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Prostate Cancer

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the new guy - a candidate

Well, I got a high PSA last week, 8+ and some other unfriendly bloodwork.  It's been a few years since last PSA (+1.x?)  A year ago I put on another 25 lbs extra, and I think that was a donut too far.  This year I've been dealing with mild BPH symptoms.

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Pathology Report Cath Removal

Had my RP follow up appointment today, catheter removed and got updated pathology report.  Its been 11 days since RP surgery and finally feels good to get my ball and chain removed.  Dr was pleased to tell me that cancer has been removed and that no follow up radiation or HT will be needed at this time.  Still on light duty and light lifting for 3 more weeks and will take it day by day on the incontinence issue so far so good.  


Path report:


Gleason 3+3=6

Perineural Invasion: Focal present

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Prolaris score? (genetic test)

Has anyone had any experience with the Prolaris genetic test? Mine was donein August, but my urologist did not mention it when going over my biopsy results. I found out by looking at my records that my score was 3.3, which from what I can find on the net is a rather alarming score. If so, why wouldn't my urologist have said anything?

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GI Joe
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New Diagnosis--looking for long term feedback


I was recently diagnosed w/ prostate cancer.  A PSA test of 6.75 led to a biopsy, which showed 2 of 12 cores were cancerous, and assessed at 3+4 = 7 Gleason.  I'm 46 and otherwise very healthy (you know, other than having cancer).


I'm leaning towards protons--Oklahoma City has a convenient Procure facility--but would like to hear from people who have had proton therapy more than 2 years ago.  I'd love to hear not so much why you chose it but how it's worked for you in the longer term.  Recurrence?  Incontinence?  ED?  Other concerns?


desperate for hope
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Prostate Cancer in Bladder

The team was divided about whether a suspicious extension into the bladder seen on TRUS was something to be concerned about. They decided on a cystoscopy and told me they didn't expect to find anything. 

My husband is GS 4+5, PSA 28, 100% of cores + Bone and CT scan clear. (age 59)

Unfortunately, there most definitely was prostate cancer surrounding the bladder neck. I saw it on the screen and knew it was cancer. They didn't need to tell me nor did they need to do a biopsy. 

Has anyone had this experience? 

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I am originally from the Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer boards.  Been coming here a long time.  Now I have a question regarding my husband's situation, hoping just to get some feedback.  We don't know everything yet, but here's what we do know:

PSA one week ago:  8.5

Biopsy report:  5/12 positive cores

Gleason 3+3 all cores that were positive

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PCa progression and metastasis without detectable PSA levels?


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Prostate surgery

I am a 57 year old male that has Adenocarcinoma cancer in my left lobe i have 5/6 with cancer 3 + 3 =6 and Right side 1 out of 6 cores with 3+3=6. I have a T1c ? also my psa is now 11.8 from 3.4 5 years ago. I am scared that it is going to get worse and want to know if i should get it removed as a friend had a different type of cancer and did radiation and was alsways sick. I have a hard time urinating and also now have ED. Any recomendations or results. Thanks


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Prostrate cancer mestaizied

Hi my husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer that is mestazied to his bones pelvis spine etc. He is taking hormone treatments and chemo . He does not want anyone around and  does not want to  talk  to anyone about it . He was never sick just retired and turged 70 and our whole life changed . We do not have children . I am having a hard time as he is getting angrier and is so touchy.after chemo  he is very tired .he is taking prednisone to. He is incurable but with treatments hope to slow cancer down . He is so mean and saying terrible things to me.

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5 days post op

Well I am on day 5 since surgery. Lucky I have not had pain, some soreness but not pain. I walk as much as I can and I am sure at this point some neighbors are wondering about my 5 gallon home depot bucket LOL hahahaha. 24 Oct cant get here quick enough as the cath is causing more discomfort than anything LOL. Family and friends say they are really surprised at how well I am doing. Since day 2 I have been able to roll onto my sides for sleeping and to get the pressure off the back side. 


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