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my dad


im from yemen ,my dad 70 yearsold. was suffering from fatigue,dizziness,swelling of his legs

doctor diagnozed him .myelofibrosis

Hb 6

taking blood,but no benifit,always return down

please any one can tell me about  herbes tretment

i am suffering as him.


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Two years and counting

I'll apologize up front for not keeping up wit CSN for a while. Been a little over 2 years since my nephrectomy. We have been on a roller coster since then. I seem to be doing pretty good for now but have had to have 3 rounds of cryoablation on my right kidney. Due for another Cat Scan later this month. My interventional radiologist says I still have 80% of my right kidney. I will always be a fighter.

I plan on adding a nephrologist to my care team next month.


On joining the Network

Hello, I'm 78 and had a radical prostatectomy on 3rd July 2012.   Gleason 9 was found in the prostate but nothing elsewhere, but there was one part of the prostate at the centre and back where the cancer had escaped.  So adjunct external radiation was done over October/November 2012.  Two PSA tests (March 2013 and June 2013) were <0.01, but the September 2013 result was 0.03.  Since then the results have been 0.06 and 0.12 and I have another test to be done in a few days (early December).  If the PSA is still rising I go onto androgen deprivat

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special dedication

We would like for you to listen and watch our music video to our song "Find A Cure". This song started as a dedication to our aunt that passed away because of cancer. Then a friend from high school passed away and after a co-workers father. We knew we had to raise awareness, unite to fight to find a cure for this horrible disease that keeps taking lives.

Los Malditos - Find A Cure feat. Elena Charis, Dockter Seuss prod. by Choko http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmFC80SSBCc&sns=tw via @youtube

Hope you like the song.

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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013
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Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

My Story

I'm a 47 yr old white female. July 9th of this year I had a stage 2 mass removed from the inside of my right kidney.  Ten days after my surgery my sister who is 49, was diagonised with stage 4 lung cancer.  We moved her and her son from Pennsylvania to our home in Minnesota.  Three weeks after moving  her here, she passed away.

I have recently had a follow up at the Mayo Clinic and I am cancer free at the moment. ♥

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Mets To Liver

Saw my Oncoligist on November 19,2013 and she told me that my cancer had spread to my liver. We can not do Harmone or Radiation Treatments. So I will have to get a "PORT" put in and start Chemo treatments. Onc said that they would be three weeks on & one week off for now. Starting off with Taxol. Stage 4 with Bone Mets and now Liver Mets.

Oct 2012 was diagnosed with bladder cancer for the 2nd time in 4 years and kidney cancer! ! !

 Had surgery in nov 8,2012 for bladder cancer, then a week later had right kidney with a 9 cm tumor removed.  Was told will be doing bcg's for bladder cancer. And that the kidney looked to be ok. But in oct 2013 was told had bunches of tumors where the kidney removed last year..  said was stage 4 non curable, no chemo or radiation. But started votreint at the end of oct 2013 but its making me sick.  Blood pressure is unreal, have no appetite an headache an chest pains. Does this get any better. Scared beyond scared...

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