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My Event

Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Day and ME!!! My friend and co-worker Leanne planned an event for me on King Day.. Words alone cannot say how overwhelmed i am by their "Preparing and caring for their Lady in Pink.. now i know i will be OK.. This cancer does not know who it is tangling with!!Holy cow..talk about support! I recieved gifts of gas , grocery, wall-mart, restaurant gift certicates, delicious food that was prepared for my family and i.
even got boobs in a box and bras that fit me perfectly. A short haircut, many cards and letters all filled with hope and inspiration. How i love Jesus and how good He is. Today is the innaguration of Barck Obama and i pray for world peace and cures for cancer.

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Me with short hair

decided i needed to cut my hair short. found out i should have done it long ago. But figured if it was a bad haircut it really wouldn't matter, turns out i love it!!

new yrs eve



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snowie house

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A fear, a pain; she tries to fight
Needles every day she has to accept
Blinding light from radiation
Through her skin it has crept.

Does anyone know the fear and pain she feels today,
“Please dear God, please God take it away.”

Does anyone know, do the people really care?
100’s die each year, the numbers too much to bear.

BFC Riders will never leave the fight,
In numbers and love we have the might.

We cannot cure; we can only work for the kids
But we can bring a smile, love and laughter, it exceeds all other bids.

So to you my Brothers and Sisters as we ride down the road,

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Relay for Life Walk

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husband and daughter


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