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Brain Cancer

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Hello my journey is just beginning.

from my right frontal lobe. I am 1 week away from starting my treatments of 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherap. I am really  nervous about the chemo part of the treatment  Your still in a fog at least I was when this whole snow ball started rolling.  So let me tell you the whole story from the beginning .  I am a 47-year-old mother of two married going on 22 years to the world's most supporting husband.

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6 Brain Surgeries

I have been diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma about six years ago. Even though the tumor is benign it has been extremely aggressive. In six years I have had six brain surgeries plus one month of radiation about two years ago. This past July was my last surgery and it was the worst one. My eye was completely shut for a month. And when it opened up I was cross eyed and still am. The doctors say they have never seen a case like mine where the tumor keeps growing even after radiation. My next step is chemotherapy if I chose to do it.

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GBM - WHO Grade IV, patient needs your help!

On June'15 my brother was been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour (GBM IV). The tumour's location is on the left frontal lope, it was about 7 cms. big. Later on there was a resection surgery done, followed by 1 month of radiation therapy & 1 year of chemotherapy (TMZ). At present he has finished his chemotherapy, and has been put under monitoring.  The latest MRI shows no sign of the tumour, its completely wiped off. Is there any therapy or treatment to avoid a reoccurrence ?  Anything to maintain the  current progress ?

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Can I have a brain tumor? 1.5 y since last CT.

Hi everyone. 1.5 years ago I had a head CT, with contrast. The study did not show any changes in the brain. A few weeks ago I had a severe attack of pain, which continues today, with varying intensity. A few days ago I had another CT (without contrast), which also showed no change. Does this basis, we can eliminate the su****ion of a brain tumor? I will be very grateful for your response.

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Oligodendroglioma MRI Results

I had my latest MRI two weeks ago and the Doctor, a fellow and 3 residents reviewed my results and said there was no indication of any disease.  My hospital also sends out the MRI result report in their MyChart system.
When I looked at the report today it said there was a region that was "su****ious for recurrent disease" there was a slight increase compared to the 6 months prior but a more significant increase compared to a year ago from 5mm X 4mm to 7mm X 4mm in the nodular enhancing focus and a change in the T2 Flair intensity.
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Adult fight with DIPG


Just to add to discuss my sister age 22 is diagnosed with a dipg and i am not able to find the same case in previous three months , if any one is in the same fight please help and share

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Oligodendroglioma Research & Clinical Trials!!

Hello.  I was diagnosed in 2005 and for a year or two after, I followed and researched greatly...then put the cancer experience behind me.  In May I received an email from the NBTS about Oligo research!  I had never heard of    http://www.oligonation.org/   a GREAT resource for the oligo patient!  Has anyone else heard of them? Web site and FB page!  

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First symptoms of brain cancer

Hello all,

I am a new here. I am wondering what are the very first symptoms of

brain cancer. 

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Stage 3/4 GBM

 I just wanted to make a quick trip post to introduce myself to everybody here, my name is Jason Rowley and I just had a 4 cm x 4 cm right frontal GBM states 304 glioma removed    I'm as I go through these initial stages of grief and why in the hell what the hell happened I just wanted to seek some advice from people on what I should be doing I'm thinking about trying to do  this hit me pretty hard and my concentrative cocnobility.

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Hi! I'm new here and want to introduce myself.

Hello!  My dear friend was diagnosed with inoperable grade 4 GBM in May.  She had no other symptoms other than confusion one weekend.  She started her 6th and final week of daily radiation and chemo today, and is looking forward to returning to a new normal in her life.  With the addition of Dexamethazone the confusion quickly subsided and she has not been nauseaus with her treatment - only fatigued.  Currently she is unable to drive or work, but she hopes after her scan next month she will be able to return to both.


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