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Who Am I?

My husband of 21 years was diagnosed with extensive stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer in Oct. 2016

 He was first diagnosed with pneumonia and pleural effusion in July 2016. After 2 weeks in the hospital and IV antibiotics they sent him home.

Oct.8th,2016 he was diagnosed with stage 4 extensive small cell lung cancer.  

He had 3 whole brain radiation treatments then 3 consecutive days of chemo.  Really made him weak and sick.  He has since decided he didn't want anymore


Doctors dont know all

I was diagnosed with melanoma in April 2006. I have had 12 surgeries,four years of heavy chemo, new hips, and I am still here nine years later. I'm the only one left from a cancer study I started in 2009. I have numerous side effects from the chemo and surgeries but God healed me and I am in my third year disease free from my PET scans. This story is for someone out there that was given very little hope. Three times I was told I had less than three months to live. Drs

life goes on but changes

Believe in Miracles

"Everthing is possible for one who believes" Mark 9:23.  This is a quote from Jesus.  He said "everything".  I am "one who believes".

I believe that a cure for cancer falls into the category of "everything".  The bible records many miracles of healing.  I pray that a cure for cancer is found soon and that I will benefit from that cure.  It may be asking for a miracle, but I do believe that "Miracles" have occurred in biblical times and that they continue to this day!

Restlessness agitation glioblastoma

My father is 59. He has been suffering from brain cancer for as long as I can remember.  Diagnosed in 1995 with stage II, operated and removed in 96 and 98 went into remission for years. Lived a pretty average life Considerin,he  Could drive but couldn't work. He lost most of his coordination on right side and had a hard time balancing Including a few falls thoug out the years, but remain independent he lived ok On his own.  In 2010 mri showed that there had been new growths. He was put on a chemo pill and that seemed to do the trick for the time being. Fast forwsrd to 2015.

Imangine me with Testosterone

Imangin me with testosterone

All of my photo expressions are gone

Ever since Greta left the site has gone downhill. When she was in charge, questions were answered and action was taken. Now, at best you get lip service and nothing gets done. I've asked why aren't images allowed in posts and didn't get an answer. I hoped my "Expressions" would be safe but I see they are ALL gone. 

What the hell is the matter with the people in charge? I can't express myself now?

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So much anger.....

My husband was daignosed with Omentun Cnacer on April 11, 2016. Everything now sucks. I have so MUCH anger over my husabnd's cancer that sometimes it disables me. But I try no to show it. His is a cancer that there is NO cure for, so only time will tell. But all I can think about is how angry I am that we have lost our future. ALl our plans we were making in April are now gone, no retirement home when we retire, no retirment at all together. I knew I would be alone at some point in my life but not now, not so early. He tries, but recently he has undescribable fatigue.

Gastric Cancer Survivor

I am a survivor of stomach cancer stage 3. I count my blessings everyday for being able to wake up to my wife and kids. God Bless!


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