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God is Able

I have been a missionary since 1990, serving in Nigeria, England, Israel, Haiti, and Mexico. My husband and I were married in 1998 and continue the Lord’s work together in Nigeria, The Philippines, and Mexico. We have seen many miracles in the mission field.

In 2001, we were working with a bible college in Arizona. I had been suffering from chronic Lyme disease for over two years. Lyme’s is a very debilitating incurable disease. I had an indwelling IV port and took daily doses of IV antibiotics and morphine. I was seriously ill.

My husband, Don, was talking with the mission’s director one day and he asked Don if we would consider going to The Philippines. The Lord touched my husband and he replied, “Of course.”

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jerry and pam

Sophia DeMimmzy

i have been really down afther the last mammogram came back saying i hada tumor in my breast.
I didn't panic right away said wait before panic.but when they kept callin and resetting appointments for more scans i called my family dr

well they dontknow what it going to be so running special tests to see if you qualify for something calledd mammo-site radation,

this news was still sinking in i knew then it was cancer agian more aggressive then before and it spreads fast.around same time dealing with that the humane socity brought home my baby/a orange striped male nutered too with all the proper tags and everything. he was in a small body bag/ dead of course. he just had his 1st brithday, acaller called humane soc and said she seen a small car prouspally run him down to hit him he was in the grass up by the fence. she found 13 dead pets along the roads that he did. onw of them could easily been a child who was hit instread of my cat/

My Wife

Kidney Cancer took my wife very fast and painful not only to her but to the whole family
We were a close family my wife having 3 sisters and a son. It touched us all in different ways I guess. She was diagnosed in August and it took her in April the next year. The kidney was removed in August then she was rediganost with the cancer again in November of the same year. In December she started a treatment of IL2 which almost killed her. In January she underwent open Heart surgery to removed tumors that were in the main arteries going to her Heart. In March we were told that the Cancer had spread to most of her major organs.

My Angel


My trip so far.

First time here, hello all. I work at a foundry and decided to get a 50 year physical last year, it had been at least 5 years since I had seen my doctor. I passed it with flying colors and the blood test except for the PSA. At the very end was the Psa test and it was 5.4, 3 years previously it was 3.6. That was strictly a health check blood test. The paperwork said anything under 4.0 was good, so I thought nothing else about it.
The family doctor refered me to an Urologist and I saw him in Oct. 08. He gave me the biopsy test and my Gleeson scale was a 7. In Nov. 08 it was off to the hospital for a pelvic cat scan and bone scan. All those tests showed negative except for my prostrate.


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