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Thyroid Cancer

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wife and husband thyroid cancer

I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2007 and now my husband has been diagnosed in July of 2016 -- is there any connection?? has any one else had something similar??

thanks Deborah

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Chest Mass

My mom had thyroidectomy 2009. She developed a 13X10X7 Mass on the sternum. Says worrisome for malignancy. Has anybody ever seen anything like this? I was wondering if it had to do with thyroid. Drs are clueless. Next thing is biopsy.

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Hi everyone.

So I had thyroid cancer just over five years ago. Which the treatment included a total thyroidectomy and 2 rounds of high dosed RAI. One just after surgery and one a year later, as it was quite persistant. I was now told in April that my tg is no longer undetectable. And I'm just wondering if it is recurring what's my chances of it being RAI resistant at this point ?

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Change in numbers after 8 years

Hi, I was treated for thyroid cancer 8 years ago, had two surgeries, the 131 and everything.

I went to a new doctor, who said my numbers are changing, the cyst that is behind my artery in my neck which is inoperable, is the same size. Before is was vascular. So I was upset, scared and not expecting to hear this. A slew of tests are ordered, and maybe I will need the 131 again.

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thyroglobulin AB 276 iu/ml

this test is high when cancer is present? my daugther is 9 years in this test is high 

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Thyroid Cancer Reoccurrence

Has anybody had papillary thyroid cancer spread to chest?

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What can I expect post op? I have Thyroidectomy in 2 weeks & have no clue what to expect. I was in a bit of shock when I went to see surgeon & Had no idea what kinds of questions to ask. Any insight would be appreciated.Thank you,Kathy

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Post treatment feeling of impending mortality

Hi all,

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Pregnant with thyroid cancer

I'd love to hear any and all insight from anyone who has experienced thyroid cancer during pregnancy. 

Im currently 32 weeks pregnant and I was recently diagnosed with a follicular carcinoma. I have gotten insight from a friend who also had a FC, but she wasn't pregnant so I'm sure our experiences will differ. 


Thank you in advance! 

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Right Thyroid measures 4cm x1.3cm x1.5cm and left is 4.2cm x 1.2cm x 1.5cm. with a Benign-{ APPEARING }left neck lymph node present. Nurse says not to worry. Should I seek another opinion? I have difficulty swallowing at times and can feel pressure against my throat especially when I bend over.


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