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Breast Cancer

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*Abbreviations* for all our Newbies

 AC - one of the five most common types of chemo given to women with BC. Iit's probably the MOST common drug combination given to women with node-negative (hasn't spread to your lymph nodes) cancer. AC includes two drugs: doxorubicin (Adriamycin), and cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan).

AI - aromatase inhibitors

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This can help.

Help I have a cancer.com

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Wondering if anyone has any experience with and/or information for/about Probiotics.  

My understanding is vague at best, but from what i gather, one's "gut flora" are a key part of one's physiology: how food gets procesed, how toxins are cleared, and so on.  And seeing as how Chemo kills stuff in the body, does it impact the balance of this?  And how does one offset that?

Yogurt?  "Ultimate Flora" pills?

Talk to me!

and thanks!



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Is radiation working 8/

Hello Everyone~

I am worried radiation is not working. My Dr said they want to see a change in my skin as that is an indication that the radiation is working. I have gone 5 days a week for 4 weeks now and there is no change in my skin at all. 

Anyone else have this happen? I have only 10 sessions left. 

I have asked the dr and he says maybe I will be the first to not get any color which would be nice but I am worried maybe radiation is not working for me. (Dr said it would be unusual not to get any skin changes) 

Thanks ladies for any advice~

♡ Lori 

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2 year anniversary & graduation

This last week I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis. Mammogram was clean and surgeon said I've graduated from visiting him. Taking my arimidex, and must say, the joint stiffness seem to be getting less noticeable.

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Treatment plan it's so real now

It's been a long trip going through second cancer diagnoses.two stomach surgerys.lots of dr. Appointments.I have overuse cancer with no overs for 28 yrs.i have two kinds of cancer.the other one it has taken several pathology boards to figure it out.I go back to reg. Cancer dr.june 10.she will know what kind of Cancer it was.And I will start treatments soon chemo.I dread it so bad.but be glad to have it done.I will keep in touch.love everyone of you.thank you

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Metal taste in mouth

Hi all,

Has anybody found a good remedy to get rid of the metallic taste in your mouth due to chemo?  I have tried using biotene and found it only provides very temporary relief.  I literally cannot stand it as I have no appetitte, don't want to drink fluids which I know I need to, and am just really frustrated.  Would appreciate any suggestions anybody can offer.

Thanks all,



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Lumpectomy or mastectomy

hello all, I am new here.  I am 49 and was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive breast cancer on one side in Feb.  I  have completed 5 of 6 chemo's and surgery followed by radiation is next.  Have elected double mastectomy (based on input from oncologist and surgeon) and recon but getting cold feet.  2 other oncologists I talked to also recommended mastectomy.   Trying to decide if I can do a lumpectomy instead.  either way I need radiation.    I know I don't want to go through this treatment again But am so scared of having my breasts removed and going through recon.  Any suggestions?

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The hits may be small but..

I'm doing well physically.  Chemo shrunk things so I was able to have a lumpectomy and the 41 lymph nodes removed were all negative and I am grateful for that.  I have a small but terrific support system.  But it seems like the hits just keep on coming.  Things like a port that stopped working before I even finished chemo, chemo "Body reactions", low WBC hospitalization, missing he last 1/4 of the school year because of surgery and a lymph drain that took 5 + weeks to be removed, and now finding out that radiation means I can do nothing much more than walk for the next 2 months and then jus

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"Living Flat"

Does anyone have experience with a plastic surgeon in Vancouver, WA who works with women who do not want to reconstruct their breasts and Live flat"?  I am having a bad experience with my current surgeon around this subject.

I really appreciate any insight!



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