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My Story

In March 2010, I had a typical busy work day and when I got home decided to lie down for a bit.  I couldn't get comfortable, so I had my husband take me to the ER for chest pain.  I was 29 at the time and had never had a serious medical issue, but I knew something was wrong.  As it turned out, I had a DVT and pulmonary embolism.  This is when I met my hematologist, Dr. Min Sun (UPMC St Margaret).
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Acute Lymphoma Leukaemia again

29 June 2011, my only child was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoma Leukaemia. End of September 2011, he was cancer free after harsh chemo therapy in isolation. He still had to do two (of five) more intravenous chemo therapy cycles in isolation. After that he was on oral chemo therapy for eight months. He was healed. So I believed. December 2015, he got very sick again. January 2016 he went for bone marrow tests. Since 2011, he already had 14 Lumbar punctures for bone marrow tests and one was chemo therapy in the spine. End of January 2016 he started another chemo therapy cycle in isolation.

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4/2016 I guess I should up date some -- Click for full story

It has been 2 1/2 years now and still NED. Well when they took my larynx the tumor was inside so they got it all. I have chosen to stay active on this site for several reasons. First, many were here for me in some dark times. I came here months after the surgery and had gone back to work. However I had some PTSD I guess and survivors guilt. I never went through the why me when I was told I had cancer. It just would not change anything, and I smoked so I kinda figered it out.



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image reborn 2 day retreat in Park City.

It was a pampered weekend. Very nice.  I was the only stage iv.  It was a good weekend, just made it uncomfortable.  Nothing scarier  than thinking they did the mastectomies, and it can still come back stage iv.  Such is reality for some of us.  

My Cards

I had problems with double vision and depth perception on my eyes.  After an MRI they let me know I had a brain tumor.  It was considered inoperable and I was given 15% chance of surviving 1-2 additional years at best.  That was all 20 years ago in 1996.  God is good

To Hell and Back

The following is a journal based on my cancer status webpage.  We learned quickly that the number of folks that you share the news of being diagnosed with cancer multiplies the number of inquiries and updates that need to be repeated and responded to.  The webpage was designed for family, close friends and co-workers to access information, share information and make inquiries regarding my journey through my treatment for this nasty condition.


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