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Head and Neck Cancer

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Superthread (Read only) ~ contributed by Sweetblood22

Welcome new members! This is a read-only post that provides information about resources we, members of the head and neck cancer forum, found helpful as well as our answers to most frequently asked questions in our forum.

Please feel free to send Skiffin16 a private message (PM) if you have something you think should be included here.

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Bone Pain

Checking in again! Good day CSN members. 

I'll be having my 1 year anniversary PET 3 days from now. A little bit nervous as I've been having random bone pains. But I try to keep my mind off it. 

Anyone else having same experience with bone pains? It comes and go. 

I guess I'll know the news in 3 days and will keep you'all posted.

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Getting nervous

Have an appointment with my old ENT guy on Monday, having some problems that need to be addressed. Over the past three or four weeks have had on and off sore throat, also ear was giving me some pain, last Tuesday I was in the emergency room at my local hospital for heart palpitations, that cleared up and the doctor said it was caused by anxiety which I think is dead on. Next morning woke up to no voice, I have also had a little cough for the same period as the sore throat.

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Chemo and Cardiomyopathy

my husband has been cancer free for 3 years. He had tonsil cancer . He had a major heart attack 4 months after treatment. He recovered well. His ejection factor was 55%. Several months ago He has diagnosed with heart failure With ejection factor 35%. Doc is puzzled by this progression and is leaning toward chemo damage as the cause. Has anyone had heart issues after chemo and radiation?

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What tastes good? Bad?

Hello fellow warriors! I completed the normal 35 rads and 6 cisplatin chemo rounds. Treatments complete on November 16, 2016. The recovery is going well. I thought I would share a few foods that tasted good sooner and some that didn't. Some of the foods that don't taste good used to. So good: KFC original recipe dark meat, sausage, New England clam chowder, green tea, coffee, black cherry kool ade, green pepper soup, spaghetti.

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Surgical/Radiated Area

 Like most I have gone through a lot of changes since my treatment ended August 2016. However, now that I'm about four months out I am starting to notice odid "feelings" in the area of my surgery and radiation. I see an ENT  monthly, he actually performed the surgery. Thus far between physical exams and a scope as recent as today, nothing new to feel or see. No new imaging until May time frame. However, as the healing process continues, odd pains and feelings in the area of the surgery and the primary area of radiation seem to continue to pop up.

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3/2/17 will be 5 year NED for my mom-however....


For thos ewho do not know me, welcome. I am sorry you have to be here.

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Physical therapy for neck and swallow concerns

My husband finished 35 rads and 12 chemos over a 16 week timeframe for Squamous Cell Carcinoma stage 4-A  and it was HPV positive

Now that we're finished with treatment we're being sent to physical therapy to prevent Lymphodema and to show my husband how to do neck stretches so that he doesn't lose range of motion years out.

We're also being sent for a swallow study to monitor his ability to swallow. 

Has anyone else experienced these?


Margi Greene

St. Charles, MO

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Chicken Soup for the cancer patient

This is not about motivation, this is about actual chicken soup.  I was in considerable distress from no calories and having problems swallowing anything thicker than water.  One of the nurses suggested boiling a complete chicken, and then not separating the fat from the broth.

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Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma???

I'm the wife/caretaker of a wonderful man who was diagnosed with carcinoma in his face on June 28, 2016. To make a long story short, after his surgery on August 1, 2016, the cancer was finally diagnosed as Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma (MAC). His surgery involved a right orbital exenteration, partial maxilectomy, removal of some sinuses, removal of 40 lymph nodes in his neck, & biopsy of his right parotid gland. There was lots of perineural invasion, but the cancer had not invaded the bone.


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