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me in the hospital

this was me after one of my many trips into the hospital..... it seems i am in there so much for one thing or another .. the red if from steroids


my name is pam The 9th of January I had surgery on the vulva and anus area to remove pre-cancerous cells . The surgery went and the pain was so bad it seemed like whatever they put me on it didn't take the pain away . After only 6 days the hospital wanted me to go back to remove the stitches. I told them I couldn't walk or drive that far in this much pain. I come back the 26 of january, when I went back to see the dr. at this time he removed the one the wouldn't dissolve on there own. He told me then that the cancer spot at the anus was cancer and i was given 3 choices . 1. let it go and prey it don't kill me .

six years ago

me around 6 years ago

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Schnugglepus...........son of Buggalugs.......what a cat!

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RIVA......my soccerfreak

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A proud moment

This picture is of my husband, my nephew and me. We raised my nephews since 2000 and this is the oldest Rob. It is his induction ceremony to our local police academy May 2008. I had just had my port placed 2 days before and I started my first round of chemo the following week. He has since graduated and is on his own and is getting married this August. He went through the academy at the same time I did chemo and we used to count down the weeks. We both made it.

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They're growing!

Shaelyn & Cameron Feb 2009

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My husband & I

My sister asked me to post a photo of myself

My last day of chemo!

My last day of chemo, my nurses threw a celebration party! They gave me a tiara, a sash, a banner, a poster, balloons, and flowers, and when I got there, they had the old song "I Will Survive" playing. It was great! My nurses were true blessings and helped me so much. In the photo, I was laughing and crying at the same time. It was a really emotional day.


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