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Breast Cancer

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*Abbreviations* for all our Newbies

 AC - one of the five most common types of chemo given to women with BC. Iit's probably the MOST common drug combination given to women with node-negative (hasn't spread to your lymph nodes) cancer. AC includes two drugs: doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan).

AI - aromatase inhibitors

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Had Lumpectomy, now Called need to take a Lymph Node

Hi everyone

i had a Lumpectomy on 8/17/16 and really not too many issues some tenderness but for the most part wasn't too bad. However today the surgeon called and told me that the pathology report came back the DCIS was more than they thought and now I have to have surgery to remove the Lymph Node(s). I may also need Chemo, Radiation Therapy, which I already was told I needed. 

What can I expect during the Lymph Node removal and should I be worried? 

Thank you

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Additional risks of hormone therapy?

Hello - I am about to begin radiation. I am 42 and had a ++-, 2.4cm removed via lumpectomy a few weeks ago. The nodes were clear. My Onco DX score is a 12 and my genetic factors came back negative. In short, I feel like I have been extremely fortunate. My oncologist suggests hormone therapy/chemopause, starting next month. Given that my risk factors are low, does anyone think that the side effects of hormone therapy/chemopause are not worth it? I am very likely going to just accept whatever drug she recommends and do it but I am suddenly considering that maybe I research this more.

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How has breast cancer spoken to you?

Hi guys, 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. I had HER positive, hormone negative, stage 1, grade four invasive ductal carcinoma, in the form of Paget's disease of the breast. I underwent a double mastectomy, one round of fertility treatment, 6 rounds of chemo, one year of herception and now that I look back, I can say that I enjoyed the experience. Being diagnosed with cancer changed my life. For me it was a sign that I needed to stop and take a look at myself and my life and I'm glad I did. Breast cancer spoke to me and it said:

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Big decision. Please help!

I am going to have my exchange surgery next week. I have been having some complications on the side where I had cancer and radiation. I had ultrasound and it came out normal. My surgeon says when he goes in to take out expanders and finds I am too red and inflamed then he won't put the implant in. He wants to know what to do with the other side( healthy side). Do I also leave the other side flat or should I have implant in? Either I will be totally flat in both sides or have one side with implant and other one will be flat.

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Recurrence after BMX latissimus flap reconstruction

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Radiation and Anastrozole

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and had a lumpectomy on August 19th.

I'm seeing a radiation specialist today, but I'm kind a worried about it. From what I understand radiation can cause cancer.

I'm equally worried about taking the drug Anastrozole. I've seen the side effects of this drug and they are rather severe. Listed among the side effect are blood clots in the heart, lungs, brain, and limbs. The doctor said that the chance of a blood clot is very small, but still, the chance is there.

Does anyone have experience with this drug?

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Treatment plan

I met with my oncologist yesterday.She did blood work to test me for the breast cancer gene since I am TN and have a family history of breat cancer.My mom had bc and was also TN but she was never tested.So if I'm postive there is a 50/50 chance my daughter and sister could also be postive.I'm waiting for the doctor to make an appt to have a port put in. Then I will do 4 rounds of chemo (one round every 21 days) TC .Then if I test postive after chemo my doctor will do a double MX and remove my ovaries.Then I would have 5 to 6 weeks of radiation five times a week.

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Permanent hair loss after chemo

There's an attorney running a commercial here for class-action clients who have had chemo and suffered permanent hair loss. Supposedly, the drug company knows the probable outcome, but there are no warnings and there are other drugs that would work just as well. They do not name the drug or the drug company in the commercial. Has anyone here had permant hairloss? What drug were you using?

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1st oncology appt after lumpectomy

Hi - This is my first post. I have found so many of your post immensely helpful over the past month so thank you for your sharing and insight. I was DX about a month ago and had a lumpectomy (2.4 cm tumor, both invasive and en situ). and SNB 2 weeks ago. Recovery has been very easy, I am happy to report. Tomorrow is my first oncology appointment since the lumpectomy. I am creating my list of questions and wanted to know if you all had any suggestions for things I should discuss.   So far, I was thinking:


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