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My Husband has cancer

Hello, My name is Angie. I am reaching out to CSN because my husband (Jack) has cancer. Jack was diagnosed in October 2007 with Ocular melanoma. Jack was having problems for a few months with and irritated eye and after several visits with the ophthalmologist, she noticed the tumor in Jack's eye, it finally had reared it's ugly head. We went to a University and they diagnosed him with the ocular melanoma. At that point they wanted to remove his eye and see what we would have to do next. We came home and discussed with our own doctor and went back and forth with different tests and appointments. He had a PET scan late October early November of 2007. They were unsure if he had additional spots or not. They saw something on his liver/spleen area, so they went in for a laparoscopy surgery. Unfortunately the melanoma had indeed spread to his liver and spleen. They didn't do anything during the surgery and said it was Stage 4 metastatic melanoma. He then had an MRI to rule out any brain lesions, but that also didn't go are way. They showed about 5 small lesions on his brain. The eye surgery went on hold because the brain was their main focus at this time. He underwent 3 weeks daily of radiation in December 2007. In January 2008 he started a pill form of chemo called Temador. He took this for several months. The follow up MRI in February 2008 showed that the radiation was a success and they even radiated his eye reducing the tumor by half it't size. In April 2008, Jack started to show melanoma spots around different surface areas of his skin. They continued the pill form chemo until June 2008. He then started with iv treatment of carboplatin, evastin, and taxol. He had a port put in around August because his veins could not handle it anymore. Jack did great throughout these treatments with only the minimal side effects of fatigue and weakness. In November 2008, Jack presented problems with his balance and movement with his left leg. They did a follow up MRI on the brain and showed the tumors had grown rapidly, he had almost 40 lesions on his brain. Jack underwent radiation treatment again on the brain in December 2008 and finishing up on 12/30/08. Jack is currently on a watch basis, hopefully having a follow up MRI in the beginning of February to see what the radiation affected. In December his radiation oncologist informed him that his chance of survival past 9 months was slim.

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re-grown hair

This is what my hair looked like a year after being completely bald.

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Dads Cancer


I just found out today that my Dad has stage 4 BAC lung cancer and was wondering if anyone out there could tell me more about this. We do know that he cannot be operated on and they will tell us more next week. However I would like to know more now so I can get some sleep. The not knowing is going to keep me awake. I know that this is not good and the survival rate is pretty low, however I want to know more. Please help if possible. Thank You

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So Far

When I was ten I lost my dad to throat cancer. I didn't understand much and I ended up just pushing everyone away.

Now 8 years later, my boyfriend of two years was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. I joined because I want to learn more about cancer. I'm sick of it messing with my life and I'm tired of seeing people sick from it. My boyfriend is being treated in a Children's hospital and I have met so many strong little kids fighting. They have touched my heart so deeply and it truly has changed my life and I want to do something about it.

Noah and Me

A Hope and a Cure

I've done volunteer work for several Relay For Life events over the past few years, and also attended a few on my own, but there was one in particular that was especially meaningful to me. My Nana (dad's mom, Italian family) passed away from colon cancer in November 2005, and it had a huge impact on me. She was the closest person to me that had died, and the only close relative to also have cancer. She was in treatment for it for a period of a few years, having been in remission for it for a while, only to relapse later. She had many other health issues by the time she passed away, so it was not unexpected. I attended a Relay For Life event on the weekend of what would have been her next birthday. I had set up many luminaria bags at past events where I volunteered, but I had never made one for anyone I knew. It gave me a chance to reflect on her life and how she helped me during my own cancer treatment.

My story

I thought I would write my story just in case anyone had a similar one to mine. I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in October of 2005. At the time I was shocked but then I guess I always thought I might get it since my mom's mother died of breast cancer and my father's aunt had had a lumpectomy. I was surprised that I had a tumor of 5 centimeters that went undetected at an earlier stage by a recent mammogram. Also through a later MRI I discovered there were some lobular in situ cells in my other breast. I had a mammogram in November of 2005 and in December of 2005 had chemotherapy and I lost all of my hair.

I miss my mom terribly...

My beautiful awe-inspiring mom, Rene, was diagnosed with breast cancer January 8th, 2008.
She died September 8th, 2008 leaving my dad (a 47 year long marriage), myself and my sister Candy, lost without her.

Chemotherapy caused her to develop severe lymphoma in her right arm.
She died an awful morphine-filled death but not before she suffered terribly, her heart overwhelmed with sadness...

The pain in my heart is just too overwhelming to keep covered anymore. I've tried to be strong for my family this last year - through it all and we've come a long way but now, it seems as though the floodgates of my heart are opening and I don't know how to contain my tears.


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