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Kidney Cancer

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Day 7 on votrient, only side effects are fatigue

Is this to good to be true???? Just fatigue??? I'm not complaining, but seems strange from everything I have read. I called my oncologist and he said they may still come or I'm very lucky.   Luck? dont know what to think really .  Anyone else have little or no side effects.  

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Sutent and Rashes

I ma on Sutent 50 mg, 14 on and 7 off.  I have developed a nasty rash on the insides of my arms and thighs.  First thought it was jock itch but fungus cream caused a bad chemical/burn reaction.


Has anyone experienced this?

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Clear Margins?

I have a question that I forgot to ask the doctor yesterday when we found out my husband's pathology results.

There was one microscopic area where there were a few cells on the outer wall of the kidney in the fat, which makes it stage 3 automatically.  However, he said that he removed all of the fat along with the kidney and there were no other areas and there was a large clear margin.  There was nothing in any of the veins or anywhere else.  Do the clear margins even make much of a difference?  Is it really any less likely to recur? 


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New CSN pictures in Spotlight

Congrats to Jan4you and domma_lee for havind their pitures in the CSN spotlight after others including APny and myself were rotated out.




Dave S
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On Sutent , lost all taste

i am taking sunitinib (Sutent) and for the second time have lost all taste, sometimes a metal taste . I read on this forum that taking Lglutamine might help. I have been taking 5grams /day for 2 weeks to no avail. I'm not sure if the dosage is right or not. Anyone out there with this problem?

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Find Out the Pathology Report Results Tomorrow

Oh, the nerves are back in full force!! Not that they ever left.

I have been trying to keep busy.  First my son had the flu for a week and then my daughter for a week so that has filled the two week's time since my husband's surgery.  He is doing really well.  His biggest complaint by far was the gas.

I have said all along that this would be my biggest appointment as far as anxiety.  Of course, I have him having the worst case scenario.  I fear this trip even more than the one for his surgery.  Is that crazy?

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Aptos guy
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1 year since relapse diagnosed

Hello, I am new to the blog. In early Dec '05 I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, a 6.8cm tumor on my left kidney. I had a radical Nephectomy 10 days later. It was performed Laparoscpically. 5+ years of scans all fine. In March of 2016 (10+ years later) I asked my PCP about a lump on right flank that had recently started getting larger. A biopsy revealed RCC. More tests and 2 more tumors in my Pancreas. Biopsies confirmed RCC, all clear cell. Started on 800 mg Votrient in April of '16. After 1 month took me off as side effects were pretty extreme.

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Haven't seen Footstomper for a while. His profile says he was last active on 03MAR.

Have anybody heard anything, how is he doing?


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No side effects

So it's day 4 with votrient and still no side effects.  Is that normal?  I'm not complaining but it's just strange.  Does it take a while to get them?  Just curious, thank you all for listening to my questions.

Harry Stanton
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Swelling in neck/clavicle following radical nephrectomy

Hi everyone,

My stepmother recently had a radical nephrectomy to remove what the consultant originally believed to be a large tumour but contained to one kidney. Fairly sure it must have been at least a stage 3.

Following the surgery (4 weeks ago) my stepmother has had terrible pain in both her back and now her tummy, the painkillers haven't really helped and have made her bowel movements either fully constipated or diahorrea. Minimal sleep and lots of pain making her very weak and understandably my dad is very worried. 


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