 18 of survival from stage3c colon cancer into six nodes. A cancer that I was assured by my surgeon would get me within three years, too many nodes and frightfully aggressive. I survived surgery and 48 weekly hits off 5 flourouricil enhanced every fortnight with a drug called levamisole. I asked at the time of chemo ,what happens if I get lonf term side effects. I was told that any long term side effects would be dealt with as they arose. They have not been. I had 216 tablets of levamisole in 1998.

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Permanent nephrostomy tubes due to radiation damage

New to this site.  I am desperate for answers!!!!! According to the doctors patients like me don't exist and basically have been doing my own medical care (awareness) since.  My damage started two months after treatment had an emergency colostomy then two months later my bladder startEd to pass huge blood clots so they went in and sprayed something which damaged my bladder and ended up with bilateral nephrostomy tubes of course I was told this was all temporary and now two years later is obviously permanent.

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Radiation on neck

hello, I was wondering for those of you who have had radiation on their neck how long did it take for your taste buds to come back after 6weeks of radiation was complete? Also, how long until you were able to handle ****y food again? Please tell me the age you were during your treatment also. 

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Head and neck radiation side effects

Hi my name is Justin and I am 30 years old. I was diagnosed with stage 1 nasopharyngeal carcinoma in August 2015. I completed 35 treatments of radiation therapy and 3 cisplatum chemotherapy treatments. My last day of these treatments was October 22nd. 
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