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Head and Neck Cancer

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Superthread (Read only) ~ contributed by Sweetblood22

Welcome new members! This is a read-only post that provides information about resources we, members of the head and neck cancer forum, found helpful as well as our answers to most frequently asked questions in our forum.

Please feel free to send Skiffin16 a private message (PM) if you have something you think should be included here.

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Updated December 10, 2016

All H&N members are welcome!


Roll Call is dedicated to the memory of HAWVET (JOHNNY) who’s curiosity to know and to share a little bit about members of the Head and Neck Form inspired him to start and run this thread (2008 thru 2014).  Thank You.


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Where is Hondo?


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Adnoid Cystic Carcinoma and side effects

Hi everyone! I am new here and looking for support. I was diagnosed of ACC in Feburary 2016 and had surgery to remove my leftside submandibular gland and some lymphe nodes. I was margin positive and the cancer was high grade. I went through 30 radiations (5x/week for 6 weeks) which ended in May 2016. I chose not to do chemo as I was told ACC does not respond to chemo well. I was on liquid and pureed food for almost 4 months. It took me 5+ months for my tongue to visually look better (the greenish scar disappeared).

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Numb chin and scared

hi,I am a 11year stage 3 tonsil survivor,things have been well until recently,firstly I developed a sore tongue which i had a biopsy for which came back as severe dysplasia(pre-cancerous cells)this is going to be removed by laser next week..But now I have developed a numb chin and lower lip!

I had a look on Google "numb chin" and it all coming back as a secondary cancer in the mandible (lower jaw bone)Really scared now,any other tonsil survivors who had radiotherapy had this problem!!

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Tube feeding supplies

Greetings Friends!

Last year around this time of year is when my hubby finally got off the feeding tube. We had tons of leftover Nutren and Osmolite with no takers here so someone recommended I contact the Oley Foundation (oley.org). The Foundation has an equipment and supply exchange that provides free supplies donated by members like myself. I was more than happy to get rid of 6 plus cases of Nutren for someone who really needed it. 

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I looked for help

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still have drainage lump feeling?

I have been clear for 16 months but still have a lump in my throat. I can take mucinex and it helps.Some times it is hard to swallow. This condition works on the mind mostly. Is their any ideas to help condition?Will it get better? Doc says just part of the side effects. Thanks John B


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3 years NED

Another one dropping in to say Hello!  Hubby is doing great!  We are truly blessed. 

Prayers to all.

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Last Chemo and Radiation tomorrow!!!

In what feels like a life time, my husband finishes treatment tomorrow!!  I hope he also gets his port out tomorrow after it is used for the  final time!

This discussion board has been so much help along the way.  Thanks to all and I'm sure I'll check back in when I have questions...I dread knowing that he will still be "cooking' for the final two weeks post treatment.  What a bummer!

Again, thanks to all,

Margi Greene

St. Charles, MO


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