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Emotional Support

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I try really hard to hold it together for you. Some days I fail. I really hope that you do not realize how many times I walk out of the room to regain my composure.

I watch you fight for your life. I am so proud of how strong you are. 

I can only imagine what it must be like to be you right now. 


I will never forget the day you looked at me for support. The day you asked me if I thought you were going to make it through this. 

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Thinking about leaving

Short summary, married 4 years to a lovely man who lost his first wife to lung cancer very suddenly.  It devastated him and his 4 lovely girls (all over 21) and I adore them all.  However, my onco gave me months to live and I am trying to decide what to do for the best,   I am from England and have lived in Canada for the past 9 years.   All of my friends and family are in England and this prognosis has made me very homesick.

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Hi there-I need to be honest.

I am seething with resentment towards my wifes daughter. She lost custody of her two kids, we had them for 7 months before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Then they went to live with other relatives. We don't communicate with her much. The damage her daughter caused, the pain, is life altering for everyone, but in particular her two children. She has demonstrated no ownership, no empathy whatsoever. My wife is terminal, I know it, she knows it.

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My mother died of cancer and I don't know what to do

I apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling mistakes that you may find in this topics, but english is not my native language. You have probably seen this title multiple times before and you think what is so special about this one, and why I am making a big fuss about it. I had to set the stage for you to understand my condition.

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uterine cancer and internal vaginal radiation

Hi I was wondering if anyone else out there has had internal radiation and was left so damaged.  Is there any therapy that can be done to help . ?   Lori

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So Scared

I know I am not alone, but I am feeling it. My husband has been battling aggressive cancer for the last two years. We have done radition, on our thrid round of chemo and all ready have gone through three surgeries. The last one being a major on were he has ended up with two bags. They told us it wouldn't come back for a 1 to 5 years. It only took 6 monthes for to come back and connect to a bone. He has lost so much wieght and they are not sure there is anything more they can do for him. The most sad part is he can't hardly eat soild foods.

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Please help me help him..

Hi all,

My boyfriend has Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, which he was diagnosed with about a week before we officially started dating (after he'd chased me for about a year).. So, I had to decide, knowing how hard this was going to be, if I should get myself involved in this or not. He's so worth it, so obviously, I chose yes.


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feeling guilty

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6 months to live?

Wasnt sure which was the right catagory for this. I am an emotional mess as i am a very emotional person anyways who doesnt handle things well. For that reason i wont get into detail unless needed. I just had a question/opinion. I have never had a close family member have cancer so theres a lot i dont know. Well to get to my point...my grandfather was told he had about 6 months to live then literally 2 days later he got extremely sick..and in so much pain we had to take him to hospice. He hasnt eaten in like a week and is constipated and throwing up.

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Childhood Cancer, coming to terms with it at 24, help?

Hey all,

I have always religiously avoided these things, but I think that's part of the problem and why I'm here. I need to know if anything of this stuff sounds familiar because I realize it's starting to hamstring my life a bit.

Background: Army officer, 24, from New York. Had ALL as a kid around 3, went into remission quickly but was in and out of the hospital a lot for a long time with the remedial chemo etc., think it finally ended around age 8.

I need to know if any of the following sounds familiar, is it a problem, and how did you deal with it?


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