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The other lady in my life

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new snowboarder

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they grow up

this is my grandaughter now dec.08
same little lady in my main pic of me holding her at birth


Nuria Bac

My name is Nuria, I've been cancer free for more than six months now.
I was diagnosed two years ago with stage IV cervical cancer, I've been through it all, chemo, radiation, 9 surgeries...most of them to deal with all the damage from radiation, and I still have 2 more to go.
I am 35 years old now, and even though this experience does not define ME....it has definitely touched me and my family...life has always been amazing, and a stupid little thing like cancer ain't gonna stop this girl.
So when asked to tell my story, I rather talk about the fight, the taste of success, and the sense of accomplishment than medical details and procedures I had done.

Nuria & Lola

during the fight

What to tell my mom

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct 29, 2008. So far she has had 2 lumpectomys because she did not want the entire breast removed. We were called back to see the dr on Dec 17, 2008 for more bad news. They did not get it all and there is more cancer there imbedded. the Dr gave my mom the option she first gave her was to remove the breast which will give her a 98% chance of no cancer to not doing nothing and treating her with chemo and other drugs as well as radiation which will be 50/50 and to watch it and see if nothing happens.

I am 46, I have a 7 year old boy I have a husband and I am worn out from the stress that my mom is going through, not to mention the stress I am going through.

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The view from our hotel room...The Agean Sea


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