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Farm escapade! :)

Today my wife and I have gone to the farm again. :)

It was so good to breathe fresh air, see the animals! :D

(and escape from the horrible neighborhood we live in, full of noisy inconsiderate jerks who torture us day and night with their subwoofer bass vibration and sound - adding lots of physical, mental and emotional pain to us, with confusion and nausea and lots of other "nice" symptoms and ailments.)

Farm escapade! :)
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Last of the three chemo IV sessions (planned so far)

Just finished my 3 weeks of radiation (5 days a week), and my 3 chemo IV days (1 per week).

I do wonder what will be next (will have an oncologist appointment on Tuesday...).

Still lots of pain, and I am not very functional. :(

I so hope that the pain will be much less so I can have more of a life, you know?

Anyway, just wanted to post an update. :)

Last of the three chemo IV sessions (planned so far)

Tonsil worry

Im new to this and don't even know if this is the right place to talk but I need to vent. I have had swollen lymph nodes on right of neck for over 6 weeks and have since discovered a hole in my right tonsil, and now a small lump on left Tonsil. I have on and off fever and am constantly feeling exhausted. Been to docs 4 time and given various antibiotics which had no effect. Had swabs of throat taken and hope to have results tomorrow.

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My Journey

I orginally felt a gradual dull ache in my right tonsil area. I dismissed it for a few weeks and thought my pain was something my body was fighting off. You see, I have never experienced cancer before and had no idea what I was feeling...or why. I visited my primary care manger (PCM) doctor and he prescribed me an anti-viral medicine, thinking my pain was a simple sore throat.

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How a Larngectomee can blow or clear there nose and smell.

Here is a vidio on how to make the divise and use as well. It it the first on several I was asked to make by my Doctor and SLP to help others Lary's.


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Driving to Texas and detoured to meet a survivor. TX is one awesome and inspiring person.

Life isn't about how you survive the storm, but rather how you dance in the rain. There's not enough rain to keep this man from dancing.


So Alone

Here I am still alone and it is hard to realize that I will never have the warmth and security of the 44 years of marriage with my high school sweetheart.  I never knew how lonely I would be even after all this time.  I am 68 and he passed away at age 64.  These 4 years have been the slowest I have ever spent.  I have been on 3 dates that were disasters.  I joined 3 different dating sites and met 3 different men.  One man said you are not through mourning.

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Soul and Puffin's visit

Soul stopped and visited Puffin on his way to Texas. Great to actually meet in person!

Soul and Puffin's visit
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a  Cypress tree for Eileen

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