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Current feelings

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First Day of Third Grade

My Life Changed

On June 28, 2016 my life, our lives, changed.  After going through the process of trying to  find out why my husband was so sick and losing weight and barely able to breathe we were given a diagnosis.  Several chest xrays, CT Scans and a biopsy, the words small cell carcinoma...probably extensive stage were spoken to us.

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New Teeth

Well I wanted the all Titanium teeth for my entire mouth, but they were too expensive and insurance denied that version.  So I had to get just the lowers that look like normal teeth.

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4 1/2 months after chemo

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Along the way, I had so many friends and family that wanted to know how I was doing, I made three presentations to communicate with them via YouTube. One as 7 days after surgery for a hemiglossectomy and neck dissection for removal of 40 lymph nodes. The second was about a month after surgery and prior to the start of radiation. The third was at about week four of six of radiation.

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Note: I was treated as Sloan Kettering in New York City. They have a program to coach patients with writing, and then publish those stories in a magazine “Visible Ink”. The following was written and published in that magazine. The story deals with the day in March 2012 when I found out I had cancer.


Wife of Survivor

My husband has stage 4 colon cancer, he has been a survivor going on 8 years. He has worked full time through treatsments, the cancer is in his blood, he has had tumors on his liver, 2 cyber knife procedures and 1 oblation. After this last cyber knife procedure his CEA has not gone down as it did in the past, even with chemo treatments. HIs cat scan showed two spots on his lungs, about 3cm. My husband is a pessimist, he says he is a realist and these tiny spots are cancer spreading beyond the liver.

I Survived Cancer

It was after the chemo that I met Vonzie. He was left desolate, depressed, paranoid, not trusting anyone. The chemo left him disabled. He has improved mentally. He needs to share his journey. He is a senior and a college grad with many talents and public speaking abilities.


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