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CEA = 0.7 YEAH!!

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I will be 2 years NED on 1/31/14.

CEA is 0.7, all scans clear.

2 year colonoscopy on 1/17.

I was 3b with signet cell.

My best to everyone.  Thanks for your continued encouragement

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Way to go!  Congrats.


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And to be two years out ... well, this is just extraordinary. You are so fortunate to have caught your stage 3b colon signet ring cell cancer early before there were mets since this form of cancer tends to be aggressive. Your persistence to seek a colonoscopy and then follow after diagnosis with resection and chemotherapy was certainly wise -- a good lesson for as early intervention as possible.  You listened to your body and you pushed for anwers. Congratulations, I know you must be very happy and relieved.

Peace. ~ Cynthia


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Well I am 1 big lesson learned.  I was 49 at Dx.  Symptoms were pain left side front and back.  After 3 months of tests/ER, gallstone was Dx'ed.  Had that out but 3 weeks later the pain in back came back, really bad.  Finally had colonoscopy since we did everything else and there you go cancer stage 3b and wait for it....signet cell.  I was shocked.  I had what they call referred pain (other side).

Lessons to be learned:

  1. Do not ignore pain
  2. Referred pain exists and means something
  3. The "little" voice in my head that kept me up for weeks saying, "something is wrong" - was right
  4. Have a great relationship with your medical team
  5. Be very informed about what you have and your options
  6. Have a good day, have a bad day - sometimes that happens.  You will be ok
  7. Get into some kind of of a wellness program after chemo
  8. Neuropathy is bad buts gets better
  9. Be good to yourself
  10. Reach out and help another cancer patient
  11. God does listen and helps and guides

Thanks for letting me brain dump.

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Fantastic!!  As a fellow signet ring cell gal, I take special Inspiration from you!


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Congratulations!!!  And thank you for sharing your success and reflections.

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Thank You for sharing your great news!   We hear the doom n gloom to much.    WTG!!!!    Keep up slaying the dragons!   Keep being the inspiration.   Keep loving life and sharing you excitement for life.



Best Always,  mike


PS   You are my new HERO!

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So nice.  We really are each others Heros.  Holding each other up when we need and resting on someone when we need.


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That is great news.

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Congratulations!!  I love reading good news like this


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Making the 2 year mark is a big deal, so congratulations!  May you have many more years of clear scans and scopes!


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Joined: Mar 2012

My birthday is Jan 25 so it is close to the 2 year mark on Jan 31.

I have been wanting a new serger (specialized sewing machine) - I just might do it this year.  It is a little $$, so we will see.


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My oncologist said,"be good to yourself."  So I bought a 2014 Mustang.  It"s only money, you will get more of it ,so go for the serger !!!

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Great news!


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Happy Dance man .

Such good news.

I loved your list.  I too ignored the little voice in my head. We must learn to trust our instincts. 

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