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Thyroid Cancer

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This can help.

Help I have a cancer.com

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Papillary Thyroid cancer

Have recently had Lung Biopsy of nodule and was told I have papillary thyroid cancer. However after I have had the 2 nodules on thyroid biopsied and they are benign. Really confused on what direction to go? Surgeon not sure he wants to remove a part or all of thyroid. Anyone been through this ?

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Thyroid cancer

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Possible Hurthle cell cancer - terrified

Hello everyone.


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Has anyone gone through radiation treatment who was in the age of their 20s?

Hello, I'm a 22 (f) with medullary thyroid cancer. I went through radiation treatment on my neck for 6 weeks, I just finished 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how soon will my taste come back and when will I be able to handle spicy food again. I've heard that the younger you are the better you do with side effects, so that what's why I'm asking for someone around my age how it was for them? 

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nodules found

Hi all,

Hoping for a little reassurance here. I was diagnosed with a goiter about 8 years ago. A few years after that they noticed that there was some growth so they did a biopsy and all was fine. A couple years later I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer and all was forgotten about the thyroid until this week. I went for an ultrasound and the doctor's office called to say that there were 3 nodules that were enlarged and I needed to go for a biopsy.

Just because of my history, I have to admit I am a little worried and just want to know if this is common with goiters?

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TSH and Free T4 increases

Had thyroidectomy in Oct 2014.  My tsh and free t4 increased.  My tsh is at 1.170 and free t4 is at 1.48.  What does that mean?  Does it mean just need to increase my synthroid meds?  Thank you.

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Worried for outpatient exposure to children

I had my thyroid removed and lympnodes and so on and surgery hardly left a scar, loved the surgean. Now edroconologist has been horrible in returning calls and giving me information, had to switch doctor, but  I'm so upset and tired of fighting with doctor's and insurance blaming each other, I was told from the beginning that due to having small children at home I would be an inpatient but she was a new doctor to Sharp healthcare decided at the last minute that I could just figure out where to send my kids for a week she says?

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Planned Outage on 10/9

There will be a planned CSN outage on 10/9/15 from 5am-8am EST while the site undergoes some maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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The Strange Introduction from Colorectal Cancer

Hello All,

I wanted to post on the Thyroid thread as well... because... things just got weird. 

My dad is a Stage IV colon AND rectal cancer survivor (yes, he had two different types of cancer). Radiation destroyed both main tumors and he has some lingering spots in his lungs that aren't really doing anything. He had radiation about 20 months ago. 


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