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How to report...?

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How to report a highly inappropriate message, one that is a spam scam, a la Nigerian e mail scam asking for money, from a supposed fellow cancer sufferer?  I used the Contact CSN feature as I didn't know how else to do this. 

To prey on people with cancer in such a fashion is reprehensible! 

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Use of CSN email (aka private messages) to spam and attempt to scam members is a blatant violation of CSN terms & conditions for site usage. Since we don't monitor members' CSN email, we are completely dependent on members to report such violations. Using CSN email to give someone medical advice or attempt to influence treatment decisions, verbally abuse, intimidate, proselytize, preach, etc. also violates CSN T&C.

Using the Contact CSN feature is an appropriate way to report misuse of CSN email. It is essential to provide the CSN username of the person who sent the offending email and the date.  It is extremely helpful to also include one of the following:
- a "copy and paste" of the email itself; OR
- a screenshot of the email; OR
- a description of the email.

Several reports have been made of someone with the username "joycelabban86" attempting to scam them. Upon investigation, we discovered that this person used CSN email to send 250 emails to members between October 11 and 17. The account and IP address were immediately blocked. 

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I did use the Contact CSN feature and did a copy-paste.  Imagine my shock on being a new member of 2 days to receive a first message like that!  I do hope that those members who were recipients of this blatant abuse were not harmed emotionally.  I just got mad!



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