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Kidney Cancer

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The Problem with Family (Feeling Betrayed)

I was recently diagnosed with Renal Cancer, and I decided to keep things private. I only told my mom, my husband and my boss (I needed days off for testing and appointments) and my aunt Nancy (my mom needed someone to talk to) I swore them all to privacy. They agreed to maintain my privacy.

I also help take care of my grandpa. He's in his 90s and he needs a fair bit of help with day to day stuff. We have cameras in the house so we can be sure he's okay when he's with the aids the VA the provide and so my extended family can make sure he's safe.

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Radiation for Stage 4 renal tumors on spinal column

Someone on the renal cancer board suggested a new topic be posted because of interest in metatasis in Stage 4 to the spine. Husband had left kidney removed 8 1/2 years ago at Johns Hopkins, after which he had CT scans yearly all ok. In 2015 a radiologist "overlooked " the fact that a metastasis formed near the spinal column. In 2016 our dr. just ordered a sonogram, as he felt secure it was all ok. About a month ago beginning Feb.2017 husband went for a CT scan as he had back pain. They found a metatasis to the spine that was in the form of lump pressing on the spine on L1 and L2.

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Y90 Radioembolization update

I had my procedure done January 12 to hopefully kill the five tumors in my liver that were no longer responding to Sutent.

I just did scans on 2/15 and all five tumors were blacked out, dead.  Supposedly my tumors are gone in my liver after one month.  Radioactive isotope work up to 90 days so go back for more scans in Aprils


I still have tumors in my lungs but are under control still with sutent.  If this stops working I guess onto either Opdivo or Cabometryx.

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Consequences of long term drug therapy

I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed success with treatment of my stage 4 cancer.  I am so thankful for that.  Of course, who knows what the next scan will bring.  I know that, too.

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The Seventh Sneeze

I felt a sneeze coming last night so I grabbed my trusty folded towel, pressed it to my abdomen, and let it happen. It was only a little one, with no follow up.

Because sneezing is such a notable event I realised I had sneezed very few times since the surgery. My estimate was seven times.  I've also had very few unplanned coughs.

It would have been awful to have coughing and sneezing fits soon after the op.

I think I have been lucky in many ways.

I am too attached to that towel.


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Measurement on CT Scans

Do any of you know if there is only one measurement on the printed report of the CT scan if that is the largest measurement?  Or where does that number come from?

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Checking in

i still peek in once in a while to see how you are all doing. I can never thank you all enough for the support you gave to me and blkjak during his fight. I am happy to see some of you that I remember and hope you continue to kick ass! To all of you who are new, this  group is awesome and the support is second to none. 

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Just found out I have Kidney Cancer

I'm 31 years old and I just found out last Friday I have Kidney Cancer. I was in the hospital for over two weeks with  bronchitis and the Flu and they thought I had blood clots in my lungs and when doing the CT scan they seen something  on my kidneys. I just had my urologist appointment and my mass is 33 cm big as a golf ball if not a little bigger on my left Kidney. The good thing is it's sitting on the edge by my spine. My surgeon  stated I could keep half my Kidney. He could just cut it right down the middle.... I have my good days and bad days...

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Path report

My surgery was in October 2016 and i never bothered to read my own Path report. i just trusted my docs and did what they told me. As some of you know i had a run in a couple weeks ago with who i consider a terrible ONC. That led me here and you all all prompted me to get more knowledgeable and invested in my own healthcare and results.

Today I read my own Path report for the first time and i used a website (Pathologyoutlines.com) to help me read the report.

Neprectomy specimen measured 26.0 X 14.0 X 9.0 CM

Actual tumor 9.5 CM

Fuhrman Grade 3 of 4

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Have my first urologist appointment Monday have a3.8 cm nodule not a cyst.


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