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Stomach Cancer

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just found out i have stomach cancer

I edited this never had a response and after thinking about it didnt need a response lol

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HELP - Continuous nausea/vomiting after Ivor Lewis method esophagogastrectomy

My father had an esophagogastrectomy 7 weeks ago and has suffered with 24/7 nausea and daily vomiting. We have tried many different medications, peppermint oil, reflexology and have an appointment for accupuncture this week.  Has anyone else suffered the same outcome and if so, how have you coped?

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Need Information, please

I just found out a nephew has stomach cancer, he's had it for a year and told no one!  He was extremely healthy before the cancer, but I cannot tell which stage he would be and he would not say himself.  I am not going to push anyone, I respect him, but he is young, only 29 and I want to be as supportive as possible.  What I read about him online, he has been in ICU because of breathing problems and is on many types of pills and inhalers.  Can anyone tell me which stage he would be...ICU and inhalers...seems rather advanced to me.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you. 

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My 74 year old father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer,

My 74 year old father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer on Easter 2016.

He had been a very healthy man up to 2 months ago.  Doctors performed a catscan and found fluid in his stomach and decided to test him further for Cancer and on Easter they confirmed. He was also diagnosed with Malignant Acites.

His doctor wants to start chemo on 4/15/16, should he do it.

He is so weak and hardly eats that we are concerned the chemo will kill him.

Any information and opinion is greatly appreciated.




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Laparoscopic Surgery for Cancer of Cardia

My dad (76 years old) was recently diagnosed with cancer on Cardia (adenocarcinoma).  The tumor is pretty big (4-5 cm) and invaded all layer of stomach, and is classified as T4N1Mx.  

My dad is currently under chemo to see if the tumor can be shrunk and see if surgery is possible.

I am wondering if Laparoscopic Surgery is possible in this case.

Thank you!




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New Here - Stage 4/ Colonectomy

Hi, I am the significant other/ caregiver of someone with stage 4 gastric cancer. The cancer was discovered after an emergency surgery to a ruptured colon that was caused by two cancerous growths. My partner has had his entire large intestine removed and has finished his first chemo treatment. I am looking for helpful suggestions on how we can manage a number of things: nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, what foods were more palatable than others, how to stay hydrated, anxiety.

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Hot Chemo treatment please help

First time I have heard of this.Just been diagnosed and this treatment has been mentioned.Any advice would be appriatted please.I am very scared.

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high grade neuroendocrine carcinoma of the stomach

My 33 old husband has been diagnosed with NEC in stomach with mets to liver. As per the biopsy, ki67 index of stomach is less than 10% while the index for the liver is up to 40% (high grade). He cannot have a surgery because it's too invasive.

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New to stomach cancer board but not new to breast Cancer boards.Please help

I have been told when they do surgery on my stomach to remove tumors .If they see Cancer they will put Chemo in my stomach right then.Has anyone had this before.And do you take Chemo afterwords.Do you lose your hair?I had Chemo when I had Breast Cancer.Thank you for any answers I get back.God bless.

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Chemo in stomach

2016-02-05 I have been told I have tumors in my stomach.when they do surgery if it's cancer.they will put chemo inside of my stomach.Is anyone went through this.Does Chemo make you sick like other chemo.Do I take more chemo afterwords.And do you loss your hair?Thanks everyone.


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