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Eight Billion Steps: My Impossible Quest For Cancer Comedy - Introduction

This book was going to be Two Hundred Steps, My Fight Against Cancer, but the title seemed too generic for what was percolating in my sometimes painfully clear mind. So I changed it from the typical to the absurd, and I have been struggling with my quest ever since.

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Jan 23 2014 CT scan with contrast

Kind of obvious where the tumor is huh? That bag of rocks towards the top I'm told is my gallbladder full of gallstones. Doc doesn't want to do anything about it since it is not presenting any symptoms. 

Jan 23 2014 CT scan with contrast

My Cancerous Hoo-Hah

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011 and went through radiation and chemotherapy. I blogged and journaled about everything I went through, compiling those into a book that details everything from which treatments I pursued, how they affected me, and how I felt. If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, don't be scared. You are not alone. If anyone wants to ask me any questions at all about this, please feel free to contact me.

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My very talented writer sister posted an article that mentioned my old cancer days this morning. It got me thinking about those days and all the thoughts and feelings I had swirling around in my chemo ridden brain then and in the years after. I had two rare types of cancer, GERM Cell and PNET.  I was so full of anger, self-hatred, and anything else to keep the sadness and fear away. For years I felt like cancer had taken something from me.

2 year old with rhabdo

    Hello, my name is Brendan McCoy, and my son was recently diagnosed with Rhobdomyosarcoma. His name is Joseph and he is 2 years and 4months old. The tumor is located where the prostate gland would normally be located, and is about 5cm in diameter. I am writing this about 8 days after the diagnosis, 5 days after biopsy surgery, and 1 day after chemo. My wife and I struggled to concieve a child, and Joseph was a miracle to the family. He is the only grandchild of the family and will most likely be the only grandchild of the family.

Cancer: A True Story...

Cancer: A True Story…


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My Banner

With God by my side and the support of Family and Friends, I'm going to fight this with everything I have in me. 

My Banner
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Forster strong

My family had tee shirts made when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer as a show of support. I am blessed to have a huge loving family, but not so blessed that they live so far away from me.  It meant the world to me to get photo of them throughout the year of them wearing the shirts from all over the country.. 

Forster strong

Melanoma/Brain cancer

So, I guess I should start this story at the beginning which was approximately 3 weeks ago. My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They think it started at a spot on the back of his neck. They removed that along with lymph nodes. Sent him to Columbus Ohio for a full body scan. Those results were devaststing. They said he had a tumor in each lung and 30 plus spots in one lung. They told him it had already gone into his blood and bones.  Now this past Friday he had a Pet Scan of the brain and it showed that he had 2 spots there also.

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Happy and Healthy New Year to all my brothers and sisters!!!

My "cancer" jewellery. No other cancer allowed in 2014.




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