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September 14, 2015.

On July 12th 2015 I had a full laryngectomy and my Larynx Cancer was removed.


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Such a Beautiful Summer

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Such a Beautiful Summer

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Such a Beautiful Summer

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Right side up

Of course I posted a sideways picture. LOL

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A new grandson brightened my day

Today I was blessed with a new grandson.  He is a beautiful reminder that miracles do happen.  Even when our circumstances in life seem overwhelming, there are these special moments that lift us up and keep us going.  Today a small newborn brought peace to all those around him. 

Atypical lipoma

Hello,  First time poster.  I started having horrible tibia pain in October 14.  The only time the pain occurred was at night when laying down (deep down, achy).  For months I haven't slept well.  I also have RA (4 years).  I had an apt in Dec with my Rheumatologist who ordered x-ray fory back and knee.  She since she couldn't feel anything the pain most likely was coming from kee or back.  I didn't have insurance at this time and didn't get the x-rays because it would have a waste of money. 3 weeks later I was back in the office .  By this time you could feel a lump.  Ordered x-ray.


I had my battle with pancreatic cancer. I will probably fight forever! But today I feel very lucky! I went thru chemo in March,April,May.It was tough,,,but I have 2 wonderful sisters to help me.My one sister lives in Michigan,the other one out of town.But they came together and saved me.I probably would have given up,without them.I had my chemo on Mondays,,so Monday-Wed. I just told myself I HAVE THE FLU,AND THIS SHALE PASS!

My wife

I am looking for support and advice so I can guide my wife as best as possible as she starts treatment for vulvar cancer. Anything would be appreciated.

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New to site - 1st post

Greetings!  Have been reading with great interest your posts on kidney cancer, but due to some glitch was unable to participate until I got assistance from CSN tech support.  


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