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Bladder Cancer

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New with question


   I will try to make this as short as possible..routine colonoscopy (my first one)  took out a polyp.  I was having some back pain afterwards and went to follow up on an ovarian cyst...that was gone but they thought they saw something suspicious on my cervix...then went to oncology obgyn...ordered first abdominal cat scan...then pelvic and abdomen mri's with contrast. 

   All was normal...however i have had microscopic blood on 2  urine tests 2 weeks apart on urine cytology...no eveidence of infection and nothing else is abnormal.

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BCG Pain or Damage from Biopsy?

My Partner was diagnosed with Bladder cancer 2 years ago. He is 32 and has been having treatments on and off. normally every six months he will have a series of treatments. The last few times he has seen his specialist he has been cleared of the CIS tumours and the treatments are purely maintenance treatment. However now 4-5 months after treatments he still has a lot of pain when going to the toilet and goes to the toilet frequently (He gets up at least 6 times a night). He went to his GP to check for infections and has been told there is no infection.

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Urologist familiar with meningioma of urinary bladder?

Hi - I feel I may not have been properly diagnosed and am looking for a urologist who is familiar with meningioma of the urinary bladder. Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in New York. Thanks for any info.

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Dendritic Cell Therapy

Hi. My father has stage 4 high grade urothelial carcinoma with lung metastasis. He had a radical cystectomy in 2013. He also has only 1 functioning kidney. In 2016 we detected a tumor in his lung along with a few small nodes with SUV uptake. He underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy, which he completed in end of August. The latest PET Scan shows the main lung tumor has shrunk to less than 1 cm and has no uptake. However, some of the nodes still have some uptake. The doctors are happy with the results, but say we need to keep a watch for when the nodes may start increasing in size.

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35 with Questions

I'm a 35 year old male and found out yesterday. I was urinating drops of blood after emptying my baldder, so my family doctor sent my to a urologist after ruling out infection. The urologist ordered an ultrasound that was unremakable (except for "thickening of the bladder walls") and said I probably had "inflamation." However, lab tests showed cancer cells in my urine and the doctor found a polyp and a suspecious area around the polyp during yesterday's cystocopy. I'm scheduled for surgery in about 3 weeks.

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Does hydrocodone work for anyone?


Wondering if anyone was prescribed Hydrocodone for pain and did it actually reduce your pain?  If not, did any other drug work for you?  

My husband was prescribed Hydrocodone for pain, but stopped taking it because he was still in a lot of pain and the effects of the drug just made him tired and "spaced out".  

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I was just diagnosed with a low grade Bladder Cancer two days ago. Any advice on any special foods I should be eating?  Is exercise important? (like walking) Thank You! (I wasn't told anything except 'stop smoking', but I never smoked in my life!?)

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Newly Diagnosed, Have Some ?'s

Hi there, 

I was just diagnosed with Bladder Cancer on Wed (2 days ago). I have a low grade, non-invasive Stage 1, I believe. I have to get checked every 3 months. What can I do and what should I not be doing? For ex., can I clean my cat litter boxes, feed the backyard birds, collect leaves to compost & clean up back yard? Do I have a weakneed immune system now, must I stay away from "germs"? This is a serious question, can I clean up random wild cat poop in backyard or NO! Thank you loads!


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BCG or Neobladder

My dad is a ~50 year old smoker that was diagnosed with Ta high grade bladder cancer on Feburary and had his first TURBT surgery in May. He had his second TURBT at UCS in August and was comfirned to have high grade, T1 and CIS bladder cancer. Apparently even after removing most of his tumors in May,  the surgeon found a lot of tumors in his bladder in August. His doctor suggested that since he's considered young for a cancer patient and his cancer is still at an early (but quickly growing) stage, he should get a neobladder replacement and be done with the disease.

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Whole body pet scan reports of my mom

pateint  a known treated case of carcinoma left ureter status post left radical nephrouretecerectomy followed by bladder wall recurrence and subsequent partial resection of urinary bladder and post chemotherapy .present per/ct scan being done for evaluation of response to therapy 

 following or opinion of pet/ct scan 

in this treated case of carcinoma left ureter status post therapy an find are suggestive of :


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