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Bladder Cancer

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Swelling in feet and leg

My brother is in the hospital right now.  He went to the hospital because is foot and leg swell to double the size.  He has blood in his urine, and doctors feel it is bladder cancer.  Said there is a mass on bladder wall.  He just had a biopsy yesterday and has not got results back yet.  I am just wondering if anyone else has had swelling in legs or feet when diagnosed with bladder cancer and what was your outcome.  My brother works but has no insurance so he doesn't know what to do. 

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My mom recently diagnoses with stage 4 bladder cancer that mestasized to her bone

My mom is a 52 year old who was always on the go. A little over a week ago she got diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer that has now spread to her bone. She is pain from her bone and can not ve as active as she always has and she is suffering from that. She starts chemo on Tuesday but it will be a low dose and monitored very carefully because she only has one kidney due to cancer in the other one last year and that had to be removed.  With out chemo her oncologist  gives her 1 year and with chemo he gives her 5 to 6 years hoping the kidney handles the chemo well.

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Need Help

Hi.  After 6 courses of BCG and another biops, we just received pathology indicating my husband has TCC at least into the muscle layer of his bladder.  The doctor is recommending removal of the bladder.  Anyone else out there have any other options?  I've heard so many rough stories of bags and neo bladders not working so well.  I would appreciate any help or names of awesome doctors.  We are willing to travel.  





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Proton Therapy For Bladder Cancer

It has been awhile since I have been on this board so I will give a summary of my bladder cancer and type.  Was diagnosed with agressive T2 high grade bladder cancer in November of 2014.  The size of the tumor was very large and underwent three months of chemotherapy that ended in March of 2015.  The chemotherapy alone decreased the size of the tumor dramatically.  The original plan was to have three months of chemotherapy and then a radical cysectomy.  Since the tumor decreased so much in size the surgery has been postponed and I have been montiored since March by my Oncologist and Urologi

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Questions, questions, questions

New to all this and have lots of questions.  My mom is 69 and has been hospitalized for the past 2 weeks with severe bladder infection.  Biopsy shows low grade papillary urothelial carcinoma (which she doesn't know about yet - Urology appointment tomorrow morning). 

From what I'm reading it sounds like this is a very treatable cancer but my concern is that her health is not good (diabetes - poorly controlled; HBP; CHF, etc).  Just wondering if her other health issues will have a negative impact on the treatment she is able to take?  Any similiar situations, outcomes?

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Kathy from Oregon
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TCC kidney removed

Just curious if anyone had similar to my case.  Tumor was small at just under 3cc and after removal was low grade and non-invasive.  It was located in the ureter so I lost a kidney.  Now every 3 months the lovely bladder scope.  Nearly a year post surgery so several scopes have been done with only one scare that proved to not be cancer.  So far I have had the perfect story if there is such a thing yet I do feel like there is a hammer waiting to fall, it has just been "too easy."  I am NOT walking in doom and gloom, don't misuderstand me.

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Dad has Bladder cancer but won't tell me I only know because his girlfriend told me

Dad has Bladder cancer but won't tell me I only know because his girlfriend told me

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Newly Diagnosed

Hello Everyone, 

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Check-up time

     I had my CT scams yesterday, I see my onclogist in the morning, today has been rough. I know others go through this too. I'm sure someone has a snappy name for this wierd spot in time. I have things to get done , and any other day I would be doing them. Its this one day between doing the tests and waiting for the results. Its been 18 months since surgery and I've been through this before, just feel like I'm walking in wet cement today.



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