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Brain Cancer

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Stage 3/4 GBM

 I just wanted to make a quick trip post to introduce myself to everybody here, my name is Jason Rowley and I just had a 4 cm x 4 cm right frontal GBM states 304 glioma removed    I'm as I go through these initial stages of grief and why in the hell what the hell happened I just wanted to seek some advice from people on what I should be doing I'm thinking about trying to do  this hit me pretty hard and my concentrative cocnobility.

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Hi! I'm new here and want to introduce myself.

Hello!  My dear friend was diagnosed with inoperable grade 4 GBM in May.  She had no other symptoms other than confusion one weekend.  She started her 6th and final week of daily radiation and chemo today, and is looking forward to returning to a new normal in her life.  With the addition of Dexamethazone the confusion quickly subsided and she has not been nauseaus with her treatment - only fatigued.  Currently she is unable to drive or work, but she hopes after her scan next month she will be able to return to both.

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After cancer

Doctors discovered a massive brain tumor on my sisters frontal right lobe in 2012. She was immeadiatly admitted into the Neuro ICU and operated on the next day. She then spent 10 weeks at MD Anderson recieving chemo and radiation every day. She was only given 3 years to live and miracously the tunor completely disappeared. But now almost 4 years later the affects of her cancer are worse than ever. She basicly has a mind of a slow 10 year old. We expected some loss in cognitive abilities but it seems to be getting worse and worse.

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PNET Cancer

Very recently a family member has been diagnosed with PNET cancer which has spread to his spine. He is in his 30's (certainly not a child, and not typical of this particular form of cancer). I am wondering if anyone else in here has had any experiences?

My family is understandably a lot freaked out as anything online indicates low survival and ill prognosis following surgeries and radiation/chemo. It would be nice to connect with somebody that has lived this.

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Brain Tumour

Here in the UK my wife had a brain tumour in 2009 removed and in 2013 she was recommended to have radiotherapy  which has scared the brain, this has left her with a very heavy  left leg and foot. Can anybody tell me if they have experienced the same and if so what medication have you used to ease  the problem.

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Mary from NJ
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Glioblastoma diagnosis - 58 year old male

I have seen some forum topics here on Glioblastoma, but am searching for the most recent information available. A family member was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma (58 year old male), had surgery and has now started on chemo and radiation.  Doctors are expecting he will survive between 18 and 24 months.  Knowing this is a very aggressive form of cancer, I am searching for successful treatments folks have received within the past year or so.

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Adult Brain Stem Glioma C71.9

Diagnosis, ​I started noticing the first symptoms back in December 2015 but since they presented themselves at different times and were so random I never though anything of it. On April 13th, 2016 I had already started experiencing double vision and I brought it up to my optometrist’s attention on my regular yearly check-up.  She did all the tests she could possibly think of and found nothing wrong, so she referred me to the Neuro Ophthalmologist who after doing an extensive physical examination found nothing wrong so decided to send me for a battery of test and a brain MRI.

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Migraines after craniectomy olgo stage II

I am an oligodendroglioma grade II survivor, 88% was removed in 2011, the 12% that remains is inoperable. It was and is a right frontal lobe tumor. I was diagnosed @ 27, and am now only 32 and still have a lot to live for.  My oncologist doesn't want to do chemo or radiation, until it shows signs of regrowth. Tuesday is my 5th year cancer free. However since the surgery I have had daily migraines and horrible headaches. there isn't any form of medication I have not tried. I have a little bit of left side weakness and become unbalanced easily.

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Parent of young man with GBM

MY son was diagnosed with GBM in March 2016.  He had been misdiagnosed as Bipolar and none of the psychiatrists ever did a brain scan when I asked.  We are very isolated as I just moved to the CA desert for a job in JAN.  My son was in a PhD program, got his masters in Economics a year ago and has just finished his first course of radiation/chemo (although his bio markers are not thought to be responsive to Temodar he is taking it).

He will be seeing Dr. Kong at the Chao Cancer Center at UC Irvine next week in anticipation of getting treatment with the Optune Cap.

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Austin - Emotional and psychological weight of astrocytoma

I was recently diagnosed with an astrocytoma in my right temporal lobe, pressing against my spinal cord. Rather than wait and let the fear cripple me, I opted for a fast-track treatment path. 

I had had a craniotomy last week and the surgeon was able to remove about 90% of the tumor. What remains is categorized as a grade 3 astrocytoma, so we're following up with radiation in the next couple of weeks to last about 6 weeks. Chemo may follow radiation depending on the extensive genetics test results and MRI/CT scans during the course of radiation. 


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