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Bone Cancers

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Cancer Detectors

Cancers are nowadays the most serious threat for human beings. However, detecting cancer cells at the early stage can prevent the spread of cancer cells so patients can get correct treatment timely. Among these detecting methods, all I know is the cancer biomarker. Are there any other approaches in this field? I am looking for all of them. Thanks for sharing your knoledge in advance. 

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Tail bone

Hello everyone:

I have had uterine cancer in 2010 then in 2014 I had a colonoscopy and found out I had rectal colon cancer and had my whole colon taken out in February 2015 and ended up with a ilostomy bag.  I have had another operatation because the doctors thouht I had bowel obstruction.  AT that time, I was also biopsy to find out if the cancer was from the uterin cancer or rectal colon cancer.  They says it's from the uterine cancer.

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Doctor says my broken ribs are metastatic cancer - what?

Hey there - I really appreciate any advice that anyone can give; I'm really confused and pretty scared.  I don't think this is the right forum for this, but I don't know what one IS right, so please bear with me.

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Am I just a "worrywart"

Hello all.

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Struggling with being a care giver

Im really struggling being a care giver. My wife has Multiple Myeloma and we are doing daily radiation and weekly chemo atm. She is somewhat bed ridden and needs a lot of care. I am stressed out very badly right now. I have a 14yr old son who is having to see his Mom deteriate before his eyes. I know there are people who have been a care giver for a long time I never appreciated how much sacrifice they make every day. Mainly I just wanted to talk about it with someone.  



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Head and neck tremers

Hello Everyone 

To any of you who has had bone cancer or that has your cancer met to the bones my question to you is has anyone got head and neck tremers prior to bone cancer diagnosis and someone with bone cancer had this problem my pain throughoout my entire spine and i was just wondering if anyone has had this it started just the other day and when i do get them its very lightly its not noticable to other people but i can feel it prior to coming on .

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AMG 479 on Ewings

Hi Everyone,


My husband had Ewing three years ago but the recent check up showed a lump in his right lung, next to the hear.

I saw some people mentioned AMG 479 trial onewing's sarcoma lung metastases, will that work?

Please help...



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Planned Outage on 10/9

There will be a planned CSN outage on 10/9/15 from 5am-8am EST while the site undergoes some maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Need some advice

My name is Terin I'm 32 I'm a six year breast cancer survivor I had also been diagnosed with neuroendrocine tumor of the small bowel in 2015 found it by scope test and were able to removet it all.

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Adamantanoma - Many Reoccurences

Hello all, 

I'm a 30 yo female, who has had 3 reoccurences of Adamantanoma, plus kidney cancer. Is there anyone else out there diagnosed with Adamantanoma and having such reoccurences?

Here is the breakdown of my history: 

1) First diagnosis of the right tibia in 1999 with I was 13 years old; limb salvage surgery completed - found by self due to pain

2) First reoccurence in lower right leg muscle (next to tibia) in 2004, 21 years old; second limb salvage surgery and tendon repairs procedure - found by self due to pain


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