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Standard regimen for recurrent cancer?

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Is FOLFIRI + avastin, given as second line chemo for recurrent ca, done every 3 weeks or 2 weeks?

My mom had taken FOLFOX initially 2 yrs back. Now the cancer is back in her nodes along illiac vessels in pelvis.
Our onc said he is planning to do 6 cycles with 3 weeks interval but the onc we went for second opinion said he would give at 2 weeks interval for 4 months.
Has anybody taken FOLFIRI with avastin regimen at 3 weeks?
How do the oncs. decide?
Thanks for the inputs.
Son of Mom-
May'11 - LAR to remove tumour in rectum,
10/26 nodes +ve,
Radiation + chemo(FOLFOX) till Nov'11.
Dec'11 - PET scan clear
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I do not know if you are in the U.S.  I also don't know if you are in the U.S., if your Mom is being treated at a N.C.I Cancer Center ... even without that knowledge perhaps you will find this information helpful.

Here is a link to the National Cancer Institute web page that lists a wide variety of information including Standard Treatment Options for Stage Four and Recurrent Cancer. I have provided the link to the Health Professional Version because I find it provides more depth, but there is also a link on the page to a Patient Version.


Perhaps others will provide their personal experiences with FOLFIRI + Avastin.

I have another piece of research that I will send you ... can't locate it right now.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Colon Cancer Treatment Protocols


Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I have always done chemo every 2 weeks for 6 months weather it is FOLFIRI plus avastin FOLFIRI pluc vectibis or FOLFOX plus avastin.

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Nana b
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The later Sounds like what others been in   The first dose not sound affective to me.   For my reoccurrence, I'm on Xeloda, eributux and oxy one every week, and the oxy every 2 weeks, I'm going on month 3.  But when he went over folfri with me, it was about the same interval.  



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Hi, I was dx in 2004 w/ stage iv crc. Between now and then i've done close to 70 doses of chemo (folfox, folfiri, Erbitux). I'd say the last 40 have been every administered every 3/4 weeks. I cannot begin tell you how much this interval has improved my quality of life. For me, it now takes a solid 7-8 days after chemo for me to feel close to 100%. That extra week or two of feeling good/normal between cylcles is HUGE. For me it's like I have a life, I'm not sick and tired from the chemo all the time. Granted, I've been very fortunate, chemo at a 3/4 week interval physically works for me, it's keep my cancer at bay.  Please note that chemo can have an impact given at a 3/4 week interval. Hope this helps...

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