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Granddaughter Ava and Me

Granddaughter Ava and Me
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My little grandson displaying the unique trust a child has in their parents. He knows his daddy will catch him and of course he did. They visited the pumpkin patch and obviously had a bunch of fun!

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Beating The Odds - Now What Do I Do?

It's been 28 long difficult years since my first diagnosis 28 years ago this upcoming
Thanksgiving Weekend. I was 26 when I was told that I had between a stage 3-4 malignant melanoma, and to get my life in order after recovery from reconstructive surgery and
warned that the cancer would return. With that in mind, I changed the course of my life.
I have no regrets and am so grateful to be alive today. The doctors were correct in their
scientific analysis - the melanoma returned 7 years later to my stomach and esphogeous.

I was now a single mother, with a four year old still young myself, I went through the

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I'm feeling pretty lonley

In 2001 I was told by my gynocologist that cancerous cells were present in a recent papsmear. After a year of small proceedures and tests he decided a radical hysterectomy was my only other option. Last October the cancer had returned. This time since there is nothing for the cells to attach themselves to, they are clinging to the walls of my vagina and the cancer is simply being termed gynocological cancer. In January of this year (08) I began a piggy back treatment of radiation and chemo. I am currently on round 2. My doctor feels we may need to go 2 more rounds before I will be cleared. I have a blood condition known as aplastic anemia which causes my blood to not reproduce healthy red and white cells so being dealt such a severe treatment causes my body to really take a beating. They need to proceed with great caution. Because of that, we may need to repeat treatment time and time again before all of the cancer can be eliminated. The first time all of this happened, it was very quick. Once it was determined to be serious they took action, I healed and repeatedly had check ups to make sure I was ok. This time is much different.



My best friend Gus's new Halloween

Gus is always there, and happy to nap anytime. He really hates the costume, but puts up with me anyway! I seldom make him because I know he only puts up with me and my strange sense of humor.

My best friend  Gus's new Halloween
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