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Kidney Cancer

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CT Scan Result show Enlarged Lymph Node

I can't tell if uncle Ned was here or not. It's like I left out milk and cookies for him and got up the next morning and there were some bites taken out of them, but he's nowhere to be seen. Not sure if it was uncle Ned that was here or that damn Ed (evidence of disease).

My scan summary noted a mediastinal lymph node that had enlarged from 8x6mm to 11x8mm since my last scan 3 months ago. Anybody have experience with lymph glands just suddenly getting bigger but it not meaning anything with regards to it being a met?

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I haven't been able to post. My apologies, but I just wanted to see if it would work. I've been trying for 2 days. Keep getting a "sorry" page with an error message to email to support.


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Truth or not

My cancer diagnosis wasn't actually a total surprise when I heard it.  I had an ultrasound done for kidney stones, then got called back for another. Callbacks are great when auditioning for a part, not necessarily great when folks are looking at your innards.  Ultrasound #2 was only on one side and higher than the first.  I asked the tech, the same one I'd seen before, if the order said what this one was focusing on, and she said, "Oh, I don't know. I think the first one was blurry or something." Did I just hear the buzzer? Probably.

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Surgery July 1st

hi friends!

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Radiation III

So the doctors are postponing IL2 for a week because they feel that the radiation left me a little to week.  The doctors feel one more week of rest might be beneficial since IL2 can be so harsh on the body. I think that it is a good idea but I was finally ready mentally for the IL2 on Monday but I can wait I guess.



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Surgery next week

Hi all,

First, I wanted to tank all of you for answering my questions. The info has been very helpful. Surgery is 6/29 and I'm getting pretty bervous. Today was our last day of school and tomorrow is my last day. I resigned  teaching position for now. I've had a hard year health wise and want to rest for awhile. 

I do have one question since you all have been through it. I'm curious how long you had to wait until the ok for libido fun was able to resume? Thanks again for all the info.


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Go to the doctor?

 Ok well I've been here before, last year I was worried I had kidney cancer due to microscopic blood in urine  bilateral flank pain and pain in the back and stomach. Well after seeing my doctor and getting a ultrasound he said everything is in working order. After being told that the flank pains and what not all seemed to go away except certain days I lift or sleep wrong ect. Fast forward to today.

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See ya's

Off camping for 4-5 days. My yearly biker camping event. Except this year I have to drive my truck. Ah, luxury accommodations. And we are expecting purr-fect weather. Beer, bands and bikes. More misbehaving in one weekend than most people experience in a life time. Can't wait. This party is on private property and anything goes unless it involves guns or fire. Not for the faint of heart. 200 acres of activities. 80 acres just for camping and in 48 hours tents are almost on top of each other.

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I'm off tomorrow to get a new hip. Which shows at least that the Oncologist seems to think I'll live long enough to make it worthwhile. :-)

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Son-in-law with sRCC

Hello everyone:

I thought I'd join the forum on behalf of my son-in-law who just had a total nephrectomy about two weeks ago to remove a 13 cm tumor that had taken his left kidney.  It seemed to the surgeon to be fully contained with no evidence of mets to nearby lymph nodes.

The pathology is T2b, N0, M0, grade 4, with 60% sarcomatoid features and extensive necrosis.


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