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Colorectal Cancer

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New diagnosis. Support / advice needed


I "was" a 60 year old healthy woman until I was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer 12/28/2106.  Saw the oncologist on 1/4/17 and had my first chemo on 1/11/17.  I sat in that chemo chair feeling like I was just hit by a mack truck, my life has been turned upside down and inside out.  The chemo went fine with no major side effects, but I think the effect will worsen as I continue   Any tips?? Hope to offer??


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More chemo or surgery for Stage IV colon cancer???

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2014 and underwent surgery to remove the baseball size mass and 6 inches of colon on both sides of the tumor.  They also removed 11 lymph nodes and got negative readings which meant the cancer was gone.  We dod CT scans every 6 months for follow up and on the last one they saw another mass.  So they did surgery in August 2016 and said they didnt get all the tumor because it was deep in his pelvic area by his iliac artery and also around his ureter.  They also said it had seeded to his omentum.  Theu suggested chemo of 5FLU without Avastin si

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Jeff's mom

If it helps, you can post here with your question. 

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Mother just diagnosed Stage 3 rectal cancer

My Mom was jsut diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer.  I am so new to this, we are getting ready to start treatments of 6 weeks of Chemo and radiaiton, then surgery to remove the tumor.  I am really don't know what to expect with treatment and what questions to ask about dosage and drug type. We have an MRI scheduled with the surgeon to better stage the cancer this week.  Really new to all of this and looking for as much help as possible.

thank you all.

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My first appt with the Onc

I had my first appt with my Onc today to discuss my chemo treatment plan, and I'd like some feedback on the plan since this is so new to me.

He wants me to be 8 weeks out from surgery (only 4 1/2 weeks out right now) because one of the meds could stop my surgery healing.

I have googled all the meds he told me about, and many of them have some pretty scary posible side effects. My Onc kinda made it sould like it would be much milder than the google sites. That's why I'm looking for actual opinions from all of my new friends on this board.

5 FU


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Xeloda and Campostar

I am about to start chemo again. This time after having liver mets totally removed.I'm going to do Xeloda and Campostar. Anyone have any experience with these?

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Going in for annual colonoscopy this morning....Does the worrying ever subside?

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Cold all the time?

This has been an issue for me for quite some time. I'm cold almost all the time. But I can't take any real heat, either. I don't know if it started after my cancer treatments because I was still in the mop up chemo when winter came and then was in the hospital for the blood clot the rest of the winter. While on the mop up chemo I was very careful about not getting cold because of the neuropathy so I have no way of knwoing if this started after the cancer treatments or after the hospital stay for the blood clot.

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How to bring up members' blogs

Hello all - Would someone please explain how to access a specific member's blog.  Not sure what site to go into.  Thank you.

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Robert Farrell
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Just needed to touch Base, all happening so fast

I dont know if anyone can relate to this but I started have epigastric pain, across my upper abd below the rib cage, and then came the thin yellowish discharge that burned from my rectum.  UGH!  So I went to see my Doctor about 6 months ago stating my symptoms and concerns.  he kept thinking that it was GERD.  Prescribed some medication omeprosole and that was that.  But the pain didnt go away and the seepage from my rectum continued.  After several more visits, and r/o STD's, proctitis etc. etc.


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