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Thankful for decision against treatment!

It has been almost 10 months since I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, that the Doctor seemed to think was going to kill me almost immediately. I have not had surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation for this. I know the reason I am still alive is the Lord! Whatever has happened and will happen is in God's capable hands! Thank you Lord for all You do!

My Story- Survival Seeker

The day my life changed was the day I realized I could leave my daughter to grow up by herself.  I was not afraid to die.  I was devastated to leave her.  From the day I was told I had liver cancer,  I felt like I existed in a cloud through my treatment.  Many tests, blood work, then chemo embolization.  Recovery,  dealing with not being at work.   Trying to get my life in order should I not survive.  Nothing like feeling that your in a cloud.  The best thing that could happen to me was to have people care for me. Prayers, Prayers and Prayers.  Daily Encouragement that cannot be measured.

My story is a little different . . . .

My husband is 75 and has advanced prostate cancer. We've been married almost 38 years, and it took him 30 of those years to kill any love I had for him. That's a very long story that doesn't need to be rehashed here. Suffice it to say that I don't love him. I don't even like him anymore. Now he has cancer and I'm stuck being his primary caregiver.

Walking with my regional ACS representative

At the Relay for Life in Ann Arbor, MI two weeks ago.  

How One Man Beat Cancer Through Happyness & Selfies



On April 6, 2015, my friend Brian Rozelle passed away. He lost his fight to bile duct cancer.

Repeative Endo Disease

I guess you can call his my final straw with this disease but I thought I'd try I'm a Mother &Must keep trying to conqer the disease.I am 34 yrs old &have recently been diagnosed for the 5th time with 4 surgeries well that has not helped me so theyve recently started me on hormonal theropy which makes things worst,so basically I'm trying to see if someone has lived that one & can possibly throw out an idea...Anything helps at this point!Undecided

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My Body Guards

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A Quilt for a Friend

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Radiation treatment around Sept. or Oct. of 1950


Not sure where to start so please understand.  At age 26, a discussion with family member shared how several family members were so happy that I had a child. They were all told years ago that I would probably would never have a child. Of course, I was never told this but today am grateful for my son.

   I was born in 1950 and at 6 months old, my parents were told by doctors that I had a "blood tumor" on my vagina. At that time I undergo some radiation treatments. I don't know any more than that. It was in the Cleveland, Ohio area as that is where we lived.

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Osteosarcoma Survivor

Hi, at age 18 I was diagnose with Osteosarcoma, had treatment for a year and surgery.  I have being cancer free for 15 years, thanks to God, medicine and family. Laughing


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