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Testicular Cancer

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Long Term Effects of Radiation

I had surgery and underwent radiation for testicular cancer about 30 years ago when I was 25. In the last few years, I've experienced urinary problems such as frequent and sometimes a suddenly urgent need to urinate. I have also had issues with weak stream and difficulty starting to pee.  These are all signs of an enlarged prostate, but I have been checked repeatedly and my prostate is normal and so is my PSA.  My doctor thought that the radiation may have left scar tissue that may be interfering with my bladder function.  Has anyone else experienced these issues? 

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Chemo's impact on the brain

I am 61 years old married male and a 10 year cancer survivor. They found I had testicular cancer at the age of 50. It took the doctors a while to find it but eventually they did but the cancer had grown into my kidneys and up into my chest. A plan was put together to go thru the chemo treatments to kill this bug I had. We understood some of the impact the chemo treatment would have on me (possible loss of hearing, ringing in the ear, static in the ear, loss of strength and body tone, etc...) but we never talked about the impact chemo would have on the brain.

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25 yo Husband.. 5 days down 16 to go!

my husband says he feels off after 5 straight days of chemo in the first round for TC. he's been very quick to cry. heartburn. nauseous and vomiting last night. I believe it could be depression or low testosterone. has anyone had anything similar or have any suggestions of how we can survive these next few days before his next appt? 

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RPLND Experiences

Hi All, my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer (mixed germ cell tumor seminomatous and embyonal carcinoma components) in March. He had an orchiectomy and then received 4 cycles of BEP chemo to take care of what spread into his neck, chest, back and abdomen. He wrapped chemo at the beginning of June and got his scans completed a few days later. The scans show he is all clear in is neck, chest, and back but they see some lymph nodes remaining in the abdomen area near his kidneys. Our oncologist felt that my husband would need the RPLND surgery and referred us to Dr.

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LDH level at 933

I finally convinced my BF to go the drs for oversized testicles, the dr ordered right away an ultrasound and sent him off to the urologist,. this all happened within the last 2-3 weeks. He is suppose to have a catscan next week to check if it has spread.

LDH level is 933
GCH: dr. said it was slightly elevated by 2 points.
His blood work is all within range, liver function test normal.
All other test are coming out normal, but the LDH is alarming to me. The urologist is to remove the testicles in about week.

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Mom needs advice

I probably should have put this in the caregiver thread but I feel like I need advice that is more specific. So if I am in the wrong place, please let me know. On his 18th birthday my son was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer. They were positive in attitude about the treatment and his recovering fully. However, as all you know, it is still quite a shock. My son went through such and enormous amount of emotional changes (angry, sad, depressed, wondering why deseving of it, does God hate him, etc). Our family all understood.

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cart before the horse?

Hello, I'm new to this board, but not to this web site, I'm a two time cancer survior. This site has always proven to have insight so I'm hoping someone can help us. My Brother in law just had surgery to remove an enlarged testicle. The biopsy came back postive for cancer. What confuses us is that the urologist wants to do major surgery to remove lypmnodes. He has not refered my brother in law to an oncolgist nor has he scheduled a PET scan. He has not staged the cancer yet either which I find odd. All his bloodword, Ct scans and chest xrays before his surgery came back normal.

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