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radiation where it isn't supposed to be

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Is it common to have radiation burns in places where the radiation is not supposed to be going?  My radiation should be confined to my neck and lower jaw, but I have burns on my breast and on my back.


Not happy about that.

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My dark skin was limited to the neck and lower cheek area. 

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Is that your radiation was planned to include an extension into both areas.  That's the way it is generally done, with a lower dose, but down onto chest wall and upper back.  You will need to ask the person who did your dosimetry, but it isn't likely at all you are getting any rads where they weren't planned.



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Nope.  It wasn't a radiation burn.  Doc said it's --- wait for it ---  SHINGLES!!


Oh joy.  Rapture.


Just shoot me now.

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But, in a way it is..., when you think originally it was stray rad beams hitting you....

Sometimes when it rains, it pours...

Thoughts & Prayers,


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I'd rather have it be rads.....Getting shingles now just ain't fair.


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I had singles when I was yonger and it's no fun at all. Burn and ich bad. Good thoughts and prayers for you


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Ingrid K
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That just doesn't seem fair--shingles on top of radiation skin ????

wow, that sucks big time.

maybe the shingles will make you forget about the radiation, so may it be a blessing for you.

Hope you get rid of them soon.

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Let your doctor know as soon as you can just to be sure, my friend Chef Daddy Mike had the same problem. Sometimes it is nothing more than your body getting rid of the radiation, other times it may be a problem in the machine. Always best to ask and if you are not satisfied ask them to explain it.


God be with you.


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Cry You are in my thoughts!!! Hoping for a quick turn around for you.


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I had shingles during my tx also. They were at the top of my arm. Fortunately, they did not cause me any real discomfort and were short lived. Hoping the same for you.

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