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.....Prayer Nothing Else Than Being On Terms of Friendship With God!

.....Prayer Nothing Else Than Being On Terms of Friendship With God!
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God is in Control

God is in Control

My friends wrote my cancer a song!

I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a right masectomy last week. I've decided to approach the whole thing with a sense of humor -- not only to I intend to beat cancer, I plan to make it feel really stupid! :) My friends Caitie Rose and Michaela jumped on board this "kick cancer's butt" wagon and wrote me (or.. my cancer) a song! I've been sharing it with everyone! Here's the YouTube video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq3TJ5ZkuH8 (Song for Mary Ann's Breast Cancer) ....

Skin cancer nonmelonoma

I was diagnosed with cancer finially after going to the dr. to many times to say. They kept saying not cancer. So I went back to work. While the crack on my lip got worse and worse. Finially i went to dermotalogist and yep cancer. The cancer ate up my lip and some. I went to get mohs and not that i am not thankful to be living but my face now is very deformed. Was layed off and could not pay for all treatments. Now I just got biopsy and waiting on results. I was a pretty good looking woman and now I cant look among my scars. I now may have more cancer.

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My Journey with Stomach Cancer


Prior to my diagnosis, several symptoms showed couple mounths earlier; loss of appetite,swallowing difficulty, and fatigue. Also I did have heartburn for 6 months that I treated with of shelf medication. My doctor didn't have anything to add, advising me to stay away from Korean spicy food. In 2012, I lived in Korea for a year asTech support Engineer for semiconductor company. Also for 10 years traveled 70%  in Asia and Europe but mostly Asian countries. 

Colon Cancer Stage IV - survivor

I posted this information because when I heard those words “you have cancer” , I immediately went searching for as much information as I could find. I found some of the information in many different places on the Web. I looked at many websites, blogs, etc. I spoke with oncologists and my doctor. I had to figure out some things on my own along the way. I posted this information because I want to help others who are diagnosed with cancer to understand what to expect and to navigate the wealth of information that is available.

Getting Got

Sometimes you get. Other times you get got.

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Feelings Of Cancer

Once you’re in it, it’s like: All right, I can do that. I did it. I had that sense of accomplishment for my part, as microscopic as this was stacked up with the efforts of my Doctors and Caregivers. I felt as though I had been conditioned for that situation, as weird as that may sound.

I have a gleason 9.

With my G9 score, my age, my lack of adult thinking in regards to senior financing of retirement,  and a lot of other issues, I have chosen to let the cancer take its course. I'm not going to deplete our (mostly hers) bank account to fight a non-winable battle. I have no children she has two and nor do I have any brothers or sisters. Both of my parents are dead and my adolescent years were mostly a series of temporary foster houses. I'm not affiliated with any religion, but IF there is a God, I would surly like to have a word or two with Him.

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