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A little about Me!!

My name is Angela ..Im 57 years old and live in Glen St Mary, Fla

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2015

Ive been through chemotherapy..and surgery to remove what was left of the tumor..

Last week my port was removed...and i had my CT simulation.. and will start my radiation therapy this coming week!!

[audio-tag-title-raw] by [audio-tag-artist-raw]

My angel


At night 

I lie on my pillow and cry

So many have died in the fight

Who is wrong or right

My angel

I think that I’m losing my mind

The pain has hit me thrice

Swoop down look in my eyes


You watch over me

You are all that I need

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Human Spirit

Having endured over 30 years as a type 1 diabetic including the round the clock risks and demands, open heart triple bypass surgery at age 44, recipient of two pancreas transplants to become insulin indpendent, & diagnosed with cancer twice in 2008, I feel I’m very fortunate to be doing so well. Receiving a transplanted pancreas in 2004 and achieving 7 years of cancer remission remains the most special of times.


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Not my first Rodeo :(

Hello, my name is Dee.  I am a breast cancer survivor from 2006.  I am currently in my 2nd battle with Breast Cancer.  This is a tough disease.  I was in my 40's the first time around and definitely handled it better, at least I thought so.  I have since learned that Chemo Brain is a real thing.  My friend Teri, who was there during the first battle, relayed to me that I was in bed most of the time back in 2006.  Today, at the ripe ole age (ha!) of 57, I rarely lie down.  I am more active because I have to be.  My support and help has changed drastically, and I find that I now have to take

Sarcomotiod Carcinomia of Prostate

My brother just got diagnosed Sarcomoid Carcinomia of prostate stage IV which is very very rare type of cancer. He is 46, healthy and doesn't have any bad symptoms but his bowel movements. His urologist referred him to local oncologist to be seen. Oncologist was very young and eager but didn't treat my brother right. Of course it's bad news, not easy to spit it out for the patient. He explained what it is, how he found out and where it spread. He didn't have the treatment yet, because he never treated something like this before.

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Angel ornament

I've tried several times and it will only show upside down.

Our Story

My son was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma stage 2B when he was 9 years old. A 6cm tumor was found on his adrenal gland incidentally during a CT scan for unrelated appendicitis.  He hadn't had any symptoms and the doctors couldnt feel the tumor upon examination even after knowing where it was.  Our whole life was turned upside down that night in the emergency room.  He was treated by surgical resection only and countless follow up tests and appointments have followed.

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New Normal

A picture taken of me and my wife while touring Ephesus, just out of Athens, Greece.  There is life after cancer in some cases.  I was one of the lucky ones.  A good part of my right neck and base of tongue missing but overall, no complaints while I'm still topside.


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