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Gynecological Cancers (other than ovarian and uterine)

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Cervical Cancer survivor, dealing with side effects from surgery and radiation

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Aug 16, on Aug 26 I a radical hysterectomy.  Since that day I have add problems with my bladder and have not had the urge to pee and have very little control of my bladder.  My surgeon said that it would take several months to heal. After my PET scan on Jan 24th, cancer free!, my oncologist said the area of my bladder looks like a "war zone" ( his word).  I do have numbness in the area of the fold of my leg, has not improved since surgery.  I'm going to a urologist this week to see if anything can be done.

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side effects?

What casues more of the side effects? Radiation(last radiation for my SIL was in December) or Chemo(last chemo was in January)??


She has cervical cancer with mets to the bladder, possibly kidneys, liver and lymph nodes. She had to have stints put in to urinate as her bladder is blocked with cancer. Can't tell if it's scar tissue or cancer in the bile ducts as well. She is in constant pain, her brain is foggy, she is always sleepy and has stabbing pains in her back and abdomin. She also is very constipated. That's causing pain as well.


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Utérin cancer stage4. Metastasis peritoneum

Hello everybody 

My name is sandrine i am french. 

I have endometrial cancer stage4 with metastasis in peritoneum. 

Surgery is not possible because the tumor was very large.

I have chemo. In first cisplatine, adriamycine and endoxan and now carboplatine and taxotere. 

The doctor said that now the goal is to stabilize the cancer but I am afraid.

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Private Message Spam

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New to board.

Back in late Sept I had a total hysterectomy. We knew my cervix had cancer cells but was not sure about the uterus. When they removed my uterus they determined it was cancerous and also removed the lymph nodes.  

On my follow up, my pap smear came back abnormal. Upon further examination the doctor found some lesions that he will be removing on Friday.  There is a possibly that he may also have to remove part of my vagina, depending on what he finds.


Has anyone had this type of surgery/procedure? What could/should I expect?   


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Clitoridectomy advice please.

Hi guys. I'm new here. 

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Worried I may have cervical or uterine cancer

I went into my doctor  after months of pelvic pain and my periods being so messed up my bleeding is out of control some months I bleed for 13 days very heavy and then the next month I don't have a period or I'm just bleeding all the time. And the pain is unbearable and it's in the middle not on the sides on my abdomen. I had an ultrasound  today and haven't got the results yet. I have also lost a lot of weight recently for no reason at all. I'm scared my aunt is fighting for her life her second round draft of cancer.

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Cervical Cancer Survivors Needed!!


I have a dear friend that is battling stage 4 cervical cancer for the third time and it has just spread.  She is young and vibrant and an all around amazing human being.  She hasn't left the hospital in over a month and is feeling down and losing hope.  Are there any Survivors on here in the Los Angeles area that would be willing to pay her a visit and give her some encouragement?  Or does anyone know of any local organizations to look into that would visit her?  Thank you so much in advance!!!

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Worried about cervical cancer

Hi everyone. I wanted to ask a few questions about cervical cancer. I'm 28 and I've never had a pap smear. I honestly never realized how important they are and that cervical cancer is from hpv that everyone contracts so I always put the gynecologist off because I never had a reason to go. I booked an appt for the 21st. I've worked myself up into a sweat thinking that because I've never had one, I must have cancer. I've never been super sexually active. I always wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. I had a few oral sex partners from 17 until 23.


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