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me & my little angel

me with no hair

Me before

Cancer Vixen

Cancer does not discriminate. I learned this the hard way when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 (b) colon cancer last summer (08). I was getting ready to train for my first Ironman and had a history of scrupulous health and athletic regimentation that led me to believe I was superior physically. What a wake up call! The journey has been rough- even with my past military experience (MI Airborne Lt in a past life), my years as a single-mother of 3 kids, my history of endurance training in Triathlons and my overall "multi-tasking" independent attitude, this as humbled me to my core. Im down to my last two cycles and visualized this past 6 months like the most rigorous race Ive ever run.

Wow !! It Happened To Me

In all my wildest thoughts I did not ever dream I would be diagnoised with Breast Cancer even thought my mother passed away a year after fighting Breast Cancer for 10 years. I just thought I was in better health, and it would not happen to me. Well it did!!!

On June 6th of 2008 I was diagnoised with Breast Cancer. On June 30th I had a double mastectomy and 20 lymph nodes removed. August 7th I began chemo treatments for a total of six. I was very blessed from the original diagnois...the cancer was self contained and had not spread to my lymph nodes. My treatment ended on Nov 1st of 2008. I am now recovery from the side effects and trying to get use to the sleepless nights and hot flashes. The fatigue is frustrating, however I am so happy to be alive. I will be turning 50 years young in April and will enjoy every minute of my second life. During this enlightening experience I lost my job as well. Currently I have now found what I should have been doing all along and that is working with children. I needed to do something besides stay at home so I volunteered at my daughters school. Well, this turned out to become a part-time job and a new career interest.

me in the hospital

this was me after one of my many trips into the hospital..... it seems i am in there so much for one thing or another .. the red if from steroids


my name is pam The 9th of January I had surgery on the vulva and anus area to remove pre-cancerous cells . The surgery went and the pain was so bad it seemed like whatever they put me on it didn't take the pain away . After only 6 days the hospital wanted me to go back to remove the stitches. I told them I couldn't walk or drive that far in this much pain. I come back the 26 of january, when I went back to see the dr. at this time he removed the one the wouldn't dissolve on there own. He told me then that the cancer spot at the anus was cancer and i was given 3 choices . 1. let it go and prey it don't kill me .

six years ago

me around 6 years ago

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Schnugglepus...........son of Buggalugs.......what a cat!


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