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Brain Tumor Survivor - (from my site, www.ImSurvivor.com)

Yes everyone has a story to tell, this is mine. The year was 1987. I was 11, and starting the 6th grade. Exploration, independence, cliques, and social graces, were part of my everyday experience. I was a normal teen excited to start off my teenage years with a bang, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to go through. I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor wrapped around my brain stem.
My stay in the hospital was for the better part of 2 years, off & on. My treatment consisted of surgeries, shunt revisions, radiation, chemotherapy, and several traumatic moments. I lost my balance and had to re-learn walking. I lost my hair, and my body stopped producing the growth hormone in the process. But that didn’t stop me from coming back to school and rejoining my friends and classmates. Determined, I came back first in a wheelchair, then a walker, then a cane, and as the years went by, I was walking on my own. I took needles throughout school to make me grow taller and wore a wig to cover my bald head.

Myxoid Lypo Sarcoma

I had a lump growing on my left thigh for about 4 years.
I may have had this tumor longer but I was so busy taking care
of my husband who was terminally ill for several years and I became a Widow in 2004 .
They say stress can cause Cancer . I also had an auto accident at about the same time .
I told several doctors and they just brushed it off as fatty tumors , age , ect. ect.
Then I finally got a Nurse Practitioner to listen to me and she sent me for MRI .
I was diagnosed with myxoid liposarcoma on my left thigh in July 08.
Mine was low grade , slow growing type .

I had biopsy then surgery for removal of tumor




Well, for about a year now I have had worsening pain in my abdomen, constipation or diarhea, blood in my stool, different color stools, heart burn with everything I eat and my Diabetes has been getting better without taking my medication for it. I have been concerned about this and repeatedly told my Dr. He did a few tests and came up with it was all in my head. Well over the past month in a half I found a GI DR on my own and he found that I have a cluster of lumps within the wall of my stomach that he biopsied.
I find out next week if its cancer. Im not upset that I may have this, Im upset


this is me at the hospital

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I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer December 2007. I was 33. I was of course scared, but I didn't show it. I went through 5 months of chemo. I had an allergic reaction to one of the chemotherapy medicines. My tounge cracked, swelled up, I couldn't talk, nor could I sleep because I kept gagging. It was the most horrific time. I cried and kept telling myself that I can't do this anymore. I just want God to take me, but I did something that saved my life. I called my sister and asked to talk to her daughter Amanda. She was 1 1/2 years old. She got on the phone and she started talking to me a little and then sang a song that I couldn't make out what it was. Then ended the somewhat conversation by saying 'I wub you aunt Isa. I cried so hard I think I soaked the phone. Just thinking about seeing her future life (graduation, first boyfriend, prom, etc,) made me fight to beat this cancer.

My Little Hero

My Little Hero

out in the cold

finding out that i had breast cancer was scary, surviving the cancer was the happieast moment in our life, now i have to survive the world because i'm out in the cold. now i have no insurence, and becaouse i no longer have " CANCER " breast care will no longer help me.
FUNNY, because now i have five years of testing to go thruogh, something i would NOT be doing if i had not had the cancer. Yet, that is NOT part of the coverage... They also know that anyone who has had cancer cannot get insurence...
I have won the cancer fight, but now I have to fight to keep the next five years going without losing everything we have worked so hard for.

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