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Ovarian Cancer

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First Doxil Dose Yesterday

My first Doxil dose was yesterday.  There was one minor hiccup.  I had a "reaction" to the steroids.  I think it might have been the sensation from the power port they installed on Wednesday.  I got flushed, my blood pressure was high, and I felt like my heart was rushing.  I did end up finishing the dose, though they added benadryl before and more IV fluids.

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Mother just diagnosed stage 4

My Mom just got diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer . Looking online, I don't see many great statistics for stage 4. She is only 53. I am 27. I guess I am just looking to hear from stage 4 survivors. Looking for some hope. 

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Hello all, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. This is my first time posting in such a forum so please bare with me.

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when is OVCA actually diagnosed? how often should CA125 be done?

Hello everyone,

I don't know if I have a right to post here as I don't have an official diagnosis of ovarian cancer. That is actually one of my questions - since it cannot be diagnosed until surgery as biopsy is not recommended, is that the only time I will get a diagnosis of OVCA or do people get one sooner?

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chemo brain

check this out. I haven't tried it but neurologists can prescribe for the chemo brain    http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Healthday/story?id=4507456

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Starting Doxil for first recurrent/refactory disease...

I get my port installed on Wednesday and my first chemo is Friday :).  Oddly I'm excited to get started.  Since my cancer live through carbo/taxol, my doctor is being cautiously optmistic, we should know by December/January if the chemo is working.

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Disability Payment Info for Ovarian Cancer Stage IV patients that may B helpful 4 N E One to know where 2 start

“Hello again SUNshine”

 "Sandaravalli" - Referencing your letter for info on how to go about applying for Disability payments~~Not having any experience in applying for Disability payments, I can’t speak personally.  But I think the references I've provided below my name will be a helpful start.  And since this is a much-needed benefit for many of our Ovarian Cancer sisters who have been diagnosed with late stage OC, I thought I would just put it on a separate topic. 

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social security disability

I am diagnosed with OVarian cancer stage 4. MD states that incurable but tretable.. I am planning to apply for social security disability...Please I need guidance and information pls. I am 53 years old....

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Lymph Nodes, How Many Taken

Hi Everyone, If you have a few minutes for this and you are able, would you give me the following data on your cancer? I am most interested in learning about your own experience with regards to cancer type/stage and number of lymph nodes dissected.  I am sending these questions to a few of the discussion boards concerning female cancers. Thank you, jane

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Ovarian cancer stage 4 - Need suggestions to keep WBC up


Newly diagnosed ovarian cancer stage 4... Undergoing chemotherapy with dose dense carbo and taxol. First cycle went well. Second cycle after day 1  carbo-taxol I devloped low counts.. It took two weeks for counts to come up. Now on 3rd cycle, after day 1 counts went down again and unble continue chemo.. waiting for the counts to come up..Any suggestions for keeping up blood counts please...



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