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Wife of Survivor

My husband has stage 4 colon cancer, he has been a survivor going on 8 years. He has worked full time through treatsments, the cancer is in his blood, he has had tumors on his liver, 2 cyber knife procedures and 1 oblation. After this last cyber knife procedure his CEA has not gone down as it did in the past, even with chemo treatments. HIs cat scan showed two spots on his lungs, about 3cm. My husband is a pessimist, he says he is a realist and these tiny spots are cancer spreading beyond the liver.

I Survived Cancer

It was after the chemo that I met Vonzie. He was left desolate, depressed, paranoid, not trusting anyone. The chemo left him disabled. He has improved mentally. He needs to share his journey. He is a senior and a college grad with many talents and public speaking abilities.

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6 1/2 months after chemo

My hair is pretty much back to normal now!

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Farmhouse table finished


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Boris and Barb at the Ride for Roswell

Ride for Roswell

Here we are one year after diagnosis and treatment! Last year I had to do the ride alone because Boris was due in for his first infusion of Cisplatin the next day. This year we did the ride together! 20 miles :)


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I'm A Survivor

I was diagnosed in June 2007 stage 4 including a lymph node. The tumor was approximately the size of a lime. I completed chemotherapy and radiation in October 2007. However in March 2008 I found out that it came back. So I went through a more aggressive round of chemotherapy and extensive radiation. I have several side effects from the treatment that I was given. I have been cancer free for 8 years now but I live with the side effects. 


Cheryls Brain Tumor Journey

The journey began in October 1997 . A lemon size tumor was detected in my brain on a Cat Scan at the hospital after I had been brought in because I had passed out and fallen of a horse. After the SX, the diagnosis came back on the tumor Stage IV , and my prognosis was a year of survival.. Guess they were wrong. Here I am, and it will be my 19th anniversary in Oct this year (2016). I have had two birthdays  a year since 1998. This year I turned  67in May and 19 is coming up in Oct. Statistics are just that, statistics and nothing more.

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Neck Dissection

This will show the neck dissection. I had level II ~ V


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