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Thyroid Cancer

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Understanding bloodwork results

I am trying to understand bloodwork results.  Dr typed this sentence: the thyroglobulin antibodies are present, so the thyroglobulin is not predictive of recurrence.  What does this mean?

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Longtime Lung Metastases starting growing

Net-Net:  I am interested in hearing others' experience in treating lung metastases that are actively growing.

Background:  53 yo male

2003 (age 40) Diagnozed Thyca from visible growth in neck, TT an RAI (total Thyroidectomy and Radioactive Iodine treatment)

2010: Neck dissection for lymphectomy and RAI treatment; innumerable, very small lung nodes identified in CT scan

2013: Neck dissection for additional lymphectomy, lung nodules still small unchanged

2014: Neck dissection for additional lymphectomy, lung nodules still small but noticably larger

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Can't breathe or talk

 I had thyroid cancer too and had a full thyroid  removal and it spread into my lymph nodes in my neck I also had all the lymph nodes in the front removed which they missed three or four Lisa but was told that was back in 2010 about a year ago I started having problems talking  it was like someone standing on my throat I would go to see the words but they would not come out and at the same time it felt like someone was choking me to death I would just gas for air and could not speak no one can tell me what this is there's nothing like being choked to death over and over  I found that glass

New Zealand
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High Thyroglobulin no sign of cancer

Hi I have had my thyroid removed 2 lots of Radioactive Iodine 3 whole body scans 1 CAT scan and 1 PET scan no cancer found anywhere but my throyglobulin is still sitting at 8 anyone else got the same thing going on?

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Radition Iodine Treatment

I am going to have Radiation Iodine Treatment. I am married and have a 5 month old son and a 4 year old

son. I cannot be around the children after I have the treatment. I was wondering if anyone has come across this

issue. I can stay with family member but was wondering if there was any other options for me out there. I will be

isolated in a room for a week to two weeks.  Any information on radiation iodine therapy would be helpful. I have

thyroid cancer that went to the lymph nodes.

Thank you


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Total Thyroidectomy or Lobectomy?


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scared TT on dec13

so afraid of what life will be ,minus a thyroid.also waiting to see if and what kind of cancer it is.dr.sais looks like hurthel follicular. my mom and brother had cancer.they didnt make it both died of a glioblastoma multiforme.

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focal calcification

hi there all. just wondering what focal calcifications to the right thyroid lobe means. i know what the calcification part is but what do they mean by focal 

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Cancer recurrence in throat after Thyroid Cancer

Has anybody had throat cancer after having thyroid cancer?  I am 2 years out from total thyroid removal and cancer treatment, but am having trouble swallowing, lump in throat, and sore throat.  This in addition to losing 1 of my vocal chords and sense of taste and smell.  I'd appreciate input from anyone else dealing with this.

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What is life like after a thyroidectomy?

I am 17 years old and am getting a thyroidectomy next month and I am very nervous. I've read and heard a lot of horror stories about life after a thyroidectomy and am wondering how it made anyone else feel? Also, I asked my surgeon about my voice and if it will be affected at all and he told me it will be raspy for a while and he also said that singing won't be easy anymore. Is anybody having difficulty with their voice even a while since getting the surgery?


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