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Day 1

Here's to a new adventure.

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a song in your head

Every so often I repeat this as it may be helpful for newer patients. When good intentioned people tell you not to worry because any one of us could be hit by a bus and die today, ask them this. "When is the last time you worried about being hit by a bus?" After they say "Never", ask them if they have ever had a song stuck in their head that they couldn't get out. After they say "Yes", tell them, "That is what it is like living with cancer. Every day. All day."  They begin to get a better idea of what we endure.


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Other Grandson Rack

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Christmas project for Grandkids

Made some Karate Display belt racks

Lung cancer stage 1

Im new here . On Dec 1/2015 I had VATS lobectomy for what turned out to be T1b,N0,M0 adeno of the lung . My doctor does not require any adjuvant chemoradiotherapy for me and follow-up CT scan in Aprl but I'm worried a lot .Any one help me . Do I need second oppinion ? Thanks

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My cancer story

In 1993 I was told I had uterine cancer and that I should have kmy uterus removed. The doctor claimed it was "a spare organ, didn't need it to live". I was outraged by his attitude and opted to go down to Sydney (a journey of around 2500km) to get another diagnosis, a second opinion. On the way I decided to drive only in the daytime and to do a meditative walk every day for around 1-2 hours often I couldn't manage more than 20mins without stopping and resting.

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our house in January

Who Cares? Not I





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A little about Me!!

My name is Angela ..Im 57 years old and live in Glen St Mary, Fla

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2015

Ive been through chemotherapy..and surgery to remove what was left of the tumor..

Last week my port was removed...and i had my CT simulation.. and will start my radiation therapy this coming week!!


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