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Chest Sarcoma

Has anyone had a soft tissue sarcoma in sternum?

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Recently diagnosed with GIST and MALTS Lymphoma

I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of two different types.  Looking to talk to others with initial issues?  I just started Gleevec and would like to know what others have experienced.  I'm still in the scared stage.

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pleomorphic liposarcoma

Hi., im ROGER from philippines.. my Dad was diagnosed with PLEOMORPHIC LIPOSARCOMA last 3 weeks ago, and now the oncologist told us., that the cancer cell, spread in yhr lungs., so, he suggest the best way to treat my dad ia through chemo. however, he added that he is not certain for the assurance of chemo. but he is hoping.. So. im calling people who may read this., please allow me to recieve feedbacks if we are experiencing the same trauma with this case.. alsuedirgn@gmail.



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metastatic retroperitoneal liposarcoma


I hope you are doing well, I need your guide.

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Sarcomatoid features on Clear Cell Renal Cancer

My son-in-law just had a radical nephrectomy for a 13 cm tumor that took his left kidney.  The pathology says 60% sarcomatoid features with extensive necrosis.  I am wondering if anyone in this sarcoma forum has had any experience with this?


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Low Grade Fibromyoxiod Sarcomas - Lungs

Hi all - I live in the UK and have recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, a Low Grade Fibromyoxiod Sarcoma on my lungs.

Does anyone else on here have this type of cancer, or experience/knowledge of it? I'm keen to hear what other people have been offered in terms of treatment?

Thanks in advance

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Leiomyosarcoma - choosing hospital and doctor in Toronto, Canada

My sister was diagnosed with uternine leiomyosarcoma. She lives in Toronto Canada. She is in shock and unable to figure things out. Could you help me?

1) Which hospital would you recommend? Mount Sinai or Sunnybrook hospital.

2) She had surgery to remove fibroid and the biopsy came back with leiomyosarcoma. She didnt have a ctscan yet.. What would be next steps? She hasnt been seen by oncologist yet.

3) What does OHIP insurance cover and what it doesnt cover? 

Thank you. appreciate your help.

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possible liposarcoma 6inches above right ankle

Hi all, I just had a lump on lower right leg mri with contrast and it showed small mass 2cm with main blood supply and possible vascularities so oncologist is going to cut it out.  I am a little nervous they said it was going into the muscle and im not sure if i will be able to walk again or drive which is fine if they get the cancer liposarcoma is suspected. im just scared all about it, has anyone had experience with this in the ankle region 6 inches above.

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Spindle Cell Sarcoma of the kidney


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Help with cancer patient giving up

My 51 year old brother was diagnosed in july 2015 with sarcoma.  Multiple tumors throughout his body.  Just seemed to happen out of thin air.  Took two different rounds of chemo treatments, with unfavorable results.  Chemo did not work at all.  Had an appt. yesterday to get the results of his scans, and his dr.


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