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Updated picture January 2017

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My menorah...

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2016 Ornament Exchange

Here's the beautiful ornament I received from TraciInLA for the ornament exchange held on the Breast Cancer Discussion Forum. She put so much thought into individualizing it just for me, what a treasure, and certainly brightened up my holiday.

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My ornament from MaryAnn

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My 16th birthday

Who Am I?

My husband of 21 years was diagnosed with extensive stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer in Oct. 2016

 He was first diagnosed with pneumonia and pleural effusion in July 2016. After 2 weeks in the hospital and IV antibiotics they sent him home.

Oct.8th,2016 he was diagnosed with stage 4 extensive small cell lung cancer.  

He had 3 whole brain radiation treatments then 3 consecutive days of chemo.  Really made him weak and sick.  He has since decided he didn't want anymore


Doctors dont know all

I was diagnosed with melanoma in April 2006. I have had 12 surgeries,four years of heavy chemo, new hips, and I am still here nine years later. I'm the only one left from a cancer study I started in 2009. I have numerous side effects from the chemo and surgeries but God healed me and I am in my third year disease free from my PET scans. This story is for someone out there that was given very little hope. Three times I was told I had less than three months to live. Drs

life goes on but changes

Believe in Miracles

"Everthing is possible for one who believes" Mark 9:23.  This is a quote from Jesus.  He said "everything".  I am "one who believes".

I believe that a cure for cancer falls into the category of "everything".  The bible records many miracles of healing.  I pray that a cure for cancer is found soon and that I will benefit from that cure.  It may be asking for a miracle, but I do believe that "Miracles" have occurred in biblical times and that they continue to this day!


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