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Kidney Cancer

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Anyone get genetic testing

Just wondering if anyone got tested? I am 56 and never thought about needing it till my 32 year old daughter had colonoscopy and had 2 medium pre cancerous serrated adenoma sessile polyps.  lynch syndrome is genetic syndrome that is hereditary for colon cancer and other cancers.. kidney cancer is one of the familiar hereditary cancers included in lynch syndrome along with uterine and few others.  if I understand there's a 50% chance of passing it to a child.

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Ct scan results it's back. Advice please

Hi everyone am a regular here but not a contributor my knowledge is limited But learning everyday. my diagnosis oct 2013 chromophobe rcc. 10cm t2 nxm0 I have had ct scans with contrast all NED till my last one today. The report as follow enlarged node at axilla confirm metastasis. Low volume slighlLoy enlarge nodes at medistinal& hillar area. All other area nothing to report .   i need advice surgery or else.  anyone had a surgery of the nodes above what was the surgery. Help please.  

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I was just wondering if you all still get pain on occasion? Nothing major but little pinches and stabs briefly here and there? I am ten months out from partial nephrectomy. I just had my CT and got the all clear a little over a month ago.

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Complex Renal Cyst...Questions

I had a CT w/ contrast preformed about six months ago, which showed what they called a complex renal cyst in the upper portion of what remains of my left kidney. It showed several septations and calcifications, and measured around 4.6 cm. I got a call from the nurse, following the CT, stating that my urologist wanted to schedule for a follow-up visit and ultrasound in one year (which leaves about 6 months to go). 

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New here; surgery on Tuesday


My husband (57yo) will be undergoing a radical nephrectomy of his right kidney this Tuesday.  This is all happening quite rapidly, and I would love any advice that you all could provide to help us prepare for the surgery.  After about 3 or 4 months of constant weight loss, lack of energy, sleeping all of the time, night sweats, and a cough, he finally agreed to go to the doctor.  Prior to this, he has always been very active and fit, running, lifting weights and in great physical shape. No smoking or drinking and no illness.  So much so, that he doesn't even have a doctor.

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What to give doctor and staff for Christmas?

My oncologist and her staff at the county hospital are GREAT!  They are so friendly and caring--I look forward to every visit.  Any ideas what I could/should give them for Christmas?

-- Bruce

Wendy St-O
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Collecting Duct Carcinoma

Hi there.  I wish I had properly learned how to use this network when my husband was sick.  He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in April 2015.  Stage IV.  It was very, very bad.  After his nephrectomy he was told "Oops.  We were wrong.  Its not kidney cancer, its actually Collecting Duct Carcinoma, which is worse."  At that moment in July he was told he could die within a month.  I spent the next several months researching and juicing and doing anything I could for this strong, brave man with whom I share three children.

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Fortunately, I am a -- "SQUIRREL!" -- easily distracted sort, on a good day.  Add a kidney mass, seven months, and -- well, I'm sure you get the idea, both from personal experience and from watching me run to and fro, wanting to know, "Are you SURE it was a squirrel?!" and "Where? WHERE?!"

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My first NED

I just wanted to share that my first set of scans turned out to be uneventful (my doctor called them pretty boring:).  I'll take boring over anything else!  They classify me as low risk so they are moving scans to every 6 months for the next three years.  Thanks for your continued support.





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Oncolgist has ordered a new CT....

I recently had my annual CT with & w/o contrast [ chest, pelvis, abdomen ] [ I'm at a little over 4 years from Stage 1/ Grade 1 - 5.0cm RCC ] in SEPT '16 and was given the all clear- NED. 
I then had a Coronary Calcium Heart CT [ no contrast ] in October '16, and there was a footnote:
** " 11x9 pericardial nodule may be related to band of scar/ atelectasis as compared to prior chest 09/08/16, this may be new. Further evaluation with a chest CT may be benficial. "

Oncolgist has ordered a new CT w/o contrast.  

** will w/o contrast be enough? 


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