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Lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin)

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Small B Cell Follicular

I am new to this site My name is Roxanne. Two years ago I was told I had cancer and my world changed drastically that day 

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Exhaustion/Muscle and Bone stiffness & pain.

I haven't been on this forum in maybe over a year...so hi everyone!

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My Dad again

Dad had his kidney removed on January 7th. As far as we know now he is cancer free. Both lymphoma cancers are dead and now the kidney cancer is gone.

3 days after getting the kidney removed he got very weak. I told the Doctors that he has a history of c-diff. They listened to me and started him on antibiotics before they had the results of his test. The test confirmed c-diff. 

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New here....but not to lymphoma - glad to have found y'all!

 I have just started a Rituxan maintenance once every 8 weeks for 2 years. I have great reservations about it - but it seemed to be the best course for me.

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What happens with the dead cancer cells after chemotherapy?

Hi All,

I was wondering what happens with the cancer cells that were killed by chemotherapy? How are they eliminated by the body, is that by the immune system? What is left after chemo from a tumor larger than 6 cm in diameter? Scar tissue? How long it takes to get rid of all this debris of dead cells? I suppose each body is different and it depends of the immune system which is compromised to begin with.

I would really appreciate if you could give any imput, I tried to find with dr. Google but not much comes up. I was thinking to ask my oncologist for my next appointment.

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Don't know where to start


I had my annual physical in May and my bloodwork showed a PSA of 2700.  I had what they thought was shingles in October and when they repeated the same bloodwork it showed my PSA at 4400.  I had more bloodwork in January and since it was still 4400 they did a prostate biopsy.  I get the results for that in 5 more days.

Anyway, when they thought I had shingles I mentioned a lump under my right arm but they thought it was related to that.  Turns out I didn't have shingles and after months have gone by the lump has gotten even larger, think kiwi.

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Husband with hodgkins


I am new to this discussion. My Husband was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma In October of 2016. Dr gave a good prognosis, and Lymphoma is curable, but that is down the road. Getting through the treatment is quite an experience.

He is approaching his 6th chemo treatment coming up on Jan 9,  2017. Regimen is set for 12 treatments..

I am at a crossroads, as I am trying to help him battle the chemo side effects, although feeling so helpless and scared at the same time, but trying to keep up a strong front.

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Maintenance decision Looking for Input.

Great news for the new year!  Had a PET Scan just prior to my 4th cycle, Rituxan/Benda.  Onc says there is no evidence of cancer and the mediastinal tumor has decreased significantly , as have all the other lymph nodes that were enlarged.  

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Supporting daughter with Hodgkins

Hi!  My name is Claire.  I've just joined this forum after reading a few of the posts.  This seems like a very caring, supportive group.

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Still itching after chemo.

hi my name is Al.  I was diagnosed with classic nodular sclerosis hodgkin. I finished chemo my scans were good and I going through radiation but I am still a little itchy..during the chemo it went away but as soon as we were done with chemo it started to resurface ...is this normal?   I read that for some patients it doesn't go away as fast if ever!  I also have bad psoriasis it seems..  just worried.   I don't know what to think anymore....the chemo and its list of side effects  is ridiculous..i don't what is going on worth my body anymore... 


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