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Prostate Cancer

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My husband has prostate cancer

My husband has prostate cancer and it has enter the bones , he's very weak , he has loss look like about 30 lb in about six weeks , he had a fall then that when the weight started to dropped .what do I do now , I work as a medication tech , I've seen this on my job , but never my home , im lost for words

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Post Op T3A and waiting for treatment plan

Thanks for valuable information that the members of this message board provides. I am 1.5 weeks into recovery from RP surgery and trying to come to terms with the information provided by my pathology report. PSA at 26, Initial biobsy indicated 5 of 12 positive with a Gleason score of 4+4 90%. The post surgery pathology report came back with a Gleason score of 7 (4+3), extraprostatic extension, positive surgical margin of 0.5mm, no cancer on lymph nodes or seminalMy urologist, Dr.

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Fellow Veterans - If you served in Nam or Korea on or near the DMZ during the below dates you are eligible for VA disability - prostate cancer is one of the listed diseases - prove you were there and have prostate cancer, VA grants automatic approval.
Also, there are other locations for which you may qualify. (see link below)
Eligibility - Service in Vietnam or Korea

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My Hero

After 5 yrs post diagnosis I lost my best friend and husband May 8, 2016. He was my hero and fought valiantly until the very end, was on hospice a year to the day, and never lost ground until the very last day. 

I came home from work, he was on the floor, and it was over in 30 hours. 

This horrible disease stole an otherwise healthy 64 year old man from me and it sux. I hope someday this disease is stopped for all the men still out there fighting. 

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One Month Post Surgery

I am doing much better and no pain at all. Still incontinent, but improving there also. Slept without padded underwear the other night and the padded sheet was almost dry in the morning. I did the same thing the next night and the padded sheet was wet- go figure- :)

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Our father is a patient with prostate cancer and I have questions

Our father is a patient with prostate cancer. He is currently deciding if he should undergo the chemotherapy treatment option that is offered to patients (6 cycles, 3 weeks apart). I Would like to know if anyone else has been in a similar situation. The chemo protocol Dad would go through Docetetaxel is the chemo, given six times, every 3 weeks, over 18 weeks, started within four months of Lupron injections. I have a few questions that would help my dad decide whether or not to go though it.

What side effects did you have from chemo?

How long did they last?

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going Veggie and Conjugated Whey Protein


  I have given up fish and shrimp and am now pure Veggie.  There are two reasons for this.  First, fish and shrimp are now raised in pens commercially and fed only God knows what.  Also mercury levels are high.  Secondly, it is a higher conscious decision to choose not to eat any kind of living animal.  I believe that for me, making the highest spiritual decisions that are available to me is my only possible choice.

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standard brachy vs hd brachy vs cyberknife for boost treatment?

I thought this might be better to post as a new topic.  My original thread is here if you need history


Went today for my first dose of lupron at UCSF.  Also got the results back from my 3TMRI which showed the following:


 Prostate volume: 18.29 cc

 PSA density: 0.41 ng/ml2

 Post-biopsy hemorrhage: None

 Multiparametric MR evaluation:

 Heterogeneous appearance of the central gland is consistent with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

 Lesion 1: 

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April had de Vinci radical surgery. The post operative patholoical report of the gland was not what I had hoped for: 70% tumor, Gleason's grade 9 (4+5). Of more concern was the margins: bladder neck - positive bilaterial, perineural invasion-positive, extraprostatic extension-positive, seminal vesicles-positive right.

Patologic stage: pT3b. NX.

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FYI - Interesting information - I input my information and it comes out to me having a 96% chance of living 15 years post surgery - Nothing was stated about additional treatments, RT or Hormones. For me, something to think about as 15 years brings me out to 84 years old!


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