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The Unexpected (Ovarian Cancer stage 3c / Endometrial Cancer Stage 1-2)

I will never forget the day I was told I had cancer. I felt like I was going to pass out. All I could think about was my husband and children and I was tormented with the thought of not being around to see my children grow up. I never expected to hear those words. Throughout my life I have been extremely blessed. I met my husband at a young age and had 4 beautiful children. Both my husband and I are Pastors of a full gospel church and my life has been surrounded with wonderful people, my congregation is filled with people who love God and want to serve Him and each other.

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diagnosed with lymphoma

hello friends,
my name is demita nolan and my husband steven nolan was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer on october 29, 2008 and he is not computer inclined so i do it all for him, let me start off by saying he is a 47 year old white male that was diagnosed with rsd which is reflex sympthetic dystrophy in 1999 and then he was told he had hepatitis c back in 200 where 2 test said he had it and 2 test said he did not have it so he just carried on thinking he was finr from that because of the 2 test saying he did not have it, well we took a trip to norfolk va in febuary of 2008 in which he ended up being hospitalized due to his legs and he had a under the skin rash that was in a deep purple color and was to swollen he could not walk and then he was told he had the hep c disease, so after returning back home in florida in febuary of 2008 he then was hospitalized from the end of september till the middle of october for 26 day's and was told his liver was inflamed due to the hepatitis c, so he was treated for that and was released with a picc iv in him still because after giving him 5 treatment's of plasma exchange and the last treatment he received he became really bad off, he ran a temp of 104.9 and was in icu for 3 day's and he had gotten a infection in his blood stream from the tubes in his neck for the plasma exchange treatments, i of the tubes developed a growth on it and caused the infection in his blood stream, well after being released with the picc iv for him to get antibiotics in a iv which was the picc line everyday for a month and by the time it was time to have the picc iv removed from him he could not walk again and ended up back to the er room which they admitted him again and this time the doctor had done a bone marrow byopsy and was told on october 29, 2008 that he has lymphoma cancer and has been going to chemo every week since december 2, 2008 and will be given his last treatment on january 26, 2009 and then they will wait for 3 weeks and then do another blood culture on him to see where his protein level stands, befor he started his chemotherapy his protein level was 18,000 and then it dropped down to 12,000 and then it dropped down to 387 and the normal count is suppose to be 20, so the doctor want's to get it down to a 2 number figure, well on tuesday january 20, 2009 when stevie received his chemotherapy i called the doctor's office while he was there because of some side affects he was having that was a great deal to me to be concerned about because he was not scheduled to see the doctor until febuary 6, 2009 and the side affects were, constantly thirsty, loosing his eye sight, always sleeping, lost of appetite, lot's of confusion, having a very bad taste in his mouth, he told me everything he eats tasted like iron, he had a accident in his sleep and he urinated his self on accident and just so many other side affects so they scheduled for me to take him in the next day at 2:30 the next day because we do not live in the same city that he has his chemotherapy in, well come wednesday january 23, 2009 i took him in for a exam with the doctor and the doctor was blaming all the side affects on the cancer and just a few on the chemo but not much and i asked the doctor how his liver and kidney's were doing so he looked backed in stevie's chart and found 2 different lab results from on november 28, 2008 and december 8, 2008 where his glucose test were at very high number's the 1 for november was 190 and the 1 for december was for 195 so the doctor reversed the side affects he was having on being a diabetic so now is he not only fighting all the other problems listed above he is also battling of being a diabetic as well and the doctor that he goes to for his treatment's and his exam's is already had me concerned if he was diagnosing stevie and doing the proper test on his treatments and etc. because the doctor is always in a rush and never takes his time with a patient if needed too, so i was already trying to make a decision on finding him a new cancer doctor, so i think after all of the recent events that fell in my lap helped me to make my decision alot better and i am just so scared for my husband and just really need someone to talk to about his cancer and everything we are both going through because we get told 1 thing by the chemo nurse and then told another thing that involved the same question from the doctor, and all i am looking for is a straight up correct answer. so if there is anyone out there that is going through the same kind of cancer as my husband has or someone that knows alot about his situation and can give me alot of right, good and confident answers and help me learn on this cancer because we are still trying to let it sink in our heads that he has cancer, i would really appreciate any advise i can get on his situation.

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Lobster Dinner Out Celebrating the end of Chemo-Therapy

Even though my skin was a little greenish and my hair and eyebrows were thin, that crustacean was still pretty taste...

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Scary radiation treatment photo

This is a picture of me on a table previous to a radiation treatment. the mask is a mold of my face and holds me in an exact position while they zap me... You can also see the port in the upper left side of my chest. I think this picture is cool.

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oldest brother pic 3

This is my oldest brother his son our dad and our grandpa ( dad's dad)

oldest brother pic 2


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