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Kidney Cancer

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not diagnosed but undergoing testing

Hi everybody I am new to this forum and have a few questions.Since 2012 I have had some weird symptoms that no one can figure out(facial flushing,digestive problems,weight loss and gain,and generally feeling lousy)Have been checked for neuroendocrine tumors at Univ of Iowa,St Louis Univ and Barnes Jewish.In 2014 even went to Mayo to see if they could figure it out.I had 3 cts and abd ultrasound along with a few oscopies in 2012 ,ct in 2013,ct,abd mri,octreotide scan,some more oscopies in2014,ct without contrast,abd mri and a push enteroscopy in 2015 and pelvic mri this year.None of them sho

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I am now on sick leave for the rest of the school year as I have started radiation on Monday.  I am living in the Portland area and my wife is still in Eastern Oregon (that sucks) but my team is hoping the radiation will shrink the big tumor and the rest as well.  After three days the only problems so far is fatigue and a little nausea, when I eat I just want to throw up.   My radiation specialist says that this is not common and I might be getting a bug of some kind, other than that I feel fine.  I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day this weekend.


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May 2016 Update

Hello, All,

It occurs to me that my posting on the forum has quieted a bit over the past few months... a 6-month-old will do that to you!  But I figured I would let you all know how we are doing and also let you know about one big life change that will happen in a few weeks... 

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Recently Diagnosed

I am a 35 year old female, recently diagnosed with a 4cm fluid filled malignant mass on my left kidney. I am so emotional at this point to where i don't how to think and feel about this. I feel as though this is a death sentence for me and I just don't want to deal with it at all. The urologist stated I will have to have partial neph surgery by robotic laproscopy surgery. Disturbingly- she stated it is a possible chance the cancer cells can spread just by the nature of being "cancer." I have a 12 year old and a 2 year and I don't know how i'm going to begin to accept this........

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Help Understanding a CT Report

After getting a chest xray I was told I needed at CT of my abdomen due to the radiologist seeing a mass in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen. Did the CT with contrast and IV and what was found is possible aneurysm. Here is the radiologist impression There is an oval 3 cmm mass in the hilum of the left kidney. It has peripheral calcifications. It is contigous with the main left renal artery. There is a smaller more inferior accessory renal artery. There are multiple renal arteries on the right side. A 3 cm partially calcified mass in the hilum of the left kidney.

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Full Nephrectomy vs Partial Nephrectomy on a 1.3 cm tumor

Has anyone have any opinions on if having a full Nephrectomy vs a partial lessens the risk of recurrance of a non aggressive 1.3 cm tumor?  Also, have been told that the smaller the size of tumor, the risk of recurrance is even lower.

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My Mrs and research

Ive posted here before that Mrs Stomper Phd is a researcher in Viral oncology. At a meeting at the National Institute of health today they were dicussing my cancer. A fellow researcher asked her if she had read his paper in Science (a VERY well respected, peer reviewed publication. The study discovered that cancerous mice being treated with drugs like Optiva/Nivo (Checkpoint inhibitors) do significantly better if given live yoghurt containing the Bifidus bacterium. Most but not all live yoghurts contain Bifidus

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72 hours until partial nephrectomy

Hello everyone -

Seventy two hours and counting!  For those of you who've had the partial neph, please let me know if you have any suggestions for preparing or recovering.  I'd love to lose about 30 pounds and get in shape prior to the surgery, but that's not likely to happen.  They'll do the surgery robotically, which should have an easier recovery than the open option.  

In any event, if you've got any suggestions, I'm all ears.  I'm presently doing laundry and cleaning like the Queen is coming to visit.  I figure it needs to last a few weeks!!


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Partial Nephrectomy

while taking blood thinners, has anyone ever had to have this type of surgery?  What are the do's and dont's?  How did you prepare?

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1.3 cm non aggressive tumor


I have been told there is a 1.3 cm tumor on my right kidney 70% cancer or 30% benign.  I am opting for partial neph for piece of mind and to get on with my life.  Does anyone know the chances of reccurance? my doctor told me around 4%.  Those seem like pretty good odds.  




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