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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Do Rituxin + Bendamustine side effects intensify with treatments?

Hello -

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Can't remember how to send a message to a specific person (max )

To Max or anyone with Prostate Cancer knowledge:  I just posted on the Prostate Cancer Forum regarding my husband (Mac).  Wanted your take but couldn't remember how to send a private message to an individual on the forum.  Don't know how ofter you head over there, so though maybe you wouldn't mind checking it out? - From Paella

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Breastfeeding after low dose radiation for NHL

Hi there,

I had Stage 1 NHL in 2014 and had 6 rounds of RCHOP chemo and 15 doses of radiation for the tumor they found in lymph node on right side of breast.  Two years later at age 39, I'm 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy (which we were able to conceive naturally) and I'm concerned about not being able to produce milk from the treated breast. I was wondering if anyone has had similar treatment and their success with breastfeeding. I'm also happy to chat with anyone about trying to conceive.

Thanks and best wishes,


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Setback or par for the course

Well it was nice being home for a few days, but Tuesday evening I started running a fever.  Needless to say I'm inpatient again.  They allowed me to stay local instead of driving 90 minutes to the hospital where I had the transplant.  My transplant team is staying in close contact with my local oncologist which is nice.  So far all tests, cultures, etc. have come back negative.  This has really bummed me out.  I wanted to breeze through this with no setbacks.


aaron wheeler
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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Success Story

Hello fellow friends,


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Customer Service (?) at Doctor's Office

It may seem odd that I think of myself as a customer at the doctor's office but I do. The fact is this practice has earned thousands of dollars in revenue off my lymphoma. 

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Home today from SCT


I came home today! 

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SCT update, a quick hello and good wishes to all from Paella


Still haven’t adjusted to (nor totally accepted) the long duration of this SCT recovery.  Am simply taking it a day at a time and trying to accept reality for reality.  Other than bone-deep fatigue (which happens now maybe only 3 days per week) no problems with anything else.  Moving and exercising help emotionally AND in re-building my exceedingly deconditioned self.   


Been reading the “weak legs” thread…got those.  No Bendamustine vein problems (power port still in, Hickman out).  Glad Matthew caused no trouble for you, Max! 


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stay safe

Thinking about all of you in the path of Hurricane Matthew and hoping and praying that all of you will be safe and also hope you don't suffer any damage. 

Bill and Becky

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Awesome news

We decided to seek out a new doctor for my Dad.

The new oncologist ordered Dads first PET scan to see if the R-chop was working. Today we got the results. The two lymphoma cancers that Dad is fighting did not light up on the PET scan. The lymphoma is dead. He still has 3 more rounds of chemo to go through but it is working.

After that is done Dad will have to have surgery to remove the kidney cancer. 

I am so happy for my Dad. He is fighting so hard.



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