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Liver Cancer

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RCC Mets to liver - Y90 Therasphere

My RCC mets to liver and lungs two years ago.  The Sutent has been controlling them until the past three months.  My lung tumors stayed the same but my liver have doubled in size.  I underwent Y90 Therasphere last Thursday and go for followup scans in February.  Had some bad side effects but feeling better after five days.


Has anyone undergone this?



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AFP levels

My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer in May 2016. He is currently being treated at Lahey Hospital in Boston Ma and has been evaluated through their transplant department. In September he had a chemo immobilization, since then his AFP levels have gone from 2,000 to 10,951 as of yesterday. He has had a bone scan and chest scan both were negative. His doctors are scheduling him for a repeat scan in the next few weeks. They say they have to watch him carefully and continue to scan until they can find the reason his AFP's are so elevated.

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Newly diagnosed HCC, surgical revision already done.

Wow-what a ride! First I had abnormal ALFP (already had Hep C) quickly followed by CT which found a mass and MRI confirmed HCC. Just two months since MRI and I've already had laparoscopic surgery to remove last week. Not a horrible recovery though I still need a little Percocet (almost out). Two questions:

1. Suggested f/u? Never saw an oncologist, just the hepatologic surgeons. I'm seeing my MD after New Year's for her input.

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HCC treatment at Georgetown hospital, DC.

If anyone has received treatment for HCC at the Georgetown hospital in DC can you please share your experience? My husband was diagnosed with HCC on 11/03/16. He saw a Surgeon at Georgetown hospital who after reviewing his MRI decided it was inoperable. He then sent him to a Radiology interventionist for TACE treatment. We met the Radiology Interventionist who said the tumors have covered the whole of the left part of his liver and entering the right. He also said it may actually be entering his lungs and so he is not eligible for the TACE treatment.

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Husband Diagnosed 12/06/2016

My husband was diagnosed just this week with HCC.  He's been seen at The James Cancer Center in Columbus Ohio.  He has one tumor in his liver that is about 2.2 cm.  The Oncologist we saw there has only offered him Nexavar as treatment, and told us to expect 6 months.  I am in desparate search of something more. We have an 11 year old son who needs his daddy around, and there has to be something more that can be done. Anyone with any experience, thoughts, ideas, please respond.  There are no limits I wouldn't go to in order to save him.

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Angiosarcoma of liver - please help! urgent!!

Hi all,

My friend has tumors on his liver which are quite big and one of them ruptured about two months ago. That was taken care of by embolization, but he was diagnosed with angiosarcoma of liver. He has also consulted Dr.Ravi at MD Anderson in Houston and he suggested chemotherapy for entire body. The oncologist in Dallas (where we are located) has said that he is wanting to just chemo the tumors on my friend's liver alone. But that treatment has been denied by Aetna.

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Liver Transplant

Hi. My husband has HCC. Fatty liver led to cirrhosis, which led to HCC.   He takes sorafenib and lactulose.  He has had 2 TACE treatments and will have another TACE later this month.  Fluid had to be drained before each TACE.  He has been on a liver transplant list for 11 months. Is anyone else on a list? If so, how long have you been waiting?  Has anyone already had a transplant? If so, how long did you wait and how are you doing?


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So my dad was diagnosed with Liver cancer in January 2016 and it was stage A (or maybe 1). It was the best case for liver cancer. It was about an inch in size I think. They told him he would probably need 3 chemo treatments to get rid of it. He also found out he had hepititus C. He ended up doing 1 chemo directly into the liver and no where else on his body. Now when he does the MIR scans it is completely gone. They had him do 5 sessions of radiation directly into the liver just to be on the safe side. They then gave him medicine to take care of the hep C and that is GONE too!

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Metastatic adenocarcinoma (liver mets)

Hello all - I had previously posted concerning liver mets from anal or colorectal origin.  Wondering if anyone who has had similar diagnosis with mets to liver could respond with their treatment options. Thank you.

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anyone on this site with Mets to liver?

Hello - I posted the last entry. Wondering if there is anyone who has been diagnosed with liver mets and could discuss their treatment.


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