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Emotional Support

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Just got to get it off my chest

 My husband seems to be weaker and weaker, not as bad as it could be, and will be but for him it is hard to not be able to do the things he once did. It s very hard for me. I have started having anxiety attacks sometime swhen I start talking about him top someone. I try to keep my real feelings from him, I act like today is just another day. Sometime I think he thinks I dont reall ybelieve what is going to happen to us, like he is ok he'll get over this sort of thing.

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Am I selfish?

Hi, my 48yo husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer over 2 years ago. We've been married for 6 years and we have a 6 yo daughter. I moved here to the US from Europe 5 years ago. I have no family here. 

So far my husband was taking chemo really well- the only side effect was really fatigue. But usually 3-4 days after chemo he would be back to "normal'. He's the only provider for our family and never stopped working full time ( his company is really supportive). I recently started working but only few hours a week.

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How do I stop my brother from canceling his vacation

 I got diagnosed with cancer. (chronic leukemia)
I told my mother not to tell anyone but she told my older brother (he's in college, I'm a couple years younger.)
He seems really upset, devastated, he was crying and he never cries.
Why is he so upset?
I feel terrible, I don't want to upset him.

Now he wants to cancel his plans to go to Cancun for spring break with his friends just to be with me!
Why would he do that?
I want him to go have fun with his friends and live life, not be depressed.

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Omentum Cancer

Does anyone out there have experience with someone who has omentum cancer. Usually it is the way ovarian cancer is diagnosed, as it has moved from the ovaries to the omentum. The omentum is the sack that holds the large intestines.

However, it is very rare when men get it. My husband was diagnosed wit omentum cancer in April 2016. It is incurable and he must have chemo every two weeks for the rest of his life.


It is very dificult to deal with, as I am sure you can imagine.Just wondering if any other men out there are dealing with this form of cancer.


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In a dark place tonight

I am overwhelmed tonight. I have wonderful support from the community and school where I teach and from my church, but sometimes talking to well meaning friends who haven't been through this just isn't enough.  I have been battling colon cancer since February, 2015.  I initially had surgery with a colon resection and 20 lymph nodes removed - 12 were positive for cancer.  I followed that with 12 rounds of chemotherapy - FOLFOX 5 with oxalyplatin.  I made it through the chemo and then had a year with no signs of cancer - clean colonoscopy, great blood work, etc.

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Mental health question

So a family member went in for a scan and they found a 1.7cm spot on his lung. The family member understandably did not take it well. He was convinced he was dying before the more targeted CT scan had happen. After the second test the spot had shrunk and the doc said it was almost certainly not cancer and he wanted to have another scan in about a month. The family member is still not doing well emotionally and is convinced he is going to die. He is seeing a psychologist who is helping. I want to know what I can do to help him.

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Getting through the holidays

I wish I could fast-forward through the next six weeks.  When we are at homes of family & friends, I can go on auto pilot and just smile and nod politely.  However my husband who is nearing end of treatment wants to keep to our annual routine of hosting his family at our house for Thanksgiving.  I couldn't believe it.  I was hoping he wouldn't want to do it this year.  Since his diagnosis, I have not done much around the house and the last thing I feel like doing is preparing the house for guests and playing host to his family who have been unsupportive and mostly non-existent.

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Deleted message

Deleted message, (wasnt sure how to delete this) sorry all! Thankyou :) 

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My partner wants to run away

So I have been dating this amazing man for a few months. Everything is wonderful and we are very happy. He had radiation for a brain tumor about 2 years ago and said that it was gone. Recently he has been having intense headaches in the spot the tumor was, had a severe lack of energy, can't get out of bed on time, has some unexplained weightloss (20+lbs) and is feeling pretty "off". He said that we was scared but needed to go to the doctor. He said he is terrified of the results but I convinced him that its better to know than to let it go and find out after it could be too late.

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Only Child- Depressed Parent- Help

Hi There,


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