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Me and Sis january 2009

The Joys Of My Life

L-O-V-E (Love) [*] by Al Green

Me Cancer survivor

Well I am a cancer survivor for 7 years...but it came back in my 7th year. I caught it early again. It started with ovarian cancer on my 40th birthday in 2000. I went through chemo really well other than the hair lose I did great. This time wow!!! Nauseated, mouth thrush, sore on mouth, hair fell out real early,food made me think of throwing up and the smell of certain foods yuck!! It made up for it this time! But I am alive an well. This cancer that returned was on the outside lining of my stomach so tiny you couldn't see except to blow it up some high number to see it. I have a port in my tummy and one in my chest. The one in my chest I had before ( the first time)but it was taken out then so it back, the tummy one I don' really like it.....it hurts if i sit wrong etc... but its a small price to pay to take care of the cancer. My CA125 was at 37 when I stared both times its now at 6. Before it was a 3. It took me 7 years to NOT be afraid of it returning

This is my story

In February 2007, Aurora was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. It is a very rare (strikes approx. 2 in 1,000,000 people) and life threatening condition that leaves her bone marrow unable to re-produce new stem-cells and, therefore, unable to produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Aurora's case is idiopathic, but one of their "theories" is that her immune system could be attacking her bone marrow.

There have been blood tests, transfusions and even a couple of bone marrow biopsies (not to fear, they put her to sleep!). But thankfully, Aplastic Anemia has cure rate of approx. 80 - 90%, and with Aurora's young age and (otherwise) good health her chances are really good.

Me in the Hospital

Stage 3 ovarian Cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer May 2007. I had surgery and chemo and have been in remission since November 2007. I get a CA-125 every 3 months and it like sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results. I have severe neuropathy from the chemo and am unable to drive as a result of it, but at least I am here.

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The After Life

Okay, maybe not life after death. Thank God I didn´t get to that point. Sometimes I wonder where I am or where I´ve been. People that who have not gone through the Big C do not believe me about not remembering. Especially those that are closer. They think just because I´ve been told that they didn´t find more cancer doesn´t mean I´m totally healed. There are so many aftereffects.

Now I have the memory thing that plages me the most. I still feel so tired and when the cold chills come I cover up with something to try to get warm. Then all of a sudden or maybe even 1/2 hour later I am bursting with flames inside and I feel like I cannot cope with anything. I get very clostrophibic. I want to start ripping my clothes off but usually cannot. Like that would really help, right!? Sometimes the hot flashes last quite awhile.


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