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Mary from NJ
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Free Educational Conference in Phila, PA 11/18/2016

I wanted to share the following information with all who may be in the Philadelphia, PA area and interested in attending in person (or via livestream for those not in the area or not able to attend in person):

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  FREE Educational Conference  - Focus on Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation  - Friday, November 18, 2016:  7:30 am - 2:15 pm at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue  (4200 City Ave, Phila, PA 19131)

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11 year old with ALL

My daughter had ALL and we just finished the first month. We have not found out the results of the last BM but doctors have send her leukemia is agressive. I don't know what to expect and very scared. Are there any online support groups that are live so I may speak with others?

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Black tonic effects/sucess with older leukemia victims.

I have used black salve and black tonic successfully a variety of times.

A 57 year old friend of mine has just started chemo for leukemia. I have not had any experience with black tonic and this particuliar ailment.

Can anyone  fill me in before I attempt to bring the regimen to him ? Thanks so much.

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My 70 yr old husband was just diagnosed with ALL and wondering if any members out there have had to deal with this disease and if remission has happened. He is treated with Cyclophospamide and daunorubicin and they also started him on Rituxan. They give him shots of Neupogen, so far not too many side effects but only on the first treatment. .He has received 3 blood transfusion so far. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Decreased platelets counts post 60 days stem cell transplant

My nephew who is suffering from ALL. He underwent 3 years of standard protocol but ALL relapsed after 3 years. Hence he went through stem cell transplant with father who was 50% match.

He had very minor GVHD on skin but apart from that no infection or GVHD till 70 days. Today doctor performed CBC report on Day 73 and found that all the counts are very low.

Hemoglobin : 9.0

WBC: 3500

I Platelets: 65000

Do we need to worry about it? Is it normal?

Really appreciate your responses. Thanks.

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Hi there im steve I have been recently been told I have MONOMAC syndrome ie immune deficiency.  And will need to get a bone marrow transplant to save me getting leukemia down the line, questions I have are how long after cemo are everyone back to work?  I am 31. 

Also how long do u feel crap for ie being sick etc, know everyone different just a rough figure, thanks 

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33year old sister with apl

hello all,

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Prognosis of 65yrs old male acute leukemia with 17%blasts

Can anyone pls help me with the prognosis of 65yr old male acute leukemia with 17% blasts in blood smear. TLC 19,000.. tq

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Life after Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Hello. I finished treatment for APL almost 2 years ago. I still feel extreme fatigue. I was wondering how other survivors feel. Am I the only one that hasn't snapped back into my pre-leukemia self? I appreciate any input. Thank you.


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free home cleaning for my father in the Dayton area?

My father has been fighting CML now for almost 2 years, went into remission for a few months but it is already back. He lives alone in Dayton and is 73 years ago, I live in Connecticut. Along with the CML, he's diabetic and is dyslexic and illiterate. He cognitively doesn't doesn't realize how bad his house needs to be cleaned not to mention, physically, he's always sick and can't clean that much.


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