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Colorectal Cancer

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Pet Scan Results for Mom

Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. My mom just had her PET scan done and the results said that everything significantly decreased in size. I started crying from happiness because I haven't missed one appointment with her and I've been there along the way with the rest of my family. She's had 6 rounds of chemo done and she's going in for her 7th. 

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A Total 180 from Last Week

Has anybody at first thought - yeah hospice is a good idea and then a week later flip out and say you're pissed that the doctor didn't give you more options? That happened with my dad. At first he was accepting, almost at peace, now he's pissed that his doctors didn't try harder. I told him you talked to one doctor who said that - you have like 5 other doctors. He said they cut him off... I said no, if you called, they'd see you for sure. You told them you were done, they are following what you said. So now we're there.

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Three years NED and in the anger phase of healing... First steps a doozie

Glad to be alive but my quality of life is something I'm going to have to deal with and work on.  It's very difficult to be this person at 46 years old.  I was in my prime and I got catapulted into fast forward.  I've started therapy about my body image and my physical limitations and my doctor wants me to go to physical therapy at a gym.  Insurance now covers that in some places which is cool.  So clean scan.  Whatever the bleeding was was most likely something else.  Pain is gone so whatever it was passed.

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Update from Laz

Got my test results back and it's all good. My CEA is 2, but it's been always fluctuating around here and the oncologist says it's cool. Well what's is he gonna say? So I'm ok with it too. Worry never ends though. Will be 3 year NED in October. 

I come here every day to check on you and trying to support those who need it. All the best.


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Good Update

He's eating and drinking again. He's even cooking dinner on his own. His leg strength is coming back and so is his cognitive function. He declined hospice because he's feeling better and less weak (his decision, not ours). His doctor was shocked when she saw him this week and found he had stopped losing weight and was on the upswing. She checked him out and said he's suffering from seasonal allergies and gave him a steroid shot... I think she wants to see if it makes him eat even more. Seems to be doing the trick.

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Petscan lit up but can't find spot with scans

I am a stage 4 survivor. I have had a couple of recurrences and each time my CEA has been a good indicator. I've been NED for 3 years.  During a routine check up my ct scan was clear but my CEA raised from 1.9 to 4.9. I had a petscan which had one spot light up on my abdomen with an uptake value of 5.1. I then had an ultrasound of the area but they can't find anything in the area of concern. Has anyone else had a petscan light up but are unable to find a mass or area to biopsy?

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Difficult recovery

I need help! I had APR Surgery May 25. It took 2 weeks for my bowels to restart. Got out of the hospital and the next day they slowed again. So I have 1 good day and 2 bad. Wicked vomitting and nausea. 

Doing miralax, stool softeners and magnesium citrate. 

Not working. 

Has anyone else been through it like this? Surgeon keeps saying that it will just take time. But I'm so sick!

Any help appreciated.


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Roller Coaster - Hospice or Not...

Last Monday my mom called my dad's PCP because he decided to stop eating and drinking and was falling... this was right after we saw the oncologist the Thursday before. They put him in the hospital for failure to thrive. 

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Foot Pain for no Reason

If I posted about this before, please tell me. You know, chemo brain and all that.

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Metformin Treatment

Good morning

Some weeks ago Takingcontrol58 posted an interesting thread on metformin

I asked our onc and she said this could be an option at least to control or reduce mets, so 2 days ago we started our journey through metformin.

We are in a low dose of 425+425 and we are controlling or glucose levels, no side effects appart from sligth diarrea on the first day


I previosuly I started my search for medical publications andmetformin seems promisings



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