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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Stage IV classical hodgkins

Are there any survivors? my husband is 34 and is just starting ABVD. We would like to hear some stories that inspire  hope.

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Elevated ALT

hi all,

I'm currently in maintenance treatment for t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma and I'll wrap up in May. Today when I went to clinic for chemotherapy and bloood counts, my ALT was very elevated. My doctors did not even mention it, but I'm concerned because I've read it's elevated in people with blood cancers when the cancer is going to progress AND I have read it can be indicative of liver disease. Does anyone know anything?

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Survivor of lymphoma


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Hello everyone,

My names Calvin, I'm 23 years old, and I was diagnosed with Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma two weeks ago.

I've never posted on a forum before but I thought I might need some advice for the coming months.

In terms of staging, the PET Scan showed an enlarged node in my neck, chest (this is the largest at 3cm) and three small spots in my vertebrae. So I've been staged at 4B (I've had a few nights sweats).

I start my 6 months of ABVD this friday, so I just wanted to say hello and ask if anyone had any advice for the first day?


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More enlarged Lympnodes

My husband is fighting non hodgkins DLBCL stage 4 since August 2016.  He has had 8 cycles of R-EPOCH (Every 21 days for 5 days).  After the first 6 cycles of chemo, the first PET scan showed that the chemo was working. the lympnodes went from 10cm to 2cm.  He did the last 2 cycles, had a PET scan and now it is showing large lympnodes again just in the abdomen area.  We will have another biopsy to see if it is the lymphoma or another kind of cancer. He Has not yet been in remission. Has this ever happen to anyone and what was the outcome and treatment?

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New to this

I had two inguinal lymph nodes removed last week because there was a noticeable mass that appeared a few days before.   I am waiting for the results that I will get Wednesday.  I understand swelling after surgery.  But the incision site still looks like the mass is there.  It is hard and even visibly noticeable.  Is that normal?

I am confused.  The more I read, the more confused I get. 

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The latest

Well had a scan last week all is clear but, theres aways a but, i have now an auto immune disease called oral lichen planus, which is horrible ulceration of lips and inner mouth, tongue and cheeks, i have been dealing with this since end of Oct, i thought it was just a case of very chapped lips but it progressed in to the worst thing next to dealing with cancer i have ever experienced, doc said this is common for people who have comprimised immune systems, i cant eat very well, i have lost weight which that in itself isnt too bad, i could afford to lose a few lbs.

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High Proliferation rate and NHL

i would like to hear from anyone whose lab slide biopsy shows a high proliferation rate.

My node excision biopsy showed a proliferation rate of 70-80%.

I am particularly interested about your oncologists' feedback about your proliferation rate and also how you have done in treatment. Does your proliferation rate affect your prognosis in any way?


(NHL follicular)

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Paella, here, asking a big favor



Hello to all  –  


First of all and for all stem cell transplantees – keep on keeping on!  At 8 months post SCT, I’m doing really well…occasionally overdoing but feeling good and strong.  But husband Mac’s pancreatic cancer is something I’d like to bring up again even though this is the lymphoma forum.  Why?  Because we’re seriously entering the Second Opinion search and I think you all could be of help to a potentially amazing degree. 


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Maintenance Rituxan NHL

After initial treatment and during the every 2 month maintenance with Rituxan, are you receiving the same amount of Rituxan at the maintenance visits as you received during treatment? Are some of you receiving a smaller amount of Rituxan during maintenance and if so, how much?

i would really appreciate your input. I am receiving the same amount during maintenance as I received during treatment. (NHL follicular, treatment B-R).


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