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Skin Cancer

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Help with Microscopic Diagnosis for Melanoma

Hi all,

New to this group. I just had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma. I have a microscopic diagnosis but some of it is just Greek to me. I will list the results below and perhaps someone can help me decipher: (Afraid when I went in, only had a nurse, that could only read what was on the diagnosis sheet, and not explain anything!)

All margins of resection free of tumor

Comment: The modified tumor stage is as follows: pT4a: Melanoma greater in thickness than 4.0mm in thickness with no ulceration. 

Melona Summary

Specimen Type

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Keytruda side effects?

I'm doing some research for my brother 40 year old brother who has Stage IV melanoma (metastisized to lymph and lung).  He is considering starting a cycle of Keytruda, and interested on personal stories of side effects.  He's done the research on lots of the "official" sites and met with his head oncologist at M.D. Anderson, but finds hearing from those who have gone through experiences very helpful as he makes decisions on treatment.  Any to share?  Thanks in advance! 

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My story - surprise

Four weeks ago my left leg and ankle swelled. I went to doc  and she thought it might be a blood clot so they did an ultrasound. They noticed the lymph nodes were swollen so I went for a  CT scan. That showed the same. Lymph nodes swollen and clustered in the groin on the left side. I met with the surgeon who thought it was lymphoma. Tuesday I had a lymph node removed and today I received the biopsy notice.  It is not lymphoma, it is metastatic melanoma. They don't know where the melanoma so I have an MRI, a pet scan, and a sigmoidoscopy and exam scheduled for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Scalp

Just found out from my dermatologist that I have SCC on my scalp.  The doctor wants to do a C & D which the nurse said can be done in office.  The lesion was less than .4 centimeters.  I have questions:

1) Should I get a 2nd opinion on my biopsy?

2) What is a C & D?

3) Will a C & D remove all the cancer or do I need to pursue other treatments as well?

Shocked and confused right now about the cancer diagnosis. 



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Nodular BCC /renal cell carcinoma cancer survivor/atypical breast tissue etc etc


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Perianal Invasive Squamosh Cell Carcinoma - Re-Excision or Chemo/Radiation Therapy

Hello Everyone, 

Today, I had my first appt with the Oncologist. My PET/CT scans came back clean. No cancer inside my body or lymph nodes.  What a blessing!! The Oncologist is suggesting chemo/radiation, because, the SCC is still at the margins. My tumor size was only a 4 mm, very small. I asked the Oncologist about having another surgery to take out the remainder of the SCC and, he said "No", because, the Surgeon would have to perform a colostomy. 

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Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Perianal Margin

Hello Everyone, 

I am so happy I have found this forum. Last Thursday, I was diagnosed with SCC in the anal margin, moderately differentiated. No HPV was found. The tumor size is a 4 mm in thickness. The suture tagged deep margin is negative for tumor involvement. I do have tumor cells present at the radial margin. The doctor took a biopsy, although, not knowing what the lesion was in the first place, did not realize to cut more in the surrounding area. My doctor performed a complete colonoscopy, no cancer found. 

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Treat Merkel Cell Carcinoma Stage IIIA

We are in Toronto Canada.My husband (55 years old) found a small lump (around 7mm) on his right calf in 2015 July. He went to family doc first time and didn't get any attention, then went to see doc again second time and was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said nothing to worry it is a cyst and referred him to a plastic surgeon.Finally in Sep 2015 the surgeon removed the lump and also said it is a cyst. On Oct 17 he got a call from the surgeon's office, said he's transferred to hospital and had appt made on Nov 17.

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Immune System Insulins

In 2015 I went through chemo treatment but had to temporary stop my treatment due to my immune system becoming very low at would place me in a life threaten status if I had continue with my chemo. 

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New SC DX/Neural Invasion?

Hello all, I am new to the ACS site discussion board and posted (incorrectly) in a years old discussion a few days ago. 
I rec'd the results of a biopsy 3 days ago - squamous cell carcinoma on my left leg.  They are scheduling me for Mohs surgery. I hope to hear Monday.

I had Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer in 2002, recurrence 2013.

I have also had melanoma in situ on my right leg.


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