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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Hodgkin's lymphoma menstral help

hello, I'm 22 and have been going threw chemo treatments for this lymphoma. And this month I have not had a period. I am regular and I didn't know if the chemo is the reason why i have not had one. Could someone please help and ease my mind??

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UTI and cognitive difficulties

Dad got a UTI that landed him in the hospital for a few weeks. Now we are at a rehab center as he recovers.

They keep re-evaluating for his cognitive function. He gets really frustrated at them for this. This frustration is not normal for Dad. 


Today the therapists that was evaluating him said that she is concerned with his cognitive function. That UTI infection can do harm to the brain and it can be permanent. She would not go into detail because she wants to try to work with him again later when he is not so agvergated. 

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Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Of Tonsil

My husband had tonsillectomy last month due to a large growth. Tumor and tonsil were sent to pathology. The report stated that the tumor is 80% Diffuse Large B cell lymphoma and 20% Follicular lymphoma. We were then referred to oncology at Dalton Massey Cancer Center in Richmond VA with the understanding that CHEMO would be started after tests.  Several test were done. Yesterday he had his follow up with oncology as we anticipated R-CHOP preparation. However, the PET and BONE MARROW showed no sign of any tumors or cancer in marrow.

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J tube leaking

My dad has a PEG and a J tube. The PEG leaks a little but the J tube leaks so much that they had to rig up a wound pouch to keep it off his skin and attach a urine bag to it to collect the drainage.

Several surgens, wound specialist, doctors, etc have tried to get it to stop. And they have failed.


The drainage has created a tunnel just under the skin that has reopened a healed surgical scar that is now seeping out this drainage.

Has anyone else experienced this? Was there anything they could do to get it to stop?

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Mary from NJ
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Bruise easily during treatment period?

Just curious if anyone showed signs of easily bruising during treatment?  My doctor says it is not a side effect of the medicine, but I do not think it is a coincidence.

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Well, had the PET scan and it showed no activity where the tumors were, and no tumors were seen. I am happy for these results but i still have that fear in the back of my mind which i think we all do, but i am going to run with it and enjoy it, i am leaving in 2 weeks for Massachusettes to go fishing! I was not able to go last summer as i was having treatments, so for as long as i am able to, i am going to keep going, i have a lot of catching up to do!!!



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survived 23 years got cancer again.

Hi twenty three years ago i was diagnosed with hodkins lymphoma stage 4.  I was in a car accidentent and when the techs xrayed my chest area my cancer was found.  What a miracle.  Any ways for twenty three years I got on with my life.  I did have trouble getting pregnant which my oncologist said I might.  I ended up adopting my two children who are now 10 and 13.  Four months ago i was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Two doctors have told me it was caused by the radiation given to me when i was treated  for hodgkins.  I guess I am here today to find out if there are others in my situation. 

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Keeping records

Looking for ideas or apps that will help me organize dad's medical records.

I write down everything but there is just so much to remember and learn.  Doctors asking me all kinds of questions and trying to figure out what page of notes I put that information on.  Tracking dad's meds so he does not miss anything. 

I am new to cancer and know little about it. So I am trying hard to teach myself everything I am being told, and to have at hand any important information I need for any reason. 

I am looking for suggestions or ideas. 


Margiein tucson
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Dose reductions in RCHOP regimine

Hello . New to site. 

Father has NHL diagnosed may 2016. 

Had RCHOP and got fever and hospitalized for 4 days .

had second chemo and had IV antibiotics in cancer center for 5 days . The doc reduced his dosage by 25-50%

Now he has his third RCHOP tomorrow and doc is reducing dose another 25%. 

 has anyone ever experienced this? this concerns us greatly . It doesn't feel right . My father is 79 and otherwise very very healthy .


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DLBC NHL, ABC type, 35% double hit

Hi Everyone, my mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 DLBC NHL ABC type (and 35% double hit expression). Her Dr started her on R-CHOP, but unfortunatley she wasn't responding like she should have been. She is in severe pain all the time which is sometimes adequately managed with morphine, hydrocodone, and a fentanyl pain patch. She has several masses (the one on the spine is gone), large spleen with heavy disease, with no bone marrow involvment.


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