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My mom

My mom is going through breast cancer stage 4 triple negative.  I'm trying to find out what is it like to have it and what must do. 


Can You relate?

At 48 years old I was diagnosed with estrogen positive ductal invasive stage one breast cancer -post my delayed 6 month annual 3D mammogram. My appointment was rescheduled due to the illness and passing of my beloved Father who valiantly fought an 18 month battle with cancer of the ureter and subsequent chemo and hospice.   I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 4 weeks post mammogram, 8 week's post Father's death  I had my first exchange in December with disappointed results and a diagnosis of lymphodema under left armpit where centennial and few other lymph nodes were removed and tested benign.

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Post Amputation

One of my husbands main aims throughout his illness has been to show our children that you don't let anything hold you back, and that life is good and hope is limitless. This image is of him playing with the children just months post amputaion after losing his leg to cancer.


First Day Using AUS800

Had the AUS800 implanted a couple weeks ago.  First day - today going active. Had a leak after four hours of sleep. Hope I made the right choice, and this thing works!

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My Ovarian Cancer story

I was first diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in August 2012, after receiving the pathology report following the removal of a 10 cm. ovarian cyst.

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Celebrate 5 years

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My husband has stage 3b colon cancer. He is getting aggressive full fox treatment!

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My Experience with Hodgkins Disease

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease in1986. I was 17 years old. I was treated for Stage 2A with Cobalt radiation from base of skull to below lung. I recieved treatment at UAB Hospital here in Birmingham Alabama. I had probably one of the last staging laparotomys done for Hodgkins at UAB before they began relying on CT for staging.  I have had no reoccuring cancers since treatment. I am now 47 years old so it has been 30 years this September. I went on to marry my high school sweetheart and have three healthy children and one grandson.

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