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It's 0530 and I hear a beautiful sound. It's my wife humming a song downstairs. Haven't heard that in a long time. Perhaps she feels better this morning. Nothing more soothing and beautiful than hearing my wifes soft, soothing voice. If she sees me, she will be embarassed. I will lay here a few more minutes and just listen.

I think God gives me (us) moments like this when times are hard.

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Mother is dying of Stage 4 bone and Breast cancer'

Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I need to find some help and support. My mother is on hospice and I am the main caregiver for her at home. I am living here in her home. Left my job to help her,because no one esle in the family could help full time.My mom wanted to come home. Do not have much support from other family members. It has been over 4months since my mother made to the choice to go on hospice. I am having a very hard time and beginning to feel very burned out.










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Cancer Diagnosis and a Toxic relationship.

 I have been a caregiver, going on @ 6 years. First, for my mother, who was an amazingly, appreciative woman. Then a few years later, for my boyfriend's father, for a very long five years He passed last year from complications from emphysema. In between those five years, things have been tough for the b.f. and I. I even moved to another room a last year, and when I broached the subject of trying to work things out and move back into our bedroom his reply was no.....no desire to even try. I was ok with it, but sad.

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The truth about Immunotherapy

Long story, but my husband has stage 4 Melanoma which had spread to the bottom of his right lung and a lymph node in the center of his chest. He was put on an immunotherapy drug called Keytruda in May of 2015. This is touted as a wonder drug, it's the one they gave to former President Jimmy Carter and he claims himself cured. And, I will say that after all this time my husband only has the nodule left on the lymph node in his chest, and it's shrinking. Good, right? It would be a success story EXCEPT for the fact that he almost died. Oh no, not from the cancer.

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Cancer Book Reccomendations and inspiration?

Hi everyone. Hoping that I can get some inspiration for some health book / cancer-related stories. I'm building a small collection for a friend who mentioned that she wants to read more about other people's stories. How they dealt with cancer and more importantly how they lived happy lives - kept active etc.... If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them below. If you could quickly post why you liked it as well that would be amazing. thanks so much! 

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Struggling with a new relationship and cancer

I am 46, in a same sex relationship with a woman who is almost 46. We have been dating about 11 months. 4 months ago she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and had a lumpectomy/sentinel node biopsy. Everything looks good on pathology and oncotyping and she has an excellent prognosis. She has been on tamoxifen for about 7 weeks and is almost done with radiation (she naively decided to start both at about the same time). Needless to say, that combination (along with the stress of the entire thing) has really wrecked her.

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Diets During Chemo and After.


We are new to this network and are looking for anyone who can advice us as to aspects related to diets or not for my wife. She was recently diagonosed (3 months back) with Carcinoma of Unknown primary with metastasis to the liver and spleen. 

Currently she has completed 3 rounds of chemo and her cancer seems to have regressed as per her last PET scan conducted a few days back. It's early days still with at least another 3+ cycles of Chemo to go and we are desperate for information regarding the right diet to follow.

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Grasping at Straws

So my mom was diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer in April. It had already spread to her lower spine and some surrounding bones. She is single and has ZERO savings so she came to live with me and my husband. 

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moms final months

It's hard to know where to begin. I want to vent about my personal life because I'm full of anger and resentment and so much frustration, but it pales in comparison to what my mom is facing. I'm 27, my mom 64, my grandma 84. We all live together and drive each other crazy. My mom was diagnosed 3 years ago with stage 3 ovarian cancer, and just this last week has been recommended hospice because no other treatment is an option. Doc said she had months to live. I was there at that appt. I hardly knew what to say all I said was I love you. 

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Angry Wife

There are 3 time frames in my life.

1. Prior to my wife being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Prior to any visits to a clinic, my wife for years was an angry person.  She slept in the basement (and
the kids and I slept upstairs on the 2nd floor).  She was angry, depressed, cold, moody, violent, extremely lazy
and constantly made false accusations against me to anyone who would listen. I was preparing to divorce
her but then...

2. Diagnosed with cancer, HER-2 positive and chemotherapy


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