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Prostate Cancer

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1.5T vs 3 T mp-MRI rationale

Both places, A and B, have had  3T MRI machines.   The first urologist I went to in A uses a 1.5T MRI.  Now I am finding prostate patients can't get the 3T mp-MRI at location B either.  What gives?  

I am scheduled this week for.... the 1.5T, and not totally happy about it.  Talking with a tech in passing, he thought all prostate patients were still referred for the 3T MRI.  Any thoughts about recent developments or decisions in the MRI world about this?

Is the 1.5 favored for throughput and less hassle on mystery metal implants than 3T?

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Some News Perhaps?

Testosterone cycling showing more promise in some resistant Pt's



 Hmmmm... the link to make this a hot link is grayed out.

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Clickbait or real news?


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Gleason 9

Hello members,

I'm new to this board and just started reading the wealth of information and would like to thank everyone who contributes. A little info about myself: 70 years old and diagnosed with a gleason score of 4+5=9.

In 2011 my PSA score was 2.6, in August of this year, 4.9; my doctor recommended to see an urologist who thought I should have a biopsy. The procedure was done late October with the results as above, 4+5=9. 12 samples were taken, the right lobe showed no prostatic tissue but the left 6 of 6 tumors with largest focus spanning 0.6 cm.

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ive had prostate surgery.  3 years later elevated PSA 14. Had 8 weeks external beam radiation nowone year later PSa jumped from .01 to 2.1

Gleason Score 9...
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Newly Diagnosed with Gleason Scores of 9 and 10

Hello...I am a very worried wife whose husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer yeseterday. I have been feverishly reading all I can to understand what he/we are facing. I read through a number of forums last night and found them helpful so I am hoping to get that help and really hopeful for hope! 

desperate for hope
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Difference between mpMRI and Biopsy reports

Hello everyone, 

I posted a few weeks ago about PCa found in my husband's bladder. https://csn.cancer.org/node/306036  (PSA 28, GS4+5, N0, M0)

 Since then, we've had a mpMRI (endorectal coil) and just received the results. The radiologist wrote: 

The prostate measure 4.0 x 3.8 x 3.7 cm (anterior to posterior by medial to lateral by cardiocaudal) with volume estimated in 30cc.

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My brother was just diagnosed with intermediate stage prostate CA - what can I do to help him?

Good evening

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The One Minute Cure

I have recomended Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in several posts.  I really had not searched overly well because I saw a lot on Youtube, and my friend here has been actlually curing people of cancer with it.  So, I did more research and came up this:  The One Minute Cure by Martin Cavanaugh http://eridu666.webs.com/The%20One%20Minute%20Cure.pdf

This is a pdf and gives all the information.

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initial resistance

Resistance is profitable (for them).   Previous - posts.   Originally titled, "resistance to cheaper, better, faster - next generation stuff"

Ok.  So I've read a fair number of papers and articles.  I have two general research interests: better diagnostics and better therapeutics, as will most likely pertain to me in a full life cycle sense.  This includes  serial biomarkers, preferably obtained least invasively. 


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