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Skin Cancer

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Cancer advice

Ok. Im new on here . i am concerned. I have a dark spot lump /bump on my butt cheek and a whitish hard lump on my vulva. I dont want to gross you out. But its been there for at least 2 years. Im concerned now. They didnt grow or hurt or anything like that but wanted advice before i freak out and make dr appt and i get anxiety easily. Help me 

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Long lasting effects

Hi! so I was dx w MM 11/2014. Wide excision and SLM. Supposedly NED ... But I can hones say I have not been completely healthy since my diagnosis. 

Has anyone else experienced this? 


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Private Message Spam

Hello everyone,

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Mole changed during pregnancy??

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but I had a mole next to my belly button for as long as I can I remember. I never paid much attention to it till 5 years ago a doctor pointed out it was questionable looking since it was two different colors. It's a small mole so I never looked at it too hard. She asked if I've always had it and I said yes. She didn't do anything besides tell me to keep an eye on it if it changes. 

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MAC is not a computer!

Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma -- Is there anyone else out there who's been affected by this? Would love to chat!! 

My husband had major surgery to remove this from his face in 8/16. Followed by radiation, ultrasound mist, & now hyperbaric oxygen (due to exposed skull base bone not healing over yet.) Should we be concerned about his brain? He does have some mental changes, but maybe I'm just being paranoid?

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Disappearing squamous cell carcinoma metastatic

Hi all, im writing this because I am worried that I have CUP (cancer of unknown primary) except I know where the primary was? Sorry for the long story and this might sound stupid but is it possible for a squamous cell carcinoma to disappear then metastasize? I am sure that I had what I now believe to be bowens disease on my scrotum which I feel then turned into squamous cell carcinoma, had the characteristics itchy, bleeding now and again.

Terry T
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Squamous Cell Cancer on my finger by the nail...

...has anyone heard of that?? It seemed like a stubborn number of paper cuts on my dried skin but it never healed. Saw a dermotologist the other day and found out it is SCC - need to have a MOHS surgery soon. I am on the kidney board here as well ...glad I just got a new life insurance policy!

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Hi. New here. About a week ago, i popped what i thought was a blackhead on my back. It did bleed. However; it went from that to a red and black crusty spot that doesnt go away. I have history of sun poisoning and i Have laid in many tanning beds which i havent done since last year. Heres another story with that. One day when i got out of the tanning bed i notcied what looked  like a mole appear on my right upper breast. It went away but left a scar looking mark that wasnt even in the shape of the mole or whatever it was. Weird. That was anout a year ago.

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Subungal Cutaneous Melanoma

I've had 3 doctors tell me I have melanoma under my index finger but have not been able to find a doctor who will biopsy it. This has been growing for 2 years and my dermatologist kept blowing me off and saying it was 'nothing' or a 'fungus'.  The last time I saw him, he sent me to a hand surgeon who gasped and called in another doctor.  They don't do fingernails or cancer. They do ligaments and tendons so here I sit......  

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26 Year Old Female diagnosed with Melanoma

I was just diagnosed with Stage 1 Melanoma in my right lower eyelid. I am extremely upset and have always taken care of my skin. It's very scary being diagnosed so young. From what my dermatologist has told me, this is genetic. I have a couple questions for anyone who has or has dealt with Melanoma.  Support and encouragement would also be helpful too. Smile

-Has anyone had MOHs surgery on their face?


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