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Prognosis of 65yrs old male acute leukemia with 17%blasts

Can anyone pls help me with the prognosis of 65yr old male acute leukemia with 17% blasts in blood smear. TLC 19,000.. tq

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Life after Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Hello. I finished treatment for APL almost 2 years ago. I still feel extreme fatigue. I was wondering how other survivors feel. Am I the only one that hasn't snapped back into my pre-leukemia self? I appreciate any input. Thank you.


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free home cleaning for my father in the Dayton area?

My father has been fighting CML now for almost 2 years, went into remission for a few months but it is already back. He lives alone in Dayton and is 73 years ago, I live in Connecticut. Along with the CML, he's diabetic and is dyslexic and illiterate. He cognitively doesn't doesn't realize how bad his house needs to be cleaned not to mention, physically, he's always sick and can't clean that much.

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Acute Penotypic Leukemia Husband Diagnosis New Help!

My husband was just diagnosed with acute phenotypic leukemia. He is 44.  He went to his primiary doctor because he had been having chest pains (for a couple of months but he had't told me) and they thought he had angina. They sent him to a cardiologist who was going to do a cardiac catheterization but sent him for bloodwork first. When his blood work came back his red cell count was 5 and his white blood cell count was 1.7. They admitted him and gave him a transfusion.

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Diagnosed with stills disease 4 years ago, feeling like crap lately and now have low platelets and large granular lymphocytes. Being referred to hematoloigst from my internal med Doctor no one is saying much should I be worried?

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AML- prepping for SCT

Hello- I'm new to this forum-- finally just had time to sign up!

I was diagnosed with AML 2/6/2016 and immediately put inpatient, ended up being there for 7 weeks, 3 rounds of chemo, and still not in remission.  

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16 YR Survivor of Acute Monocytic Leukemia-Chronic Pain and Fatigue

My name is Chris. I was diagnosed with AML M5 october 1999, just after my 13th birthday, had full body radiation with chemo and had a perfect match for a transplant from my only brother and received a transplant just after Y2K. Things were alright for the years following, save for removal of a few skin cancers that had to be removed due to the radiation.

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Prostate canccer survivor - now have Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)

I was treated with High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for prostate cancer and at the time they said there was a small chance the radiation could cause a second cancer.  My doctors now think the MDS I have was caused by the radiation.  Looking at a 30% chance of cure with a stem cell transplant.  Has anyone else had similar experiences?


Best of luck to alll of us!





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For those of you with Leukemia

I just wanted to survey and find out how old you all were at diagnosis and what were your labs like? WBC? neutrophils? anything else abnormal? I don't really have any symptoms but I am seeing a hematologist/oncologist at the moment and recently had some elveated labs which is unusual for me as I never get sick, not even a cold. I feel great right now. My doctor is running a blood smear and other tests on the labs that were drawn on tuesday. I'd just like to see where my labs compare to others. Wishing you all the best!!

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B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

My grandfather has had two burn like skin patches on his shoulder. Those patches where biopsies.

Biopsy came back today as Cuteanous involvment by B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

nothing on the biopsy says stage or ifs is aggressive or slow growing.


What surprises me is that his wbc was normal and so was his plattelte. blood work was fine. This is so strange to be. Could this biopsy be wrong ? 

has anyone experienced this and how where you treated.


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