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I love being outside

i love being outside enjoying nature and seeing God's beautiful creations.


My cancer nightmare

I was diagnosed with  breast cancer in August  2014. The surgery was scheduled for  September  3, 2014, and expanders were put in.

Around five weeks later I told the reconstruction  Doctor  that the right breast was not growing like the left one. He told me I was wrong. Then three weeks

Newly diagnosed ovarian carcinosarcoma 3C

I would like to meet survivors and hear your story as I make decisions related to treatment.

Still waiting on a biopsy

I had an x ray because of chest pains on 8/14/2015. The radiologist put "stat to doctor" on the bottom of the report. I went to my primary doctor on 9/22/2015 and asked how my x ray came out. He said he had nothing back about it. About an hour after I returned home my primary called and read me the x ray report, it said there was a mass in my lung that appeared it could be malignant. I had a CT scan 9/23/2015, this also said it may be malignant because of the appearance, there was also a mass on my right adrenal gland. The lung mass is 5.4cm and the adrenal is 3cm.

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Signature quilt

This is the signature quilt I made for my husband. It was signed by co-workers, friends and parishioners. I was able to give it to him on his last day of radiation therapy.



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Bras on Broadway fundraiser

Here's the bra I decorated for the annual Breast Cancer fundraiser, Bras on Broadway.


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Why I am here

Hello Survivors.  I am 48 years old and was not supposed to live past my 2nd birthday.  Back in 1967 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilm's Tumor that metastised to my bone marrow.  I have very little details about my treatment but I am suffering.  If anyone out there as information about Chemo treatments that took place at Rainbow's Baby and Children Hospital Cleveland, Ohio, I would be eternally grateful for your story.  I called several years ago for my records but the hospital claims they were destroyed.  Anyways, I know I had radiation to shrink tumor and it and my right kidney were remov

My Cancer Story

Diagnosed with Barett's Esophagus in december 2014. Endoscopy following "Halo Treatment" for Barrett's revealed Stage 2 malignancy on February 26th, 2015. I underwent 5 weeks of Radiation (25 Treatments) along with 5 chemotherapy treatments simu;ltaneous;y on a one a week interval. Took 6 weeks off to regain my health and then underwent Esophagectomy on July 20th. Releassed from hospital on August 1st. Considering everything that could have gone wrong, my recovery has been remaekble and I am now cancer free.

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Into the setting Sun

I am a retired systems programmer (2003) who planned on settling in MS on my wife's (Patricia) family homestead.  We both worked at the University of Kansas starting in 1970.  We discovered she had primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) in 1978 and in 1995 she had a liver transplant at KUMED with a roux-en-y biliary connnection to the small intestine.  We made it through the next 20 years until her "new" liver started failing in Jan 2014.  I was a normal (but active) diabetic old man until then and I have been her caregiver for the last two years.


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