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One last one and I am done

This is my grandson, all of five months old.

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G-Pa and Scooter and some strange lady

Not the best pic of Scooter, but the best pic of me in years, sad to say, so we opted for this one :).

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Who needs Santa when you've got grandparents

I think the pic says it all.

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Foot in Mouth Disease...Takes After G-Pa

some of the ladies on this site asked for pics, so I am submitting a couple. I wil be brief. These are of my grandson, who is five months old. My daughter and her hub decided to have a child sooner rather than later when I was mistakenly diagnosed with as little as ten months to live. What a wonderful misdiagnosis that has turned out to be!

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Son, grandson, and the ball

The best soccer player I ever knew, along with the youngster who is next in line :).

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from a very greatful lady

i would like to thank everyone in my life who has been there for me through tough time in my life and first and for most my family who has bear me and my moods , these people in this story are and still the biggest part of my life . and for mom and my best friends doris and chsrlie how are and always a very B-I-Gpart of my life god bless you all

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me and my family


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