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Daily picture journal #1 (8-9-15)

My reality for today, is that my insurance and doctors are making it difficult for me to get my treatments, ugh. My doctor is not taking into consideration my resources to get to my oncologist. While the insurance, isn't caring that my life is on the line; I'm my children's only (living) parent. I'm soooo frustrated right now with this damn situation, gggrrrrrr (hmmm).

Daily picture journal #1 (8-9-15)
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They've hatched!

here is a picture of the baby hummingbirds on my front porch.  I think they were born a couple of days ago.

They've hatched!
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My cancer journey

On March 12, 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIa Adenocarcinoma (better known as lung cancer), as a result of my former employer lacking proper safety equipment such as respirators and masks to foster safety from the harsh chemicals employees inhaled while spraying/laquering furniture.

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The infamous iguana

For those who have been hearing my iguana stories lately in the chat room, thought I'd post a photo of Scrappy. He still hasn't been caught.

The infamous iguana

Stage 3 Vulvar Cancer Sqamous Cell


I joined this site on 08/01/15, today 8/29/15 I am posting an update.

Hi everyone

Hi,I'm Kevin, and I was diagnosed with Primary Liver Cancer on April 8,2015. I also suffer from Cirrhosis which is a result of Hep-C. And because of this, treatments are limited. I've had RFA Abilation six weeks ago, and I have to go in in a week for an MRI to take a peek.

Learning experience

Through cancer I have learned what is important in life. I sometimes wish my friends and family would learn the importance of what is truly important without having to go through what I went through. Hope this makes sense. It does to me.  I feel sometimes as if I am alone on this planet until I speak to another person that has had cancer. Someone who truly understands what you have gone through and are going through even now. It is very scary to think it will come back. I try not to think about it. I really am a better and happier person because of this.

about me

I was diagnosed with breast cancer invasive ductal grade 3 aggressive.  I am ER/PR/HER2 positive (positive for all three).  I begin chemo on Friday July 31st 2015 once every three weeks.  After that will be mastectomy and then another 3-4 cycles of chemotherapy.  Presently the armpit lymph nodes do not look swollen.  Breasts MRI indicate the cancer has not breached the chest wall.  I am 47 and turn 48 the day after the first chemo.  Size of the mass is 3.2cm.

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My New Teeth

Here is a picture of what I want my new teeth to look like.

My New Teeth
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