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I guess it's my turn


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Infants "Enlarged" Thymus Radiation

March 15, 2015

I found out about my thymus being irradiated on September 13, 1975, at 25 years old. I had just given birth to my first child. 

The endocrinologist suggested I be put on synthroid to, in effect, shut down my own thyroid. I also had a thyroid scan with dye that contained low-dose radiation. Ten years ago another endocrinologist insisted I go off of it since I had not yet developed cancer. 

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How did I find out

for 2 weeks mild pain on the right side then blood in urine went to ER doc asked CT scan for both kidneys found 2 stones in the right and a scras of 2.5 cm in the left went ultrasound and then MRI to confirm 2.5 cm cancer inside the kidney 

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My battle with Colon Cancer


My name is Cindy.  I am now 46 years old. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in May of 2012.  i am happy to say that I have been cancer free now since December 2012.  I decieded to join the cancer survivor network because i recently had a fright, the symptoms that I had before the cancer was discovered happened again to me this week.

Luckely i didn't need to worry, it was just the stomach flu  but the  similarities scarred me and my husband.

I am lucky and i pray to stay cancer free for a lot longer.



My cat Bubby

My cat Bubby

A Little About Me

My name is Michelle from Panama City FL and was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Since I am an adult, early 50s, "they" tell me my road will be tougher and longer than someone under 30.  The "they" I refer to are my doctors.  I'm not quite sure I should be on this website because I am not a survivor....yet!  Although I am surviving each day.  My doctors have told me it will be 10 years before I am considered cured.

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One Crafty Beagle

Me....multitasking, multicrafting dog!

One Crafty Beagle
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Puffin with great grandson

Got to see my great grandson for the first time this weekend. He's 3 months old.

Puffin with great grandson
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Military Ball

This is my daughter and her friend arriving at the Military Ball.

Military Ball

Just Diagnosed

After a yearly mammogram I was told the results indicated the need for additional studies.  The second mammo and subsequent ultrasound indicated need for biopsy.  I waited for 4 days for the results.  As soon as I heard my doctors voice on the phone on 3/2/15 I knew it was not good news.   it felt like some one just punched the wind out of me.   How could this be just 2 months from retirement...oh so close

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