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Gynecological Cancers (other than ovarian and uterine)

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Were these your cervical cancer symptoms as well?

Hi everyone,

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UPSC Questions

My Mother was diagnosed with stage 4b on May 18th...she is now receiving hospice services at home....does anyone know the course of this disease?  I am concerned about the amount of blood she is losing and the large clots she is passing...I spoke to the hospice nurse and she said it was typical...anyone going through this that can add a little insight?

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Uterine Lieomyosarcoma

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Post radiation blood clot and rectal bleeding prevent treatment.

Last year my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage ll-lll. She went through radiation therapy course without a problem (no surgery). A few months ago she got a post radiation side affect as a rectal bleeding and a month after she got a blood clot in her leg. She was taking blood thinners for a month which made her bleed even more. She had to stop. Now the cancer went into her lymph nodes and shutting down her right kidney. The doctor said he can't radiate her lymph nodes or do chemotherapy b/c of the blood clot. It seems like she has no choice but to die.

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Is there anyonewhose has intense RAD on their VULVA My side affects after 12 RAD 7 wks ago Entire vaginal is swollen Both sides ova Vulva skin is hard and bumpy Bottom of tush both sides also swollen LEAKAGE FROM MY RECTUM Doc says its all due to RAD wants to up my pain mere which I don't think is the answer IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO PLEASE ANY IDEAS IM DESPERATE IVE BEEN ON DIFFERENT DISCUSSION BOARDS NO ONE HAS ANSWERED

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Carcinosarcoma Stage 4 (Spread to the lungs, lump in urethra)

Hi everyone,

My mum was told she had fibroids in the womb two years ago, and she had total abdominal hysterectomy (removed womb, fillopian tubes and both overies) on 15/03/16. We were relieved and she was fine. after 6 weeks, she had a follow up appointment was was told the fiobroids from the womb were cancerous! On the same day, we found she had a lump in her urethra of which, a biopsy was taken.

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Cervical ca HELP my spinning head. Does my ureter mean it's really back?

i have NOT posted my entire story, which began with breast in 2011, because every time I have come here it is in such a state of distress that I can barely formulate a thought. 


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Worried...Two doctors two very different answers and I am getting scared

I am 48 years old when I was 24 I had a total hysterectomy I had one ovary removed during an emergency surgery (age 21) during my C-section the ovary ruptured and I nearly bled to death so it was removed. a couple of years later I had 3 different surgeries to remove endometriosis, it was everywhere inside me ovary, kidneys, stomach, liver, everywhere! That didn’t get rid of it and at 24 it became so bad that I almost bleed to death in my doctor’s office while he was on the phone with my insurance company trying to get them to approve the surgery.

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Hi, new to this board with cervical cancer

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last week but have since been told that it is not uterine cancer but cervical cancer so I thought it best to check in here to see what information I can learn from you all.  (The ladies on the uterine board are just lovely and have been so supportive!)

My stats:  Stage 1B1 cervical tumor 3.3 cm (not into cervical wall yet), 41 yo mom with two young kids and husband

Likely lymph node involvement so going for a lymph node biopsy today to confirm.

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Stage 2B Squamous Cell Cervical Cancer


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