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New Chat Information

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Here are some FAQ to help you use the new chat. 

Q. How do I send a chat message?

Enter your message into the text box at the bottom of the chat area and press "Enter" on your keyboard.


Q. How do I view the other users currently online?

The column on the right of the chat window will list the other members that are logged in at the top.

At the bottom, you can see the total amount of users logged in.

Q. How do I send a private message?

Click the green dot next to the member’s username you wish to send a private chat

message to. A popup will appear. Type your message in the text box and click 

"Send Private Message".


 Q. How do I turn the sound on/off?

You can turn sound notifications on or off by clicking the speaker icon at the bottom of Chatroll.


Q. How can I pop-out my chat into another browser window?

Click the Pop-out button on the bottom of the chat to pop it out into another window.

Q. Why would I pop-out my chat?

You can pop-out your chat into another window to keep the chat open, even while you browse other windows on the Internet or on the Cancer Survivors Network. Having your chat popped-out lets you keep the conversation going even when you’re doing other tasks online or on your computer.  

Please do not remain inactive/idle in the chat room for a long period of time just so you don’t miss any chat conversation. We now permit members to review past chats any time they wish. You don’t even have to have been logged on to CSN when the chats took place. Just click on the chat link to open the chat window and scroll backwards to find earlier chats. 

Q. How do I use Chatroll on my phone/tablet?

Chatroll is completely HTML-based. It works on all mobile devices. The best way to view Chatroll on a mobile device is to click the Pop-out button on the bottom of the chat. This allows Chatroll to work optimally on mobile devices.

Q. Are there any special rules I need to be aware of to use the chat feature?

The same CSN terms and conditions apply to use of the chat feature. However, please be aware that when you enter chat, your username will appear in chat along with other members who are in the room. You may only wish to see what chat is like and might feel uncomfortable "saying" anything. This is understandable. Nevertheless, if someone greets you, please be courteous and reply. You can explain that you are only curious about how chat works and are having a quick look around. Once you have done that, if you still don't wish to interact, it is best to exit chat. The longer you stay without participating, the more uncomfortable others will become.

Please remember to be respectful of others' health care decisions, opinions, beliefs and faith. Giving advice or attempting to influence another person's health care decisions, opinions, beliefs, and/or faith is prohibited. And, please, keep it clean! Sexual innuendo, profanity, verbal abuse, and similarly offensive behavior is not allowed. 

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Natalia K  check chat around noon  I think same person who sent one of those scammy private messages to me last week too that you mentioned before.

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My chat is still going to the old java based chat system.

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use left colmn link Sash

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Hi Sash,


I rmember you from when I was on before. I haven't been on in about 2 years: I live in a senior-citizne apt complex and they haven't had Java on for a couple of years--not myplace to ask for it and the college, ie, unv about 5 minutes away doesn't have Java eithe---again no my place to ask them eithere. Judy

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Hello friends.....I have been thru 2 years of breast cancer treatment. i am considered cancer free. I should be jumping for joy but that is not the case. I find myself feeling worse then when i was in actual treatment. I have severe panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. Am I crazy?? What is happening to me? I can barely function.

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No your not crazy!  I feel the same way.  I have been stuck in this house for a year & a half. I only go out once or twice a month , when I have to.  I never went out without my husband.  Now I'm really screwed. Last year they shut down my co. 2 weeks later my husband passsed away, 2 months later I lost my mother-n-law & nmy sister. So we also lost 5 pets in the middle of all this.  I wish I had never had that mastectomy.  I just wanted you to know your not the only one that feels that way.  Write any time you want. Sincerely katie

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i have panic attacks too. my name is cory. nice to meet u

your not crazy

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I feel for your emotional pain. However, I suggest that you all try the "Emotional Support" forum, though. You will find very empathetic and kind people there. It's the appropriate place to bring up these issues: http://csn.cancer.org/forum/137

The best to you all.

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Hi, does anyone out there have Multiple Sclerosis and Breadt Cancer? I am facing a Mastsectomy, chemo,radiation and then pills. I am concerned about the treatment and an MS relapse. How will the MS respond with the toxins and poisons (chemo & radiation). If anyone has any advice on this I Would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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I would talk it over with the  Dr.  and Medical team. Let us know how it gos. God bless you.

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