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Liver Cancer

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Metastatic adenocarcinoma (liver mets)

Hello all - I had previously posted concerning liver mets from anal or colorectal origin.  Wondering if anyone who has had similar diagnosis with mets to liver could respond with their treatment options. Thank you.

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anyone on this site with Mets to liver?

Hello - I posted the last entry. Wondering if there is anyone who has been diagnosed with liver mets and could discuss their treatment.

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Metastatic liver cancer after colorectal cancer

Hello everyone - I'm new to this forum - a colorectal cancer survivor who has just been diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma - waiting for cancer appt.  Would anyone who has similar diagnosis, please respond as to what type of cancer treatment was offered.  Thanking you in advance for your response, and wishing all well.

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, Bavaria, where the ca

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What's normal after Chemo and Radio embolization?

I am a very healty 60 year old who somehow got hapatic liver cancer in my entire liver.  I had radioembolization in my right side a month ago and in 3 days will have chemoembolization in my left side.  I went to the ER last weekend because I suddenly had a lot of pain in my upper right side that I had never experienced before.  They sent me home with pain meds and said I had kidney stones.  I've have kidney stones for 6 years and they are so small that when I pass them, I can barely tell.  The pain got better in a few days and actually moved to my lower back.

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Ampullary Cancer - Keytruda

I was diagnosed with ampullary cancer in January 2015.  I was a candidate for Whipple surgery, which I had at Stanford, CA.  I had one lymph node that shows cancer but everything else was good.  I had adjuvant chemotherapy ( Gemzar) for 6 months.  After 4 months I had my first CT scan which showed tumors at head of pancreas and in liver.  Had liver biopsy which confirmed it was metastese from pancreatic cancer.  They sent my pathology to Foundaction One a genome company who assessed my mutations and if there was a targeted drug for this. No! And, even no clinical trials!

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Hepatosplenic Lymphoma


I am new to this site.  Just wondering if anyone else has this particular or similar kind of monkey on their back. 

Not trying to be funny but I suppose humour is good...or so I have been told.  Anyway my liver is spiking along with the rest of my bloodwork except my hemoglobins, yay.   

I do not even know how to post tis but I will give it a whirl



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My boyfriend has Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma... Need help please..

Hi all,

My boyfriend has Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, which he was diagnosed with about a week before we officially started dating (after he'd chased be for about a year).. So, I had to decide, knowing how hard this was going to be, if I should get myself involved in this or not. He's so worth it, so obviously, I chose yes.


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Want to know about "Cancer Fighting Strategies" site

i hoping someone can help me. My dad was today diagnosed with liver cancer. I am a wreck. I came across a website called Cancer Fighting Strategies and was wondering if anybody knows ANYTHING or has actually BEATEN cancer with all their protocols. Just trying to look for all and anything that will help my dad. I would so appreciate any advice. Thanks 

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Qustion About Liver Scan

Hello everyone,


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